Friday, 14 October 2011

Orly 'Shine On Crazy Diamonds'

I have to say that this nail varnish is probably the most glittery, sparkliest nail varnish that I have EVER used.
I love glitter nail varnishes, they're perfect for creating a simple but amazing effect. I have even been eyeing up the new Deborah Lippmann 'Stairway To Heaven' nail varnish and one of the new glitter nail varnishes from the O.P.I Muppets Collection. All I can say is that I'm a sucker for sparkles, you can NEVER have enough glitter nail varnishes.
Some people hate glitter nail varnishes with a passion as they're tricky to remove but it honestly doesn't bother me, trying to remove gel nails is a whole lot worse. 
If you dislike glitter nail varnishes because of the tricky removal of them, then I have a handy tip.
1.) Apply a good amount of nail varnish remover to cotton wool pads.
2.) Then place the cotton wool pads on your finger nails.
3.) Wrap tin foil around your fingers. 
4.) Wait for 10-15 minutes and then remove the tin foil and cotton wool pads. 
5.) And you're done, you should have glitter free nails!

This bottle of loveliness contains a 18ml and it can be purchased from Beauty Bay. It's great for wearing with any colour as it's purely made from multi-coloured glitter. 
The Orly nail varnishes retail at £6.95 but some places do them at discount prices. I know Boots sell Orly nail varnishes for £5.00 and some online shops are selling them for as little as £2.95. 

Let's take a look at this little gem...


(With Flash)

(Without Flash)

It's such a beautiful nail varnish and I think it would look amazing over black nail varnish. I think it's definitely a nail varnish I'll be wearing around the Christmas period. 

The Good:
  • The bottle contains 18ml of product which is great as most nail varnishes contain 15ml at the most. O.P.I nail varnishes contain 15ml and they retail at £10.50 each. With Orly you're in effect getting 3ml more for £3.55 less, AMAZING. 
  • £6.95 is a fab price for an high-end nail varnish. Most high-end nail varnishes retail between £10.00 and £17.00 so £6.95 is a bargain. I have tried other high-end nail varnishes that have cost a lot more but haven't been as good. I'm so impressed by Orly and I will definitely purchase more Orly nail varnishes in the future.
  • The quality of the nail varnish is incredible, I have had it on for a week and it looks no different to when I applied it. It's still glossy, super sparkly and hasn't chipped whatsoever. I tend to find that most nail varnishes fade after a week of application but I can honestly say that I haven't found this to be the case with this nail varnish. Another great thing about the nail varnish is that the glitter particles aren't chunky, when I touch my nails they feel smooth, you cannot feel the glitter particles at all.
  • It's great for wearing over the top of other nail varnishes. It would look fab over red, black and of course, pink.
  • You only need to use 2 coats meaning you're not using a lot of the product. The glitter particles disperse equally meaning you don't have to layer the nail varnish. You could probably get away with only using one coat but I love full on glitter so decided to apply two coats.
  • The consistency of the nail varnish is nice, it's not too thick or thin, it's just right (sounded like Goldilocks and the 3 bears then). Some glitter nail varnishes have a thick, gloopy consistency and they are very unpleasant to apply, I'm pleased to say that this nail varnish isn't gloopy and I don't think it'll ever become gloopy.
  • Orly nail varnishes have a rubber handle meaning they're easy to grip.
The Bad:
  • You can only buy Orly from Beauty Bay or Boots which is a little bit annoying as my local Boots doesn't stock Orly and Beauty Bay is an online shop meaning I'm unable to see the nail varnishes in the flesh. 
Thank you so much for reading! Have you tried Orly nail varnishes before?


  1. I love glitter polish too. This one looks great!

  2. Love this, so into glitter nail varnish right now! I've never tried Orly before but seen so many good reviews I'm thinking of giving it a go!


  3. looks so pretty! i need this in my life xxxx

  4. So pretty! Love ORLY nail varnishes :)

  5. Oh this is so pretty! I love glitter nails too, and it looks gorgeous on top of the pink.
    I have a few Orly nail varnishes and i really like them. But in New Zealand they are a little on the expensive side :( xx

  6. I too LOVE sparkly nail polishes, thanks for sharing, you're right this is a little baragin and I may have to go and invest :)

    Niki @ LQM&M

  7. You've got a great glitter nail varnish, i love it too! i'm from germany & I have a lot of glitter nail varnishes at home, but I like the L.A. Colours varnishes best, they aren't expensive, look great and are easy to apply. you have to try one! i got them in london.

  8. this is so pretty! combined with the pink, your nails remind me of the limecrime lipstick packaging xx

  9. lovely and sparkly. reminds me of the bourjois 1 seconde nail varnish (looks pink in bottle, not sure of the name of it). it looks lovely over lilac.

    holli x


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