Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Summer

If you watch my Youtube videos then you'll know that I have recently bought a lot of summer jewellery (of which I've included in my hauls) so I thought I'd do a 'Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Summer' post. It's nice to show you all what jewellery I like and what jewellery I'll be wearing in the summer months. I also thought about doing this kind of post for summer shoes and clothes too so if that's something you'd be interested in then do let me know. 
In this post I have included a mix of jewellery just to give you an idea of what shades and styles I like.

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Summer!

Pastel Stone Bracelet - £6.50 - Miss Selfridge

There's no denying that shamballa style bracelets are a popular amongst a lot of people, they're available left, right and centre. Plenty of high street stores are selling these types of bracelets at the moment and they're even being sold on eBay for dirt cheap prices (I'm literally talking 1p!). The bracelets are available in many different colours and styles, ranging from black with silver beads to white with multi-coloured beads. 
I love shamballa style bracelets and I especially love this one because it contains such pretty colours, I especially like the iridescent beads as they shine different colours! This little bracelet will look lovely with a tan so it's definitely being taken on my jolly holidays! 

Pastel Feather Spike Drops Earrings - £8.50 - Topshop

Feathers, spikes and pastel shades...the perfect combination. I absolutely love these earrings even though they are a bit 'out there'. The pastel shades are perfect for summer and I like the clash of feathers and spikes, two things you probably would never put together. The feathers and beads add a touch of girliness and the spikes give off that 'grungy' vibe, they're also very on trend too.
I would never wear a necklace when wearing these earrings as I think it would look a little OTT, the earrings are so big that they look fine on their own. The earrings would look great with a plain maxi dress or a plain t-shirt. 

Bobble Multi Stack Rings - £8.50 - Topshop

I like stackable rings as they can be worn together or separately. I own so many sets of stackable rings that I find myself mixing and matching them. Topshop and Miss Selfridge currently have a few sets of stackable rings so If like myself you love them, check out those two stores. Miss Selfridge has a lovely set of stretch stack rings and I think these will be my next jewellery purchase!
I love the bobble stack rings as they're fun and very vibrant, they look amazing worn together and I also think just one of the coloured rings would look nice with a couple of plain band rings.

Neon Ombre Snake Chain Necklace - £8.00 - Accessorize

You'd have to live in a cave or under a rock to not know that neon is massive this summer. One shop that has incorporated a lot of neon into their summer collection is Zara. They've included in their summer collection, a bright neon floral bomber jacket, a neon coral zipper jacket (proud owner of this), a neon tribal print t-shirt and they've recently started to stock neon yellow heels. 
I love neon as it's bright, bold and eye catching and I especially love neon jewellery as it can jazz up a simple outfit. I wore this necklace with a plain white t-shirt, jeans and white converse and it looked amazing because the outfit was so simple that it made the necklace stand out. 

Silver Spike Necklace - £13.00 - River Island

Statement necklaces appear to be very popular this S/S, we've seen them on the catwalk and we've seen them on the high street. Primark and H&M have some nice statement necklaces at the moment so if you're looking for a purse friendly statement necklace, check out those two stores (H&M also have a 50% sale too!)
Statement necklaces are great for wearing with high neck tops, t-shirts and dresses. They can turn a plain outfit into something very special. I recently ordered a black peplum top and think this statement necklace would look amazing with it.

So those are my Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Summer and I hope that you like them! If you have any questions about any of the jewellery mentioned, please feel free to ask below.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces for summer?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to create MAC Ruffian 'Demoiselle' Nails!

If you're a MAC lover then you will know that MAC is soon to release the Ruffian collection (already been released in the USA). The Ruffian collection consists of 3 lipsticks and 3 sets of false nails.
While the lipsticks are lovely (I literally want all 3 of them), I can't help but think that the false nail sets are a waste of time, they're also $25.00/£16.00 each. Yes the nail sets are handy for those who have no nails whatsoever but if you have quite lengthy nails then they're a little pointless as the designs are very very simple, you could easily create the designs yourself.

