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Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

After hearing that Bourjois were launching a super duper nail polish remover that was supposedly meant to remove nail polish in a matter of seconds, I was eager to try it. And by the looks of things, the majority of bloggers were eager to try it too.
I usually get quite excited over a new product launch but I was overly excited about this product launch as it's something I know I'd use quite frequently. I don't know if you can tell but I love painting my nails rather a lot! (If this was Twitter I'd be including a hash tag right now '#iliketopaintmynailsamilliontimesaday')

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover: Instantly removes nail polish. 1 second per nail*, without cotton wool!

What Bourjois have to say about their Magic Nail Polish Remover...
"Magic in a pot! Abra-cadabra!!! Nail polish is instantly removed with the touch of a magic wand! For each nail, simply Dip-Twist-Remove in 1 second without any cotton wool.Your nails will be polish-free in just 1 second*! Plus, its red berry and vanilla fragrance leaves nails delicately scented."

What are the product claims?
  • Instantly removes nail polish, 1 second per nail.
  • No need for cotton wool or other extras.
  • Leaves nail smelling nice. 

Good things to know?
  • Acetone-free - great for those who have gel or acrylic nails as well as those who have natural nails. 
  • Enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Dermatologically tested

Does it actually take 1 second?
I'm going to be 100% honest, no it doesn't. It might remove one coat of nail polish in 1 second, but it definitely doesn't remove 2 coats of nail polish in 1 second. It also might depend on the nail polish you're using as it may remove lower quality nail polish better than higher quality nail polish.

So how long does it actually take?
One coat - Maybe 1 second?
Two coats - 5 seconds.
Two coats with a top coat on top - 10 seconds.
Two coats with nail art - 10 seconds.
Two coats with a glitter nail polish on top - 30 seconds.

How much does it retail at and where is it available?
The Bourjois magic nail polish remover retails as £4.99 and can be purchased in-store and online at Boots. Boots regularly have a special 3 for 2 offer on all beauty products so it may be worth buying this lovely nail polish remover when Boots have that offer. You could pick up 3 bottles for £9.99, obviously depending on stock levels! I picked up the last bottle in my local Boots!

What does the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover look like?

Instructions are provided on the side of the bottle. 

It has a screw top lid. This is great as it prevents mess and unfortunate accidents.

The hole indicates where you place your finger.


From looking at the demonstration it's clear to see that the Bourjois magic nail polish remover is super simple and easy to use. You can also see that little effort needs to be done, all you have to do is just twist your finger for a few seconds... bob's your uncle and fanny's your aunt! 

Is the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover suitable for everyone?
The Bourjois magic nail polish remover is suitable for absolutely anyone. No matter if you have natural nails, gel nails or acrylic nails. The Bourjois magic nail polish remover has an acetone free formula meaning it's perfect for everyone.
Obviously I wouldn't recommend that you let a youngster use it as that could be quite disastrous. The last thing you want is them either drinking it or licking their fingers after having a good dip in it! I would also say that if you're sensitive to scented products or chemicals, you might want to give this a miss just to be on the safe side as it's got an overpowering 'chemically' smell. 

The Good
  • Concept - I absolutely love the concept of the Bourjois magic nail polish remover. A nail polish remover that removes every trace of nail polish in a matter of seconds?...Perfect! I also find that it doesn't leave any form of wetness on the nails too. 
  • Ease of use - The Bourjois magic nail polish remover is super easy to use, you simply pop your finger in the pot and twist! It's as simple and as easy as that! If you don't believe how easy it is to use then watch the demo above!
  • Price - The Bourjois magic nail polish remover retails at £4.99 and I'd say that was a fair price as it's such a good product. You're in effect paying £4.99 for a good nail polish remover and a cushion pad. It's much more cost efficient as you're not having to buy separate nail polish remover and cotton wool pads. 
  • Packaging - I love the packaging as it's small, pink and and very girly. The bottle is only small meaning it's great for carrying around in your handbag or for storing in your makeup bag. The bottle also has a screw top lid which is great as it prevents spillages from occuring. It's also a tight fastening lid meaning the nail polish remover will not dry up quickly. 
  • Acetone-free - Due to the nail polish remover having an acetone-free formula it means that anyone can use it. It's safe for gel and acrylic nails, and also natural nails. 
  • Paraben-free - As a lot of you will know, parabens are bad little demons which can do harm to the human body. If you're not familiar with what parabens can do then here is a statement I found on 'Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers.' I think it's great how the nail polish remover is paraben-free and I think other companies should take a leaf out of Bourjois's book.

