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May Loves, Likes & Loathes

So it's this time of the month where I tell you what I've been loving, liking and loathing. Below you'll be able to see what I loved, liked and loathed in the month of may. I usually include 2 loves, likes and loathes but since I haven't really been loathing anything lately I've only included one loathe. Oh and I've included a lithe too, a mix between a like and a loathe! 


Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in 'Lots O' Latte' - £16.00

I have to admit, I have used my chubby stick near enough every single day since buying it. I don't tend to stick to using the same product every day as I like to use different products but I love my chubby stick so much that I honestly don't want to use anything else. I usually apply one layer of the eyeshadow, blend it out into the crease and then apply a second layer on my eyelid. This creates a lovely smokey eye and it literally takes 2 minutes to do, if that! I love my chubby stick and I'll certainly to buying more shades in the near future. Even though the chubby sticks for eyes retail at £16.00, I feel this is a fair price as they're absolutely brilliant. 
The chubby sticks for eyes are extremely pigmented, they are quick and easy to apply, they blend very easily, they don't crease, fade or budge and they can be worn alone as an eyeshadow or as a base for eyeshadow. The chubby sticks for eyes would be ideal for anyone who has little time to apply makeup in the morning and for anyone who has difficulty applying makeup.
The chubby stick for eyes are available in 12 different shades, retail at £16.00 each and they can be bought from Boots, Debenhams or Selfridges.

MAC Pigment in 'Vanilla' - £16.50

Again, like my chubby stick for eyes, I use this pigment near enough every single day. I primarily use the pigment as a highlight as I like to highlight my brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbones with it. It's a lovely cream pigment with particles of gold and it gives a lovely shimmery finish, this is the main reason why I use it as a highlight. I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow too for on the days where I just want a wash of shimmer on my eyelids.
The great thing with the pigment is that you only need to use a tiny amount due to it being so pigmented. I think the design of the pot could be a little better as I always end up covered in pigment whenever I use it which would be good if I wanted to look like a walking disco ball but funnily enough, I don't. MAC have also increased the prices of the pigments to £16.50 which is a little sneaky but then again you get what you pay for as the pigments are brilliant and you only have to use the smallest amount meaning one pigment will last you a lifetime.


Inglot Kohl Pencil in '01 Black' - £9.00

I recently bought this eyeliner when I went to London with Adam. I'd seen rave reviews online about the eyeliner about it being blacker than black and water resistant so I wanted to give it a whirl, not that I needed another black eyeliner as I literally have about 50 (and that's no exaggeration!). I can 100% say that the eyeliner is blacker than black, even blacker than Urban Decay's 'Perversion' (how is that even possible?!) the only problem is that the eyeliner claims to be water resistant, meaning it's ideal for the waterline but I'm sad to say that the eyeliner fades on the waterline after a couple of hours and it also smudges down onto the lash line which can look a little unattractive. I solely use the eyeliner on the lash line for when I want to create a smudgey grungy look and I also use it as a base for eyeshadow. I really like the eyeliner as it is blacker than black and I also like the £9.00 price tag, it's just a shame I can't really use it on the waterline. I didn't include the eyeliner in my loathes as it's a great eyeliner, just not for the waterline.

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Moisturiser - £22.50

I recently received the Eucerin moisturiser and I have to say I wasn't really expecting anything great from it as my skin tends to hate moisturiser but I have to say that since using it, there has been a massive improvement in my skin. My skin hasn't reacted to it in any way, shape or form, if anything, my skin loves the stuff! As you all know, I have really dry, lizard like, skin which prevents me from wearing some foundations as they tend to stick to my dry skin but since using the Eucerin moisturiser, my skin hasn't appeared to be flaky or dry. I've been able to use any foundation that I want to since using the moisturiser. My dry skin has improved and my red thread veins don't seem to be as obvious.
I can't comment on the brightening aspect or the sun spot reducing aspect of the moisturiser but what I will say is if you have dry skin, you need to try this moisturiser. It really has worked wonders for me.
Another great thing is that the moisturiser is fragrance free, sinks into the skin and it doesn't leave residue on your skin.

Lithe (Like/Loathe)

Sinful Colours Nail Polish in '24/7' - £1.99

Okay so I didn't know whether to put this in my likes or loathes because I like the colour but I loathe the product, hence why I created my own word 'lithe', it's a mix of the two. I really like the colour of the nail polish as it's uber bright and summery but the nail polish itself is rubbish. The nail polish applies streaky, you need at least three coats and it chips after an hour. I know it's only £1.99 but I don't expect a nail polish to chip after an hour, I really may as well have thrown £1.99 on the floor.


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in 'Vanilla' - £21.00

I really don't know what else to say other than this concealer is absolutely diabolical. The concealer is meant to be long lasting and crease proof but it's about as crease proof as crepe paper. I have applied this concealer using my fingers, a brush, a sponge and countless other methods but nothing seems to work. The concealer literally lasts around 30 minutes and then it's creasemania from then onwards. I also feel it lacks radiance, there's absolutely nothing radiant about the concealer, and it doesn't cover my lovely bags either. The only positive thing I have to say about the concealer is that it has a nice consistency. I have well and truly wasted £21.00.

Left to Right: 'Lots O' Latte', '01 Black', 'Vanilla' (Pigment), 'Vanilla' (Concealer)

Video Version

I hope you liked my loves, likes and loathes and if you have any questions about any of the products I've mentioned please feel free to ask away!

Much love,


  1. Aww that's a shame you don't like 24/7, I actually love the colour and I love how it's a matte finish. It is the perfect summer tumbler girl varnish i.e. tanned skin wavy hair and neon pink nails haha!! It doesn't last too long but I think I got a couple of days without chipping which is pretty average for me!! X

    1. Yeah the colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's just a shame it doesn't last well :( xxx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the Nars concealer; I've heard that the Maybelline Fit Me concealer is great for the price maybe you could give that a go! I also would love to get the Mac Pigment in vanilla, it seems like a wonderful product.
    I just did my May favorites on my blog if you'd like to take a look!
    xx Amber

    1. The Fit Me is such a good concealer! :D It's like the Nars except it does what it's meant to do :P Vanilla is such a lovely pigment, if only they did it in eyeshadow pan form :P Oooo i'll have a look :D xxx

  3. Great post - I really want to try the clinique chubby sticks for eyes but I have heard a lot of people saying that they crease :( x

    1. Aw noes really?! :( The Lots O' Latte one I have doesn't crease but I don't know about the others, I'll have to do some googling hehe! xxx

  4. Hi darling!

    I just watched you and your mom's video about your illness. C'ant you wright about your life with anorexia?
    Can you be happy dispite your illness. How du you get through every day?

    Lots of love to you

    1. Hello :) Like me and mamma said, I only really wanted to talk about it on that video really. I'm definitely happy, aside from the anxiety issues, and it's something that I've had to deal with it for 9 years so I'm kinda used to it now. If I thought about how crap it is 24/7 I'd be a very sad person so it's just better to get on with it :)
      lots of love to you too :) xxx


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