Due to the designs being really simple, I thought I'd show you all how to create your very own MAC Ruffian nails without having to spend $25.00/£16.00 on a set of false nails that will only last a couple of times, if not once.
There are three sets available, 'Spectator', 'Demoiselle' and 'Demilune'. I opted to create the 'Demoiselle' nails as I think red, black and white are a good combination, I would imagine that the majority of people would go for this design.

If you don't know what the MAC Ruffian 'Demoiselle' nail set looks like then it looks a little bit like this...

As you can see, it's a pretty straightforward design so if you would like to create 'Demoiselle' nails, keep on reading!

What you will need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Black nail polish  
  • White nail polish

Before applying any polish to your nails,  you may want to shape them. The MAC 'Demoiselle' nails are pointed so if you wish to have pointed nails, create the shape before applying the nail polish. 
I dislike pointed nails with a passion as they remind me of bird claws so I decided to skip the shaping step. 

If you would like to create MAC Ruffian 'Demoiselle' nails, all you have to do is follow my nice and easy steps!

Step One:
Apply 2 coats of the red nail polish to your nails. 

Step Two:
Apply the black nail polish to the tips of your nails. As you would do with a french manicure.

Step Three:
Using the white nail polish, create a half moon at the base of your nails.

And we're done!

Video Tutorial:

Why spend $25.00/£16.00 on a set of false nails when you can do it yourself. I hope you liked this tutorial and more importantly, I hope you found it helpful. If you would like me to create the other 2 MAC Ruffian designs, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in 'Alloy'

I bought the eye colour a while ago and have been meaning to blog about it for a while but I just kept forgetting. If you know me well you'll know that I'm possibly the most forgetful person in the world, I also get pre-occupied by the smallest of things (not a good combination). Anyway, yesterday, whilst sat there physically using the eye colour, I thought to myself.. YOU NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS! So I took a few snaps and started to write one of my usual mahoosive reviews. 
So without further ado, here's what I think of the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in 'Alloy'. 

What Laura Mercier has to say about the Metallic Creme Eye Colour...

"A lightweight, non-greasy, lush metallic formula that floats across the eye leaving a gorgeous, shimmering sheen."

What are the product claims?
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Non-greasy
  • Long wearing
  • Can be used as a base for eyeshadows or can be worn alone. 
Directions of use?
  1. Dispense the product onto the back of your hand. You will literally need to use the smallest amount. 
  2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush or your finger, apply the eye colour to both of your eyelids. If you notice any harsh edges, blend using a blending brush. 
  3. Apply one layer for a light wash of colour, apply more layers for an intense colour.
How many different shades are there?

The Metallic Creme Eye Colour is available in 5 different shades.
  • Alloy - Shimmery Taupe
  • Burnished Copper - Taupey Bronze Red
  • Gold - Taupey Gold
  • Platinum - Champagne
  • Rose Gold - Shimmery Rose Gold

How much does the Metallic Creme Eye Colour retail at and where is it available?

The Metallic Creme Eye Colour retails at £18.50 and can be purchased in-store or online at John Lewis, House Of Fraser and Space NK. It can also be purchased in-store at Harvey Nichols.

What does the Metallic Creme Eye Colour look like?

This is how much product you will need for both eyelids. 
Approximately a 1cm piece.  

Built up swatch on the left, sheered out swatch on the right. 

This is 2 layers of product, exactly how I like to wear the eye colour.

Is the Metallic Creme Eye colour suitable for everyone?

I'm going to say yes and no. Yes because it's basically a cream eyeshadow, despite the name 'eye colour', and anyone can use a cream eyeshadow, and no because it solely depends on what type of eyelids you have.
If you have normal or dry eyelids, you will love the eye colours.You will find the eye colour to be very long lasting. 
If you have oily eyelids, you won't be a fan of the eye colours. You will find that the eye colour creases a little after a couple of hours of wear. To prevent creasing you could use an eyeshadow primer before applying the eye colour or you could set the eye colour by applying a powder eyeshadow over the top of it. 

