Monday, 9 January 2012

Zalando Purchases!

A couple of months ago, a lovely lady named Amy from Zalando contacted me to ask me if I would like to feature Zalando on my blog. I agreed as I wanted to help people become more aware of the company as I feel it's important to share new online shops to my lovely readers. In return of doing this, Amy kindly sent me a £25 voucher to spend on the website.

If you don't know much about Zalando then it's basically an online shop. It sells a whole variety of items including; shoes, clothes, accessories and most importantly, makeup! Branded items like Ugg, Miss Sixty and Converse can be bought from Zalando and the best thing is that they're sold at discounted prices! I personally didn't need any clothes or shoes at the time so treated myself to 2 lipsticks using the voucher that Amy had sent me. 

The good thing about Zalando is that they're constantly doing amazing discounts which is great for all of you! And I also have to say that delivery is super speedy, I literally received the lipsticks after 2 days of ordering them! If you haven't checked out Zalando then it might be worth doing as you could find yourself a gem. Here is a link to the Zalando website; Zalando

So now you know a bit about Zalando, I'm going to talk to you about the lipsticks I purchased. The lipsticks were not created by Zalando, they were created by Lipstick Library. I'd never heard of Lipstick Library before but I thought I'd try out a couple of their lipsticks as there was a wide selection to choose from and they were only £10.00 each, much cheaper than a MAC lipstick! I didn't know what to expect from the lipsticks as I'd never tried them but I was hoping they'd be great. Zalando sell a lot of well known makeup brands, including Burts Bees and Korres, these brands are great so I thought the same would have applied to Lipstick Library. 

Here are the lipsticks I purchased...

From left to right; Classic Red, Playful.

The lipstick tubes are rather large considering there is actually little product in the tube. I just don't understand why the tube is so big, it's a waste of plastic. I also think the lipstick tube looks cheap, I don't understand the transparent band around the centre of it and the horizontal writing looks a little boring. A bigger and better font should have been selected as the brand name doesn't really catch your eye. The only noticeable thing about the writing is that it looks wonky. These lipsticks really don't look as if they cost in the region of £10.00. 

Playful is basically your average brown toned nude lipstick. It looked very different on the Zalando website, more of a pink toned nude so I was a little disappointed when this arrived as it looked nothing like it did online. I always opt for pink toned nudes because I know they suit me but brown toned nudes look horrendous on me as I'm ridiculously pale. I really thought this lipstick would have been the colour I had seen on the website but evidently not. I think it was primarily down to the photographs looking quite computerised, in hind sight, I should have looked up swatches or something. 

Classic Red is just a typical classic red lipstick. It's a perfect red that will suit anyone, whether you have a pale or dark skin tone. The lipstick itself has brilliant pigmentation and I would recommend buying it if you're the sort of person that's on the go 24/7 and needs a lipstick that will last all day. There's not much I can say about this lipstick other than it's a lovely red and I'd consider it to be of high quality. It reminds me of Chanel Dragon so I guess you could call it a dupe for that. 

There's no denying that both of these lipsticks are highly pigmented, in fact so pigmented, the red lipstick stained my hand after doing a swatch. Playful lasts around 3-4 hours without fading which is standard as I have some high end lipsticks last around 3-4 hours too, but Classic Red lasts around 7-8 hours which is amazing. I guess it shows that a higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean better quality.

Overall I'm happy with the lipsticks, apart from the colour of Playful but it won't stop me from using it. I'm also very impressed with the Zalando customer service as it was a smooth, fast process. I would definitely purchase from the Zalando website again and I highly recommend that you go and check out the website. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. i've never heard of Zalando before, will be checking it out when i have some pennies :) xx

    1. Yeah it's a good website, I've seen a lot of people have been buying Converse off there :D xx

  2. absolutely great tips!! do follow my blog on Bloglovin and GFC if u like, will do back :)).


  3. A great blog with good informations. Thank you.

    1. I also think so. Zalando was by the way invented by some guys from the US, but it's the number 1 in selling shoes in germany!


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