Friday, 24 August 2012

Holiday Outfit: Day Three

As I said in my previous outfit related post, I'm going to be posting about my holiday outfits over the next couple of weeks so you're going to be seeing my face frequently (oh you lucky things!).

So here's what I wore on day three of my jolly holidays!

Ring: ASOS, Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: River Island, 
Shorts: River Island, Crop Top: River Island

There's something very nautical and sailorish about my outfit and I don't know what's giving me that impression, think it's something so do with the large amount of navy and white I'm wearing. I think if someone had given me a white hat, I could have WELL passed off as ship worker!

My nautical outfit was a practical outfit to wear on holiday as it was really hot. At night the temperatures reached 44 degrees so wearing little was always a good option. On the nights when I had no option but to wear my lovely maxi dresses, it was horrendous. My dresses constantly stuck to the back of my legs, my hair ended up wet through and I honestly thought I was going to melt. So if you ever plan on visiting Greece in August, don't bother taking dresses, just take shorts and crop tops. 
Wearing little was a brilliant option but taking my white flatforms on holiday, however, was NOT a good option. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, these are the most un-comfiest shoes I've ever bought in my whole entire life and I'm even considering writing to River Island. They ripped my feet to shreds and because of this, made me waddle like a penguin. If my mum hadn't had taken blister plasters on holiday with her, I'd have had to walk around barefoot! Not only did they make my feet feel like they'd been attacked with a chainsaw, they also got dirty really easily and if you know me well, you'll know that I HATE dirty shoes. I'm just not a happy chap with these shoes, they're an utter mare!

Despite the killer shoes, I loved my outfit. The navy and white compliment each other so well and I think the cross necklace added something extra. 

I hope you liked my nautical themed outfit and keep an eye out for my holiday outfit day four!


  1. Love that outfit and really like the shoes, but nothing worse when they rip your feet to shreds :(

    1. Thank you :) Honestly, my feet are an utter state :( so glad I didn't buy the black version of them as well! xx

  2. Love the lipstick!! want it so much!! :)


    1. I also sell the lipstick rings on my shop :) xxx

  3. Goorgeous nals and ring :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Love this outfit, the top is so cute!
    Your nails look amazing!

    Georgia x

  5. Love your outfit! Ohh greece gets so hot in august - i remember i was the same last year attempting to walk around the town in a black maxi and i looked like a bedraggled stray cat at the end of it! Shame about the killer shoes - they look really nice though! :) xx

    1. Thank you! :D It's awful isn't it, couldn't believe how hot it was, wanted to talk around in my bikini 24/7 haha! the shoes and I have fallen out big time! :P xxx

  6. Tesco cushioned plasters are amazing for uncomfy shoes!!! Theyre made of foam and really inexpensive! You look beautiful :)

    Check out my blog :) xx


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