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Sleek Truly Mattely Deeply Lipgloss in 'Jazz': Review, Photos & Swatches

I was so excited when I found out Sleek were launching the Shangri-La collection because it looked like such a fun and vibrant collection and I knew it was definitely my cup of tea. One thing I was most looking forward to trying was the Truly Mattely Deeply lipgloss in Jazz. 
I loved the colour, I loved the packaging but did I love the product? If you want to know my thoughts on the Truly Mattely Deeply lipgloss in Jazz, keep on reading!

What Sleek have to say about their new Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses...
"It’s the ultimate collaboration of beauty and fashion: Sleek MakeUP has teamed up with fashion house PPQ to create a limited edition collection based on a mutual love of colour, texture and vibrancy! The result is the Shangri-La collection. Inspired by classic Motown sound, the collection has a retro vibe channeling glamorous 60’s style! Limited edition Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses provide a matte super long lasting creamy finish that’s smooth to the touch!"

How is 'Jazz' described as on the Sleek website?
"Jazz is a rich retro red, perfect for an instant fix of vintage glamour."

What are the product claims?
  • Matte finish
  • Long lasting
  • Creamy texture 
Directions of use?

As stated on the side of the packaging, it is important that you apply a lipbalm to your lips before applying the Truly Mattely Deeply lipgloss. If you do not apply a lipbalm beforehand, you're going to be in a tricky situation. 

How many different shades do the Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses come in?

The Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses come in two different shades; Jazz (bright red) and Soul (baby pink). 

How much do the Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses retail at? And where can they be purchased from?

The Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses retail at £4.99 and they can be purchased in-store at Superdrug or online at

What does 'Jazz' look like?

Mmm.. sexy, dry, cracked lips.

Are the Truly Mattely Deeply lipglosses suitable for everyone?
Absolutely not. If you have soft and supple lips then you may like the lipglosses but if you have one ounce of dryness on your lips, you will HATE them. 

The Good
  • There is nothing good about this lipgloss, it's absolutely appalling. If I could, I'd take it back and ask for a refund. 

The Okay
  • Pigmentation - The lipgloss has good pigmentation and this is probably due to the bright colour of the lipgloss but what I don't understand is that you need to apply several layers of the lipgloss. If it was THAT pigmented, surely you'd only need to apply one layer?
The Bad
  • Longevity - The lip gloss lasts around 3 hours providing you do not eat, drink or speak. After one hour of wearing the lipgloss I noticed that a large chunk of it had peeled off my lips which is rather odd as I'm not one for fussing or faffing around with my lips. I cannot imagine that the lipgloss would last through eating and/or drinking, I'd imagine the lipgloss would come off completely, or failing that, your lips would possibly fall off. 
  • Texture - I'm not exaggerating when I say this, this is possibly the worst lipgloss I have ever bought in my whole entire life. The lipgloss doesn't feel moisturising whatsoever and I'm seriously questioning if it has any moisture in it. I'm 100% certain there's just dust in the tube as that's what it feels like on your lips... dust. The texture of the lipgloss is so bad that on the side of the packaging they advise you to apply a lipbalm before applying the gloss. What lip product have you ever come across that tells you to apply lipbalm beforehand!?  
  • Application - From the product description you'd except the lipgloss to glide on the lips with ease but that's not the case at all. The lipgloss goes on uneven and patchy and it certainly doesn't glide on the lips, if anything it feels like you're applying a pritt stick. Mmm.. nice.  
  • Packaging - The packaging is so so, it's not great but it's not bad. The packaging contains a lovely mix of pastel shades and stripes but the lipgloss itself is bright red which doesn't make any sense to me. You'd imagine the packaging to be bold and bright not pastels and girly.
  • Applicator - I'm not a fan of doe-foot applicators as they don't give precise lines so the applicator doesn't really do it for me, I also think they're really un-hygenic. You also have to be very careful when applying the lipgloss because if you make one teeny tiny mistake, you're going to look as if you've been munching on a jar of beetroot. A face full of red is not a good look. 
  • Price - Usually I'd consider £4.99 to be very reasonable for a lip product but due to the lipgloss being a pile of dog do do, I'd consider it to be a little pricey. I wouldn't pay 49p for it let alone £4.99! So overpriced it's untrue. 
  • Availability - You can only buy the lipgloss in-store at Superdrug or online at Sleek. This isn't considered a great thing if your Superdrug isn't well stocked as you'll have to order online at Sleek meaning you're going to be paying a fortune for delivery. 
  • Shade Selection - The lipglosses only come in 2 different shades which isn't great if you're not a fan of red or pink. The lipglosses have well and truly been targeted at those who like experimenting with colour or those who like wearing vibrant lipsticks. If you like more neutral shades then you're stumped. 

I honestly hate these lipglosses with a passion, they're so unbelievably drying that they make you feel like you have chalk lips, they're not long wearing at all and most importantly they look so appalling on the lips that a stranger would think you had some form of mouth disease. I cannot express how bad these lipgosses are and if you were thinking of buying one, I'd save your money, time and energy. 
These HAVE to go down as the worst lip product of 2012. 

Would I recommend? NO!
Would I repurchase? NO!
Rating? 0/10

Thank you for reading and I hope this has saved you from wasting £4.99!



  1. AW! Such a shame<3

  2. The colour is gorgeous but it makes your lips look horrible. If I was you Sleek would be receiving a very long email complaining about it!x

  3. That looks awful! The collection cream puffs are so much better and there half the price! I have fairy cake and cotton candy :) x

  4. Sadly, this is the third time I see a negative review for this. :/ Definitely will not be trying it. Such a shame because the color is so pretty x

  5. Oh that's sad. A matte lip shade seems like it would be really lovely - especially in that colour. HOpefully Sleek will go back and try to reformulate this.
    Sara @ Belfast Beauty Love xx

  6. Such a shame you weren't a fan, was thinking it was going to be amazing! :( xo

  7. This has definitely stopped me from wasting £4.99! Thank you xx

  8. The colour suits your lips well. However it gives a cracked look to your lips. What you have said is correct, it looks like a mouth disease.


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