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Products I Regret Buying

Over the past couple of years I've bought a lot of products which I've ended up disliking quite a lot. I find it very annoying when a product turns out to be utter rubbish and worst of all it makes my bank account feel a little robbed. I hate wasting my money on products that are only fit for the purpose of throwing in the bin. 

I chose 10 products which I regret buying but if I'm perfectly honest, I could have included at least another 4. The only issue with talking about 14 products is that this post would be 2 miles long and I'm 100% certain you'd get fed up of reading. 

So here are the products I regret buying...

MUA Pro Eyeshadow Trio in 'Smoke Screen' - £2.50 

I love MUA products and I do, in fact, own quite a few of these trios. The problem with this trio is that it's utter rubbish in comparison to the other trios, the pigmentation of the white highlight shade is appalling and I find that the eyeshadows don't blend well at all. I haven't found either of these problems with the other trios so I don't understand why there are issues with this trio.
The trio may be £2.50 but I honestly wouldn't recommend buying it, I'd go for the 'Eden' or 'Blue Babe' trio instead as they are lovely!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Horse Radish' - £2.99

This has to be the worst eye pencil that I've ever used in my life. It creases after 20 minutes of application  and you cannot blend this at all, or apply eyeshadow over the top of it. The only purpose this pencil has is for using as an eyeliner and I'd only recommend using this as an eyeliner when you're going to be out for around 4 hours because it WILL fade. 
It's probably the worst £2.99 that I've spent, I could have put that towards a decent eye pencil. 

Prestige Waterproof Mascara - £2.99

I initially bought this for taking on holiday as I don't usually wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis. I cannot see the point in paying a lot of money for a waterproof mascara that I'll only wear for 2 weeks. 
I didn't think this mascara would be the greatest waterproof mascara ever as it only retails at £2.99 but I expected it to be half decent. 
I can honestly say that this mascara did not do anything to my eyelashes, they looked no different even after applying the mascara. It didn't lengthen, volumise or separate my eyelashes and worst of all, there was little colour pay off.
This mascara is so horrendous that I stopped wearing the mascara on holiday because you couldn't tell I had mascara on. If you can recommend any good waterproof mascaras then that would be fab!

EOS Lip Balms - £4.50 each

After seeing these beauties floating around various YouTube channels I decided to check them out. They seemed to be little, intriguing pots of wonder. 
I found out the EOS lip balms were based in the USA and weren't available to buy in the UK so I checked eBay and to my delight, a lovely seller had a whole bunch of them available. I opted for 'sweet mint' and 'strawberry sorbet'. 
The EOS lip balms contain jojoba oil and other various oils which are supposedly meant to keep your lips feeling moisturised and nourished. The lips balms do not keep your lips feeling moisturised whatsoever and after 5 minutes of applying them the smooth sensation disappears meaning it feels like you hadn't applied any form of lip balm to your lips. Pretty pointless don't you think?
I also thought that these would have tasted how they smell because they smell divine but if truth be told, they taste like wax, nice. 
In future I'll stick to the Carmex.

Black Up Pearl Powder in '13' - £11.50

This is just navy pigment. There's nothing special about it and it doesn't deserve it's £11.50 price tag. Yes it is pigmented and it does blend well but that's about it.
If you're looking for a cheap navy blue pigment then head over to Barry M, I have no doubt it my mind that the Barry M one will be a lot more sparkly and it's also half the price.
I will NEVER buy one of these pigments ever again.

MAC Paint Pot in 'Dangerous Cuvee' - £13.50

I love MAC paint pots I just don't love this one. It's patchy, creases and I find it feels really greasy on the eyelids, it's unpleasant to work with too. You cannot blend it in fear of it going patchy and you most certainly cannot apply other eyeshadow over the top of it meaning you cannot use it as a base or create a smokey look using them.

MAC Prep & Prime Skin - £18.00

One word, spots. This broke me out so bad that I've only ever used it once. It does keep your foundation on for a long period of time and it does make your skin feel lovely but I don't fancy using something that's going to give me spots. 
I love the glittery packaging and the whole of concept of this product, I just hate how it gave me spots. I'm well and truly scared of using this product again, I think I'll let my mum and sister give it a go. 

