Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Makeup Collection

It's been a while since I filmed my last makeup collection so I thought I ought to do an updated one. My makeup collection has changed massively since I did my last one and I think that's mainly due to having my room decorated, I've got brand new furniture so have changed the layout of my makeup collection. Not only that but I'm a bit of a makeup collector (or should I say makeup addict) so as you can imagine my collection has grown quite a bit, it also doesn't help being a Makeup Artist (hello 35% MAC discount!) 

I store my makeup in the Ikea Malm 6 draw chest which sounds pretty hefty but as you'll see from looking at the photographs below, I need A LOT of storage. 

I store my everyday makeup brushes in these cute little Sigma containers, they quite roomy so fit in a lot of brushes which is handy for me! I keep my spare (unloved) brushes in a separate bag just so I don't mix up the two sets. 

The top left drawer is my face drawer and in there is foundations, concealers, highlighting pens, eye/lip/face primers, lip balms, skincare and other bits and bobs like cotton buds and cotton wool pads. 

The top right drawer is another face drawer and in there is blushers, bronzers, powders, sculpting creams, skin-finishes, highlighters and setting sprays. 

The second drawer is basically my palette and lip drawer, in there is lipsticks, lipglosses, lip stains, lip paints, lip pencils, eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow quads/duos.

The third drawer is my eye drawer and in there I keep eyeliners of all different sorts, cream eyeshadows, powder eyeshadows, pigments, glitters, mascaras, eyebrow products, eyelashes, misc products including eyelash glue, glitter glue, tweezers, eyelash curlers and sharpeners. 

The fourth drawer is mainly dedicated to my hair products because as you all know I'm also a Hair Stylist as well as a Makeup Artist. In the fourth draw I store my tongs, straighteners, conical wand, hair dryer, bun rings, clips, pins, brushes and other hair things. I also keep my SFX makeup and kit foundations in that drawer too. 

The final drawer is full random things including my makeup/fashion/nail books, pro charts, perfume, Sigma cleansing and polishing tool, brush cleaner (IPA) and other bits.

Video Version:

I hope you all liked my makeup collection and if you have any questions about anything I've shown, please feel free to comment below! :)

Thanks for reading/watching!


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