The Good
  • Product - It can either be worn alone or can act as a base for other eyeshadows. You can easily apply powder eyeshadows on top of the eye colour (to increase colour intensity) and you can also blend powder eyeshadows into the eye colour too. Sometimes it's hard to blend powder eyeshadows into cream eyeshadows but I don't find this to be the case with the eye colour. It's a multifunctional product and I love it, I'm definitely going to be purchasing the other shades. The eye colour is a practical product with a great concept. You can also blend out the eye colour very well due to it not drying uber fast. 
  • Pigmentation - The eye colour is very highly pigmented, as you will be able to see from looking at the above swatches. Even when the eye colour is sheered out it has great pigmentation. Due to great pigmentation, you only need to use a small amount of product. 
  • Longevity - The eye colour claims to be long lasting and I fully agree with this claim. Once you apply it, it will not move (unless you cry or have mega oily eyelids). The eye colour doesn't fade or crease, it lasts all day. The only way this baby will budge is if you remove it with cleanser. 
  • Texture - The eye colour has a creamy, smooth and velvety texture, it almost reminds me of mousse except it's shimmery, metallic and certainly not edible. It feels weightless on the eyelids and doesn't feel greasy at all, it feels like your not wearing anything on your eyelids even though you are. The eye colour certainly lives up to its 'lightweight' and 'non-greasy' claims. 
  • Ease Of Use - The eye colour is easy to use, you simply pop a bit on the back of your hand and apply all over your eyelids using either your finger or a flat eyeshadow brush. It's as simple and as easy as that, you certainly don't need to be a makeup mastermind in order to use it. It's so easy my dog could probably apply it. 
  • Packaging - The box the eye colour comes in is boring as it's just a plain silver box with a bit of waffle (text), I like a box to have a bit of jazz and I feel that box lacks jazz. The eye colour itself, however, is rather funky. I like how the eye colour is in a tube form and I especially like how it has a screw top lid, not only is this hygienic but it enables you to dispense the right amount of product. Another thing I like is that the shade corresponds with the shade displayed on the tube.
  • Size - The eye colour contains 8.5g of product. MAC Paint Pots contain 5g of product and Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams contain 6g of product so you're getting a lot more product in the Laura Mercier eye colours. The eye colour contains a lot more product and you also need to use a minimal amount. One eye colour would last A LOT longer than a standard cream eyeshadow. 
  • Availability - The eye colour can be purchased online and in-store at many places so availability isn't an issue. If you were thinking about buying one of the eye colours then I'd suggest buying it online at House Of Fraser as they retail at £16.50 on there, that's a HUGE saving of £2.00.... OOOF.
  • Scent - The eye colour isn't scented at all. A big bonus for anyone that is sensitive to scented products. 

The Okay
  • Waterproof - I cannot say that I've dunked my head in a bowl of water to test the 'waterproofness' of the eye colour but judging from the amount of product that faded when my eye randomly run, I would imagine that the eye colour isn't very waterproof at all. The eye colour is rain safe but not cry safe or swimming safe. 
  • Shade Selection - There are only five different shades available which is a very small selection. All the shades appear to have a gold undertone too so if you like shimmery gold shades then I can guarantee that you'll like all 5 shades but if you prefer bright, dark or silver shades then these probably won't be to your taste at all. There needs to be a wider shade selection including neutral, bright and dark shades. A selection that caters for absolutely everybody. 
  • Price - £18.50 is pricey for a cream eyeshadow, especially for a cream eyeshadow that is supposedly meant to be waterproof but in fact isn't. Make Up For Ever cream eyeshadows retail at £16.95 (which is still a little pricey) but I don't mind paying that because they literally do not budge. You could probably go on a nice scuba diving trip and these babies wouldn't move, streak, run or fade. Make Up For Ever cream eyeshadows are simply amazing so £16.95 is a fair price but I think the eye colour is a little expensive for what it is, yes it has amazing quality and it looks beautiful on the eyelids but it just doesn't live up to it's 'waterproof' claim. £15.00 would be a more realistic price tag. 

The Bad
  • Other than the minor issues I pointed out in the 'Okay' section, I have nothing bad to say about the eye colour. 