MAC Plushglass in 'Girl <3 Boy' - £16.00

I loved this at first and now I physically cannot wear it. I love the colour of this plushglass but after an hour of wearing it, it leaves you with an unattractive white line around your lips. I also think it's 'plumping' qualities are rubbish, it doesn't make your lips look fuller at all, rubbing a chilli on my lips would probably have more of an effect. 
The plushglass was also £16.00 which is pricey considering the bottle is tiny. 

NARS Skincare - Approx. £30.00 each.

I first bought a whole bunch of NARS skincare because I'd heard that many people loved it and I believed that it would help to sort out my skin because at that time I didn't have a good skincare routine. 
I bought several cleansers, eye makeup remover and toner and I have to say that they did help to get rid of nasty under the skin spots.
However, the NARS skincare did make me develop blackheads and whiteheads on my chin. I have never had blackheads or whiteheads on my chin so it really disappointed me when the NARS skincare made me develop them. I had to stop using the NARS skincare and switch to a different brand.
NARS skincare is also very expensive and I honestly do not understand why, I now use Clarins/No 7 and my skin has never been better so it just shows you that you don't have to pay a lot in order to get good skin. 

Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes - From $4 to $150 each.

This has to be the biggest regret ever. I in effect spent a lot of money on makeup brushes that look and have the quality of something that you'd find in a kinder egg. 
I first discovered these brushes after watching a review on YouTube, the girl talked about how great these brushes were and that they were the best brushes she'd ever used so gullible me checked them out. And I have to say that I wish I'd never come across that particular video. 
Hakuhodo claim that there brushes are all natural, hand-cut, handmade and that they're made from the finest materials. The brushes range from around $4.00 to $150 each so as you can imagine, they're not the cheapest.
I'm so unimpressed by these brushes and I'll never be purchasing any more of them. The fact that one of the brushes has clearly been dyed just makes me think that Hakuhodo are an untrue brand who like to lie about what their brushes are actually made of.
I'm sticking to trusty MAC and Sigma brushes in future. 

So those are the products I regret buying. If you have any questions about the products I mentioned, please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading lovelies!


  1. I have a lot of products i regret mainly glittery thing. I always see them and think "wow pretty" then i put them on my face and think " hummm drag queen"

  2. I won the MUA trio with aload of other products back along, mine seems to fine from swatching, really pigmented. I'll have to test it out properly now :)
    Lucy x

  3. I love posts like this, I find it interesting learning what doesn't work for others as most of the time you only hear about what does work! xxx

  4. I liked this post, thanks for telling us your thoughts on the products. I am surprised with some though,I love Mac Prep+Prime - it's one of my favourites, it's a shame it gives you break outs x

  5. I love these posts, they are my fave! x

  6. This was a really useful post. I always wondered about mac prep n prime, but now I'll steer way away from it if it breaks you out.
    I dunno what your whole skincare routine is but can I just say I've been using Liz Earle hot cloth (day + night) and putting sudacrem on my face overnight and it's cleared my skin up amazingly. Better then any prescribed creams from the doctors.
    Try it! And tell me what you think

  7. I was also interested in the EOS lip-balms, they were promoted by a lot of makeup gurus and I love the packaging to be honest. But I guess they are not as good as they seem according to a lot of reviews lately.

  8. Just goes to show that pricey items are not necessarily the best out there.
    Good post!
    HollI X

  9. Interesting to know you didn't rate the lip balm and mua trio xx

  10. I use Bourjois Liner Effect Waterproof Mascara and I like it so much that I actually sometimes wear it as my daytime mascara (when I can't find my L'oreal 4D!)

    Hope this helps!

    Ps. I would be ever so grateful if you could have a peep at my up and coming blog :)

  11. I loved this post xo

  12. Hi hope you are well, i just stumbled across your blog and im glad i did.
    Lovelly post it is refreshing to see some negatives done constructively.
    One of my fave eye shadows is a brown and cream MUA trio but i too bought the one youve mentioned and it is still like new, as it blended horrible and gave me panda eyes lol.
    would love you to take a look at my blog it is still early days and im trying to get people to notice its again really glad i found you will be adding you on bloglovin :)


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