Saturday, 30 April 2011

Haul - Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay...

Today I went shopping and picked up some lovely things.

Here are my goodies...

Here's a list of what I bought...

Urban Decay Primer Potion - £12

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit - £23.50

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Mascara - £4.99

Clarins Daily Energizers Starter Kit - £19.50
Daily Energizers is a new range of skincare designed for people aged 18 to late 20's. It can however be used by younger people. This kit contains Cleansing Gel, Wake-Up Booster and a full sized Daily Energizer Cream. The kit is worth £27 but it's on offer at Boots for £19.50.

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads - £24.00

Miss Selfridge White Feather Earrings - £8.50

I'll be doing full reviews on these products so I'll tell you what I think of each and every one of these lovely things and I'll also put a link to where you can buy them. If you desperately want to know where to buy any of these then comment in the box below :)

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul! And if you're interested in my thoughts and opinions on any of these products then keep checking my blog as reviews for them will be up throughout the week.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Yaby Eyeshadows - Part Two

As promised, I'm going to be doing a full review about my new Yaby eyeshadows. I ordered the following Yaby eyeshadows from themakeupartistboutique; Summer Night, Mermaid Blue, Tropical Ocean, Baby Sapphire, Sunny Ocean, Platinum, Antique and Fairy Princess. I absolutely adore Yaby eyeshadows as they are probably the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever come across. They also have an incredibly soft texture and you are able to blend them well.

Here they are...

From left to right; Summer Night, Mermaid Blue, Tropical Ocean, Baby Sapphire, Sunny Ocean, Platinum, Antique, Fairy Princess.

Here's a list of which are Pearl Paint eyeshadows and which are normal eyeshadows. You'll see that I've explained which finish the normal eyeshadows give.

Summer Night - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Mermaid Blue - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Tropical Ocean - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Baby Sapphire - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Sunny Ocean - (Frost)
Platinum - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Antique - Pearl Paint eyeshadow
Fairy Princess - (High Shine)

And now for the all important swatches...

From left to right; Summer Night, Mermaid Blue, Tropical Ocean, Baby Sapphire.

More lovely swatches...

From left to right; Sunny Ocean, Platinum, Antique, Fairy Princess.

I love each and every one of these eyeshadows but the one eyeshadow I wouldn't advise you to buy is 'Tropical Ocean'. The eyeshadow itself is a lovely light blue/silver colour however it took at least 5 swipes to be able to get an acceptable swatch. This eyeshadow doesn't have a soft texture like the rest of them which is weird so maybe I got a dud, I don't know. 

The one eyeshadow I definitely would advise you to buy is 'Sunny Ocean' as it kinda reminds me of MAC duocrome eyeshadows. If you're not familiar with MAC duocrome eyeshadows then they're basically eyeshadows that have a base colour and also an undertone colour. Sunny Ocean is a blue based eyeshadow which also has a golden undertone to it. It's simply amazing.

Here's my Yaby eyeshadow collection so far...

Just another 18 to go and I'll have finally filled my Yaby palette...yay! 

I honestly cannot fault Yaby eyeshadows at all and I will continue to buy them in the future. Liz Yu has definitely done a great job by creating this wonderful brand. Well done Liz! :) 

I think the next thing to try is Yaby blushes, if anyone else has tried anything Yaby then comment in the box below and tell me what you've tried! 

Where to buy;
Yaby Pearl Paint eyeshadows - £2.50
Yaby normal eyeshadows - £1.99
These can both be bought from themakeupartistboutique

Thanks for reading!

MAC Cremeblend Blush in 'So Sweet, So Easy'

Yeah you guessed it, I'm going to be reviewing MAC Cremeblend blush in 'So Sweet, So Easy'. I initially bought this because I've never tried MAC Cremeblend blush before and I wanted to see how great this product was. I also picked this particular one because the colour of this blush looked fabulous.

Here's 'So Sweet, So Easy'...

And a close up...
The back of the blush...
And a swatch...

I have to say that I don't love this blush but then again I also don't dislike it, I just think that it could have been a lot better.