Ideal for?
  • Busy Bees - They're quick and easy to apply, look beautiful alone on the eyelids and last all day. 
  • Makeup Artists - A luxury product that looks classy and elegant. The shade 'Platinum' is a must have product when creating a bridal look, it's a beautiful neutral gold shade.
  • Cream Eyeshadow Lovers -  If you like cream eyeshadows then you're going to love the eye colours, they're wonderful. So easy to apply and a minimal amount is needed. They well and truly beat MAC Paint Pots.

No exaggeration here, this is possibly the best cream eyeshadow I have ever tried in my life. I love it that much that I'll be buying all 5 shades for my makeup kit, and the other 4 shades for my personal use too. It's such a high quality product in terms of pigmentation and texture and I think it looks utterly stunning on the eyelids. Some cream eyeshadows tend to look a little 'muddy' and cheap but this looks very luxurious. The eye colour is very easy to use and it's good to use on its own or with powder products too. I feel a little let down with the shade selection and also the fact that it isn't waterproof but I don't think I'll lose any sleep over these 2 minor issues. Overall, a MASSIVE thumbs up.

Would I recommend? Yes, it's a wonderful product that's worth every penny.
Would I re-purchase? Yes, I intend to buy the other 4 shades. 
Rating? 9/10.. One point knocked off as it's not suitable for absolutely everyone.

Have you tried 'Alloy' or any of the other shades? 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Updated Blog Sale: MAC, L'Oreal & RMK

If anyone would like to purchase any of the following items, please comment below stating what product/s you would like and your email address. I will then email you with instructions etc. 

Payment is to be made via PayPal. 

Delivery costs £2.50 and 5p per additional item (I send everything 2nd Class Recorded Delivery)

First come first serve, no reservations will be made. 

Happy shopping!

L'Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadows - Both used twice 
RRP £6.99 - Selling for £2.50 each
'Flashback Silver' - Pure Silver
'Eternal Black' - Black With Silver Glitter

L'Oreal Contour Khol Eyeliner in '138 Blue Denim' - Brand New
 RRP £4.00 - Selling for £1.00

MAC Mega Metal Eyeshadows (LE) - Each swatched once (they're also much larger than usual MAC eyeshadows!) 
RRP £15.00 - Selling for £7.00 each
'Ego' - Forest Green
 'Dandizette' - Dark Blue
'Noir Plum' - Dark Purple
'Mating Call' - Light Pink/Purple

MAC Brushes (LE) - Each used once 
 '129' - Powder brush - Selling for £8.00
 '190'- Foundation brush - Selling for £9.00
 '227' - Large eyeshadow brush - Selling for £7.00
 '275' - Angled eyeshadow brush- Selling for £4.00
'212'- Flat eyeliner brush - Selling for £4.00

Black Shoe Boots - Never Worn! (With Box) - Size 5
RRP £25.00 - Selling for £15.00

Please note postage for shoes is £5.00 due to weight of the shoes. I also send everything recorded delivery. 

Many thanks for looking! :)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Orly Nail Polish Review

As many of you will know I love nails and everything to do with nails. I love nail art, I love sparkly gems but most of all, I LOVE nail polish. I have tried many low-end and high-end nail polishes throughout the years so I know which nail polishes are good and which are utterly shocking. 

I'm going to be reviewing nail polish brands over the next couple of weeks as this will be a good way of showing you the good, the mediocre and the down right rubbish nail polish brands. 

To kick off my series of nail polish brand reviews, I have for you...Orly. 

What Orly have to say...

"ORLY is the trendsetter when it comes to fashion for nails. Taking influences from the catwalk, ORLY's seasonal collections go hand in hand with fashion trends, and with over 150 different colours to choose from, there's a shade for every occassion.
Over 30 years and more than 25 treatments later, ORLY is renowned around the world for its professional quality products. A complete manicure and pedicure range, ORLY has everything you need to keep your hands and feet in the red carpert standard they so deserve."
Are Orly nail polishes 3 free?

Yes they are. Orly nail polishes are free from DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene. 

Does Orly have a large colour selection?

