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*PRODUCT LAUNCH* - MAC PRO Lip Palettes: Information & Images

As many of you will already know, MAC will be launching PRO lip palettes tomorrow. The PRO lip palettes are a MAC PRO product so will only be available at MAC PRO locations. The PRO lip palettes are great for anyone working in the makeup industry as you get 6 different lipstick shades in each palette meaning you're able to create a whole variety of different looks. The palettes are also small and compact meaning they're great to carry around in your kit.
The PRO palettes look absolutely amazing and I can guarantee that other lipstick lovers would agree with me. If you'd like to know more about the MAC PRO lip palettes, keep on reading!

How many palettes are there?
There are 5 different PRO lip palettes and each palette contains 6 different shades. The 5 different PRO lip palettes available are:
- Preferred Pinks
- Editorial Reds
- Editorial Oranges
- Select Plums
- Modern Browns

How much do the palettes retail at?
The palettes retail at $40.00 each. I'm not sure how much the palettes will retail at in the UK but my guess is around the £27.00 mark. 

Where are they available?
You will be able to buy the palettes at all MAC PRO locations (MAC PRO online & MAC PRO stores). MAC PRO stores also have a mail order service so if you’re not situated near a MAC PRO store you could always order over the phone. It's worth knowing that mail order delivery costs around £4.00 and you can also use your MAC PRO card over the phone.

How much product is in each palette?
Each palette contains 6g of product, meaning you get 1g of each different shade within the palette. I personally think this is a stingy amount as it’s something a makeup artist would use on a regular basis. One shade may be favoured over another too so I’m presuming one of these palettes won’t last a long time.

How much are the palettes actually worth?
A standard MAC lipstick contains 3g of product and retails at £14.00 so if you divided the price per gram that would be £4.66. There are 6 different shades in a PRO lip palette (1g per different shade) so £4.66 times by 6 would be £27.96. I’m hoping MAC price the palettes at around £25.00 as it wouldn’t be fair to pay to may more for them than they’re worth. 

So what do the PRO lip palettes look like and what shades do they contain?

Preferred Pinks
6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette
Violetta (Amplified Creme) – Bright Clean Violet Purple
Show Orchid (Amplified Creme) – Vivid Hot Pink
Creme De La Femme (Frost) – Pink Laced With Gold
Lovelorn (Lustre) – Emotive Blue Pink
Please Me (Matte) – Muted Rosy-Tinted Pink
Pretty Please (Lustre) – Pale Pink Pearl

Editorial Reds
6 Editorial Reds Pro Lip Palette
Dare You (Cremesheen) – Deep Brown Red
Ruby Woo (Matte) – Vivid Bluish-Red
MAC Red (Satin) – Vivid Bright Bluish-Red
Russian Red (Matte) – Intense Bluish-Red
On Hold (Cremesheen) – Mid-Tone Yellow Raspberry
Lady Danger (Matte) – Vivid Bright Coral-Red

Editorial Oranges
6 Editorial Oranges Pro Lip Palette
Bronze Shimmer (Frost) – Golden Bronze With Shimmer
Look At Her (Sheen Supreme) – Metallic Copper
So Chaud (Matte) – Intense Reddish-Orange
Morange (Amplified Creme) – Loudmouth Orange
Crosswires (Cremesheen) – Clean Pinky Orange
Sandy B (Frost) - Light Shell Pink

Select Plums
6 Select Plums Pro Lip Palette
Cyber (Satin) – Intense Blackish-Purple
Hang Up (Cremesheen) – Deep Berry
Amorous (Satin) – Lovestuck Cranberry
Verve (Satin) – Muted Brownish-Plum
Captive (Satin) – Pinkish-Plum
Twig (Satin) – Soft Muted Brownish-Pink

Modern Browns
6 Modern Browns Pro Lip Palette
Paramount (Satin) – Reddish-Brown
Taupe (Matte) – Muted Reddish-Taupe Brown
Fresh Brew (Lustre) – Creamed Coffee
Frenzy (Frost) – Pinky-Peach Beige With Shimmer
Half ‘N’ Half (Amplified Creme) – Creamy Pink
Peachstock (Satin) – Neutral Peach

I'm really excited about the launch of these palettes and will probably end up buying all 5 for my kit. They're ideal for makeup professionals and avid lipstick lovers. I really lovely these palettes and once I've bought one (or five) I shall do a full review with swatches.

Have you heard about the MAC PRO lip palettes? and more importantly, will you be buying any of these lovely palettes?

Thanks for reading!


  1. i love the look of the 'preferred pinks' palette. i hadn't heard of these but they're such good value for money! if i get the chance ill definitely take a closer look in one of the stores! xo

    1. The Preferred Pinks palette is lovely, my most favourite out of all of them :D Yeah they do seem good value for money :D xxx

  2. Preferred Pinks looks fab!
    This was such a good post hun,

    1. Preferred Pinks is my favourite :) looks lovely doesn't it! :D Thank you so much! xxx

  3. I love the look of these, it'd be amazing to own them all but I don't think I would be able to afford the whole set haha! I think Editorial Reds and Editorial Oranges are my favourites :)

    Frances xx

  4. Select Plums will be great for winter... another thing to add to my birthday list :)


  5. they look so lovely! can't wait until their launch!xx

  6. These are popping up on everyones blogs and they look great, such a good idea for MAC :)

    sophierosehearts x

  7. I like the pink/red pallette but there is no way I woud pay that price for a pallette with such little product in it!



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