The Con's:

  • The pigmentation of this isn't great, I had to use three swipes to swatch this.
  • It wears off after about half an hour of putting it on.
  • It doesn't blend well, I tried blending with my finger and numerous brushes but it still looked streaky on my face.
  • You have to use a lot of the blush in order for it to show up on your cheeks. 
  • After the blush had worn off I was left with white patches on my cheeks. 

The Pro's:

  • It's a lovely colour, it would probably suit the majority of people.
  • Perfect for people with a pale skin tone. 
  • It's very creamy so would be great for people with dry skin. 
I expected so much from this blush because I've heard so many people raving about it, sadly I do not share the same views. This review does not in any way make MAC a bad brand, sometimes some of their products are just better than others. I also think that the normal MAC Powder blushes are fabulous, probably the best blushes that I own, it's just a shame that I didn't really like their Cremeblend blush.

I'm not going to fully give up on this blush so instead I'm going to try it without wearing foundation to see if it's any better. I know I should be able to wear this both with and without foundation but considering it was £17.00 then I'm going to try and get my money's worth.

It's also important to know that these are just my own views, you may try it and think it's fabulous, everyone has a different skin tone and skin type so it might work for some people rather than others.

I think I may have to try Illamasqua cream blush instead. If anyone knows of any good cream blushes then comment in the box below.

Many thanks for reading!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Golden Blue Look Using Sleek

If you've read my blog today you'll have noticed that yesterday I did a full review on the Sleek Original i-Divine palette. I thought I'd do a look purely using this palette to show you how great the eyeshadows are, in terms of colour pay off and also blend-ability.

Here's the look...

And with my eyelid closed...

To create this look I used the Light Beige eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eye, I then applied the Turquoise eyeshadow to the rest of my eyelid. I used a small amount of the Navy eyeshadow in the very inner corner of my eye and dragged this down into my lash line. I also blended the Navy eyeshadow into the Turquoise eyeshadow and also into the crease of my eye. I then softened the edges of the eyeshadow using my Crown Brush. I also used the Light Beige eyeshadow on the inner half of my bottom lash line and also the Turquoise eyeshadow on the outer half of my bottom lash line. I applied MAC 'Smolder' to my waterline and finished off the look with a bit of mascara.

Here's the Sleek Original i-Divine Palette, I've purposely circled the eyeshadows I used to create this look.

You can buy this palette from Sleek for £6.49

The full look...

I also used;
Estee Lauder Lucidity foundation in '1C1'
Bobbi Brown Touch Up Stick in 'Porcelain'
MAC Cremeblend Blush in 'So Sweet, So Easy' - If you cant really tell I've got it on it's because it hardly shows up :(
MAC Eyebrow pencil in 'Lingering' - I love this eyebrow pencil so much!
Sleek Lipstick in 'Baby Doll'

If you want to know where I got these products from then you'll find them in my recent posts.

Also if anyone wants to request a look then I'll certainly do it for you. The same goes for nails too, if anyone wants me to show you how to do a specific nail art then I'll do it. Just comment in the box below :)

Hope you've enjoyed this my lovely readers!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Smokey Green Make-Up Look!

As I talked about MAC 'Lucky Green' in my 'MAC Dupe' post yesterday, today I thought I'd use this eyeshadow and show you a look a created with it. I love green eyeshadows and 'Lucky Green' has to be within my Top 5 green eyeshadows.

Here's the look...

And with a bit of daylight...

To create this look I used MAC 'Lucky Green' all over my lid, I then applied MAC 'Humid' into the outer corner of my eye and blended this into the crease of my eye. I used MAC 'Dalliance' on my brow bone and softened the edges of the eyeshadow using one of my Crown Brushes. I applied 'Lucky Green' to my bottom lash line and also MAC 'Smolder' to my waterline. I finished of the look by using my Nars Larger Than Life Lengthening mascara.

The full look...