Orly have a fabulous colour selection. There are 96 shades in the permanent collection and approximately 6 shades in each of the limited edition collections. Orly release many collections over the year and they're always brilliant collections. One collection Orly have just released is the Orly Flash Glam FX collection, it's basically a collection containing many sparkly and glittery nail polishes and I have to say that it's a simply amazing collection. Perfect for a magpie like myself. 
Orly cater for everybody as there is a wide selection of neutral, dark and bright nail polishes available. No matter if you like beige, dark purple or hot pink, there will be a shade just for you. 

How much do Orly nail polishes retail at and where can you buy them from?

Orly nail polishes retail at £10.95 and can be purchased online at Look Fantastic, Beauty Bay and Feel Unique. Mini Orly nail polishes can also be purchased in-store at selected Boots stores, the mini Orly nail polishes retail at £3.99 each. It's also important to know that full sized Orly nail polishes retail at  £7.50 on Beauty Bay so you may as well buy them from there, Beauty Bay also offer free delivery (or snail delivery as I like to call it).

What do Orly nail polishes look like?

Below are photographs and swatches of a few of my Orly nail polishes. 

From left to right: 'Hot Shot', 'Passion Fruit', 'Beach Cruiser', 'Basket Case'.

From left to right: 'Butterflies', 'White Out', 'Androgynie', 'Shine On Crazy Diamond'.

'Hot Shot'
Colour: Neon Red/Coral
Coats needed: 2

'Passion Fruit'
Colour: Neon Red/Pink
Coats needed: 2

'Beach Cruiser'
Colour: Neon Pink
Coats needed: 2

'Basket Case'
Colour: Pink With Purple Undertone
Coats needed: 2

Colour: Strawberry Pink
Coats needed: 3

'White Out'
Colour: Pure White
Coats needed: 2

Colour: Black With Green/Blue Glitter
Coats needed: 3

'Shine On Crazy Diamond'
Colour: Fine Glitter
Coats needed: 2

From left to right: Hot Shot, Passion Fruit, Beach Cruiser, Basket Case, Butterflies, White Out, Androgynie, Shine On Crazy Diamond. 

The Good
  • Brush - Orly nail polishes have a thin brush which enables precise application. 
  • Packaging - Orly nail polishes have a rubberised lid which enables easy gripping (handy when opening) and flawless performance.
  • Coats Needed - The majority of Orly nail polishes require 2 coats which is standard. Some of the paler shades need 3 coats but that is to be expected. 
  • Drying Time - I can't give specific drying times as I don't sit there with a stop clock funnily enough, but If I were to guess then I'd say that one coat would be dry after 5 minutes. I also noticed that matte Orly nail polishes dry almost instantly so if you're in a rush and need to use a nail polish that dries uberly fast then I'd check out the matte Orly nail polishes, for example, 'Hot Shot' or 'Beach Cruiser'.
  • Chipping - Orly nail polish lasts around 6 days before chipping. The majority of nail polishes last around 3-4 before chipping so 6 days is amazing! Orly nail polishes would be ideal for anyone who doesn't change their nail colour frequently.
  • 3 Free - Orly nail polishes are free from DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene (baddies that shouldn't be in nail polishes). It's important that you check the ingredients list of a nail polish before buying it as you really don't want to buy a nail polish that contains these three baddies. Hoorah for Orly.. you kind, thoughtful brand!
  • Opacity - Some Orly polishes are very opaque, whereas some can be quite sheer. It just depends on the colour and finish of the nail polish but more often than not, Orly nail polishes have brilliant opacity. 
  • Application - Orly nail polishes apply very well. They apply very smoothly without streaking, although you do have to watch out for some of the matte shades as they can apply a little streaky, and also sheer. 
  • Colour Range - I personally feel that Orly have the BEST colour range, there's 96 different shades in the permanent range and there's usually 6 shades in each of the limited edition collections. Orly release many collections throughout the year and I have to say that they never fail to impress me. I feel that Orly cater for each and every one of us as they include a mix of vibrant, neutral and dark shades in their collections. 
  • Size - Orly nail polishes contain 18ml of product which is utterly amazing. A standard nail polish contains between 8-15ml of product so you're getting a lot more product in Orly nail polishes. Orly nail polishes are very large so I can imagine one bottle lasting a while. I paint my nail VERY frequently and have gone through 2 bottles of 'White Out' in the space of 10 months which in my opinion is very good.  
  • Price - Orly nail polishes retail between £7.50 - £10.85 and I think this is reasonable. Not only are you paying for the large amount of product, you're paying for the quality too. I own many high end nail polishes that are a lot more expensive than Orly nail polishes and I have to say that the quality it utterly shoddy, £1 Primark nail polish is probably better quality, and that's no exaggeration. Overall, Orly nail polishes have a brilliant price tag and I will definitely by buying more in the future, they're brilliant nail polishes!  
  • Scent - Some nail polishes can have a really overpowering scent, so much so that they can give you a migraine but I'm pleased to say that Orly nail polishes don't have an overpowering scent at all. 
The Okay
  • Availability - Orly nail polishes cannot be purchased in-store (apart from a few select mini shades at selected Boots stores) and this is a problem for me as I like to look at nail polishes before I buy them, just incase I either don't like the shade or find I already own a similar one. If Orly branched out to Boots/Superdrug, it'd be so much better as you could freely look at the nail polishes. There's no denying that Orly nail polishes are readily available online, you can buy them left, right and centre (which is ace) but it'd just be nice to see them in the flesh. Not only that, the Boots/Superdrug points would be nice too. 
The Bad
  • I have nothing bad to say about Orly nail polishes, they're brilliant nail polishes and I'll certainly be buying more in the future. The only thing I will say is that I'd like to see more green/blue shades in the permanent range. 

Overall I like Orly nail polishes, they have a nice consistency, apply smoothly and last around 6 days without chipping. Orly nail polishes also contain 18ml which is utterly amazing as a standard nail polish contains 15ml.
I would suggest Orly nail polishes to anyone that doesn't paint their nails that often or buy nail polishes on a regular basis. Orly nail polishes would also be great for anyone on the go 24/7 as they're fast drying.

Would I recommend? Yes, I personally feel Orly nail polishes are the best on the market.
Would I re-purchase? Yes, 10 times over. 
Rating? 10/10

Have you tried any Orly nail polishes?

*The shades 'Hot Shot', 'Basket Case' and 'Butterflies' were sent to me for review purposes. This does not effect my thoughts and opinions on the products. As always, my reviews are 100% truthful. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to create Multi Coloured Leopard Print Nails!

One day last week, I decided to play with my nail wheels and nail polishes and create some new designs. I posted my designs on Instagram and asked if anyone would like a tutorial for any of the designs and a lot of people said they'd like a tutorial for my multi coloured leopard print design, so here it is.

What you will need:
  • White nail polish - I used Orly 'White Out' 
  • Bright pink nail polish - I used Nubar 'Hot Pink'
  • Orange nail polish - I used 17 'Orange Soda' 
  • Yellow nail polish - I used Ciate 'Big Yellow Taxi' 
  • Green nail polish - I used Nubar 'Kiwi' 
  • Blue nail polish - I used O.P.I 'What's With The Cattitude' 
  • Purple nail polish - I used O.P.I 'Planks A Lot' 
  • Black nail art pen - I used the WAH Nail Art Pen
  • Dotting tools 

Before creating multi coloured leopard print nails, it's important to know how to create the leopard print. Below is a step by step photograph showing you how to create leopard print. 

How to create leopard print, the easy way:

If you would like to create multi coloured leopard print nails all you have to do is follow my nice and easy steps. 

Step One:
Apply two coats of the white nail polish to your nails. The white nail polish acts a blank canvas and it also makes colours appear a lot brighter. 

Step Two:
Using the different coloured nail polishes (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) and dotting tools, apply several dots to your nails. I created both medium and small dots but you can create either small, medium or large dots, or a mix of different sized dots. 

Step Three:
Using the WAH nail art pen, create the leopard print. 

Step Four:
Using the WAH nail art pen, fill in any gaps by creating small black splodges.

And we're done!

Video Tutorial:

I hope you liked this nail tutorial and if anyone has any nail tutorial requests then please comment below. 

Many thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May Glossybox - '1st Anniversary Box'

I have to admit, this post is a little overdue but if truth be told, Cole has been a busy bee (hence the lack of Youtube videos too) so apologises for the slight delay! 