I also used;

Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in 'Porcelain' - £29.00 / $45.00 - Available at Bobbi Brown and Bobbi Brown USA

Bobbi Brown Touch-Up stick in 'Porcelain' - £18.00 / $22.00 - Available at Bobbi Brown and Bobbi Brown USA

Nars Loose Powder in 'Flesh' - £26.50 / $35.00 - Available at Nars UK and Nars USA

Nars Blusher in 'Orgasm' - £20.50 / $27.00 - Available at Nars UK and Nars USA

Nars Larger Than Life Lengthening mascara - £18.50 / $25.00 - Available at Nars UK and Nars USA

MAC Eyebrow Pencil in 'Lingering' - £11.50 / $15.00 - Available at MAC Cosmetics UK and MAC Cosmetics USA

MAC Lipstick in 'Hue' - £13.50 / $14.50 - Available at MAC Cosmetics UK and MAC Cosmetics USA

MAC Eyeshadows in 'Lucky Green' and 'Humid'  - £9.50 - £11.50 / $11.00 - $14.50 - Available at MAC Cosmetics UK and MAC Cosmetics USA

MAC Eyeliner in 'Smolder' - £13.00 / $14.50 - Available at MAC Cosmetics UK and MAC Cosmetics USA

My bow is also from New Look and it was £4.99. New Look

Hope you enjoyed my green smokey look!

Sleek Original i-Divine Palette

So if you haven't guessed already, I'm going to be reviewing the Sleek Original i-Divine palette. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows and it's such a nice palette because it contains a wide variety of colours, from neutral beige to bright turquoise. I'd say that this palette has half neutral eyeshadows and half brightly coloured eyeshadows, a great palette if you're the sort of person that likes both! If you're a little colour shy then I probably wouldn't suggest for you to buy this as you'd probably be better buying the Sleek Storm i-Divine palette.

Here's the packaging for the Sleek Original i-Divine palette...

Here's the front of the palette...

Inside the palette...

Swatches of Row 1...

From left to right; Matte Black, Lilac, Navy, Bight Blue, Turqoise, Green

Swatches of Row 2...

From left to right; Light Beige, Light Pink, Light Cranberry, Copper, Dark Bronze, Golden Olive.

Please note that these are not the actual names of the eyeshadows. The palette did not come with a list of the eyeshadow names so I made my own names for them. My Sleek Bad Girl i-Divine palette came with a list of the eyeshadow names so I don't really understand why this palette didn't. It's probably because the Sleek Bad Girl i-Divine palette is a lot newer than the Sleek Original i-Divine palette.

I really do love this palette though! The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, very blend-able and best of all, this palette is £6.49! All of the eyeshadows have a Shimmer finish too which is great because I prefer a Shimmer finish to a Matte finish. This palette is definitely going to be useful for creating bright make-up looks and I also think it would be good for creative purposes.

You can buy this palette from; Sleek

I also here that Sleek are bringing out new products in June so I can't wait to try those! Once I find out more information about those, I'll do a post on them! :)

Thanks for reading lovely people!

How to create Flower Nails!

As requested by Ivy-Lee, here is a tutorial on how to do Flower nails! These nails are are perfect for summer, and they are superly girly! So if you want to create these beauties then keep reading!

Here's what you'll need to create these nails...

You will need;
Pink nail varnish
Yellow nail varnish
White nail varnish
Top coat
Cocktail sticks

First coat your nails with the pink nail varnish. Depending on what your nail varnish is like, you may need more than one coat.

Once dry, grab a cocktail stick and dip it into the yellow nail varnish. Carefully dot two dots (centre of flower) onto each nail but be careful not to use too much.

And a close up...

Then grab another cocktail stick and dip it into the white nail varnish. Carefully dot six dots (petals) around each of the yellow dots (centre of flower) on your nail. Again, be careful not to use too much.

And a close up...

Once all the dots are dry, apply a top coat to your nails.

So there you go, here are my lovely flowery nails!

And a close up...

I hope you all like this! Especially you, Ivy Lee :)
Many thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to create your own lipstick using OCC Lip Tars!

I like creating different things and one thing I love creating is lipsticks! I bought quite a lot of OCC Lip Tars recently and have been playing about with them. To those who don't know much about lip tars, they are designed so that you can mix them. They are a very versatile product as you can either wear them on their own or create your own unique colours. 