Last month Glossybox celebrated their 1st birthday and what a special birthday it was, I cannot believe Glossybox has been around for a year, time has well and truly flown!
If you follow Glossybox on Twitter then you'll know that they tweeted to say the birthday box was going to be extra special. I was so excited to receive the 1st anniversary box, so much so that when it arrived I let out a little 'YAY' to myself. 

So enough of the gabble, here's what I received in the May Glossybox!

I loved how they included a pink balloon in the box, they well and truly got into the birthday spirit!

Here's what Glossybox have to say about their '1st Anniversary' box...
"This month at Glossybox we're celebrating our 1st Birthday! The year has flown by and we are so grateful for your ongoing support. So much has happened in a year and this month is going to be one big celebration!"

I love how the tissue paper has cupcakes, makeup and number ones all over it. It fits in well with the birthday theme and it's very cute and girly! I love the packaging of this box!

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel
"An immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer. Noble Isle is a new British bath and body brand inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British isles."

Full Size: £20.00 / 250ml (75ml sample is worth £6.00)

There's nothing I can really say about this shower gel other than it smelt nice. It's not something that I'd ever buy (full size) as £20 is a little expensive for a bath/shower gel but it was nice to try something different from my usual Radox. 

Uniqone All In One Hair Treatment
"The first leave-on mask on the market that offers the 10 main benefits that the hair needs. The ideal partner for every day use for the best stylists and their most demanding customers."

Full Size: £13.99 / 150ml (9ml sample is worth 84p)

I really liked this hair mask and this is primarily due to it smelling like suncream, it reminded me of past holidays and it made me excited for my summer holiday this year. The mask did make my hair a little greasy but I expected it would as the majority of masks, serums etc make my hair greasy. Although the mask did make my hair greasy, it did, in fact, make my hair look shiny and soft.

Murad Clarifying Mask

"This natural clay-based formula draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to control and prevent breakouts."

Full Size: £35.00 / 75g (30g sample is worth £14.00)

Although I don't have acne prone skin or suffer with breakouts, I still gave the mask a try. I didn't notice that the mask did anything for my skin as I have very dry skin but it may be beneficial to those who have acne, breakouts or the odd spot. 
Although the mask didn't do anything for my skin, I noticed that it had a nice clean scent and it was very easy to apply and remove. 

Eldora False Eyelashes (B126)

"Eldora is about beautiful, quality and value-priced lashes for any occasion."

Full Size: From £3.90 (Full sized product provided in the Glossybox)

I was really excited to see a pair of Eldora eyelashes in the May Glossybox and I have to say that these are my favourite thing in the box. I came across Eldora at the IMATS in Feburary and have loved Eldora eyelashes ever since discovering them. The lashes I received are perfect for the day and also the night, I think I'll be using them in my next makeup tutorial!

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau En Blanc & Eau De Parfum 

"Discover Lolita Lempicka's feminine world where Parisian chic meets fantasy fairy tale to create the perfect fragrance."

Full Size: £65.00 / 100ml ( 2 x 0.8ml samples are worth £1.30

I love trying out new perfumes so it was nice to see 2 perfume samples included in the May Glossybox. I really wanted to love the both scents but unfortunately, they both smell awful.  They're strong, overpowering and not my cup of tea at all. 

I love how a Glossybox mirror was included in the box, it was a nice touch and it's something that I'll use on a daily basis. 

Overall I liked the '1st Anniversary Box', I thought the packaging was well thought of and I loved the added extras. My most favourite thing in the box was the Eldora eyelashes, they're something I would use and more importantly, something I'd buy myself. I also liked trying out the hair mask as I'm always on the look out for a good hair product! 
I liked the products included in the May Glossybox (except from the perfume samples) and I think Glossybox went that extra mile to make the box a lot more special than usual. 

The '1st Anniversary Box' was worth £26.04 which is amazing as the Glossybox retails at £12.95.

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Many thanks for reading!

*The Glossybox was sent to me for review purposes. This does not affect my thoughts and opinions on the product. As always, my reviews are 100% truthful.

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