Today I'm going to be showing you how to create your own bright pink coral lipstick!

Here's what you will need...

You will need OCC Lip Tars in the following colours; Feathered, Divine and Anime.
You will also need a container with a screw top lid and a Q-tip. If you don't have a container like mine then any container will be fine just as long as it's got a tight fastening lid. If you also don't own Q-tips then a cocktail stick will work just as well.

Here are close-ups of the OCC Lip Tars...

This is feathered. A pure white colour.

This is Divine. A light coral colour.

This is Anime. A bright neon pink colour.

Here are the swatches of the lip tars...

From left to right; Feathered, Divine, Anime. 

Now you've seen the colour of the lip tars, let's start creating the lovely bright pink coral colour! Just follow my easy peezy steps!

1.) Squeeze a bit of Anime in the container. Use a good amount of Anime as this is the base to the lipstick.

2.) Add a small amount of Divine into the container.

3.) Then add a small amount of Feathered to the container.

4.) Mix a little bit. You'll start getting a swirly marble effect.

5.) Keep mixing until you are left with one single colour. 

And there you go! You're very own bright pink coral lipstick, handmade with love!

And here's the swatch...

This picture does not do this lipstick any justice, It's a lot brighter in the flesh but nevertheless, it's a beaut of a colour! A good combination of bright pink and coral.

I love OCC Lip Tars, they are probably the most pigmented lip products that I own! And they are also £8.99 which isn't too bad considering you only have to use the tiniest amount ever. When you use these on their own you literally have to use an amount the size of a pin-head!
These also have a peppermint smell to them so if you're not into that then these probably aren't for you.

Where to buy; OCCLove Make-Up and themakeupartistboutique

I love these, the question is, do you?

Thanks for reading, hope you've enjoyed!

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

As you all may know, I went shopping yesterday and bought lots of little goodies, including three Sleek True Colour Lipsticks. The colours I bought were 'Candy Cane', 'Fuchsia' and 'Baby Doll'. These three colours stood out to me the most so that's why I bought them, and also the fact that I generally just liked them! I know that Sleek also do a lot of red/dark coloured True Colour lipsticks but they really aren't my cup of tea so I'll just stick with what I know I like. 
The Sleek True Colour lipsticks are on offer at Superdrug, you get two Sleek True Colour lipsticks for £5.99! They are usually £3.99 each so go and grab some while you can! :) 

Here's the packaging of the lipsticks...

Here are the lipsticks themselves...

Here's 'Candy Cane'...
And a close up...
And a swatch...

Candy Cane is such a lovely colour, it looks quite red here but I would say that it's a mix of bright pink, coral and red, it's probably the most unique colour out of all the Sleek True Colour lipsticks. It's also a Sheen lipstick, so it's great for those of you who have dry lips! 

Here's 'Fuchsia'...
And a close up...
And a swatch...

Fuchsia is a hot pink colour and to be honest I prefer this colour more than Amped. Both Fuchsia and Amped are the only bright pink lipsticks in the True Colour lipstick collection. If you haven't seen my other post about Sleek lipsticks then have a look, you'll see swatches of Amped. I don't dislike Amped, it's just that Fuchsia suits me more. Fuchsia is also a Sheen lipstick, so it doesn't feel drying at all. 

Here's 'Baby Doll'...
And a close up...
And a swatch...

Baby Doll is a really pale pink colour and it's probably the palest lipstick in the True Colour collection. I love this lipstick because it's one of the lipsticks you can wear with any make-up look. I've had days where I couldn't find the right lipstick but I really do think that this lipstick would suit any look. I also wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has a darker skin tone, I'm extremely pale so I can get away with wearing uber pale lipsticks. Baby Doll is also a Sheen lipstick. 

I'm so impressed by Sleek at the moment and I really do love their Sleek True Colour lipsticks. They are so pigmented and they take a while to wear off, I'd say around 6 - 8 hours. I've also noticed that they do not feather or bleed which means I don't have to apply lip liner either! I think the price of these is amazing too, £3.99 is an awesome price for a lipstick! 

So what lipsticks are you all into at the moment? 

Hope you liked this post! 

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