The Okay
  • Availability - The Bourjois magic nail polish remover is only available in-store and online at Boots. Some of you may be thinking that this is a good thing but I've heard on the grapevine that this little beauty is like gold dust, it's literally sold out everywhere. Either Bourjois need to supply Boots stores with more stock or it should be sold in Superdrug too. Also, those of you who live internationally may find it hard to hunt it down, if this is the case then I'd suggest looking on eBay.  
  • Size - The Bourjois magic nail polish remover contains 75ml, this can be seen as a good and a bad thing. It's good because it takes such little time to remove your nail polish, so in the long run you're not going to use a lot of product but it's also bad as the standard nail polish remover contains approximately 200ml. For example, Cutex nail polish remover is 200ml and retails at £2.20. 

The Bad
  • Smell - The smell is very overpowering and this is something I really didn't like as strong smells tend to give me headache after a few minutes. As soon as you unscrew the lid, the smell hits your nostrils instantly. The only good thing is that it leaves your nails smelling lovely and this is probably due to the red fruit and vanilla fragrance. If you're sensitive to smells or chemicals then you may want to opt for a different nail polish remover as I would imagine that you'd hate this. 

This has got to be the best nail polish remover that I've ever tried, it's utter genius! It removes all traces of nail polish in just a few seconds and it leaves nail smelling lovely. It doesn't remove glitter nail polish in a matter of seconds, you do need to leave your finger in the pot a little longer but that really doesn't bother me as it usually takes me around an hour to remove glitter nail polish with standard nail polish remover and cotton pads. I'm so impressed with this nail polish remover and I will definitely buy another bottle in the near future. It's the perfect product for anyone who is in a rush and hasn't got the time to spend ages removing nail polish and it's perfect for those of you, like me, who like to do your nails frequently. I wouldn't say it lived up to the 1 second claim but realistically, what would remove nail polish in 1 second! The only way that would happen is if you chopped your finger off with a chainsaw! 

Would I recommend? Yes, it's the jesus of all nail polish removers!
Would I repurchase? Yes I would! I'd repurchase this forever!
Rating? 9/10 (would have been 10/10 if it wasn't for the overpowering scent)

Have any of you tried the Bourjois magic nail polish remover? 


  1. great review! it really is way too hard to find though, boots definitely need to make sure it's more readily available than it has been.

    i absolutely agree, this stuff is incredible. im usually dubious about much hyped products, but this EXCEEDED my expectations! i cant live without this product!

    and i weirdly quite like the smell. apart from when you first open the tub, that brings a wee tear to my eye.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how long a bottle of this lasts, although I'll have to wait till I can actually get my hands on it, it's not been in my local Boots yet! x

  3. Really keen to try it but can't find it anywhere. It's not like it's sold out, it's just not stocked anywhere I've looked. So I guess I can't buy it. Sucks. I love painting my nails and hate removing it! Great in-depth review! x

  4. Really love your reviews! definitely need to try this now :)

  5. great post (: my mum bought be a product just like this which works really well and i believe it was from the 99p store or from savers, either way it was a bargain!

    Jessie xx

  6. I've wanted this since I first heard about but have still yet to find it in stock anywhere :(

  7. This looks great I hadnt heard of it before but think I will try it! xx

  8. Such a brilliant idea, I can't believe Bourjois are the first company to get on this idea!xx

  9. I've brought something like this before in Boyes and I absolutely loved it, the only thing i didn't like was the smell as it didn't smell nice at all! After reading your review I can't wait to try this new Bonjour product! :)

  10. I really want to try this but I'm going to take a seat back from the rush and wait till it's been out for a while. I don't paint my nails enough, due to work, but I still know I need this gem in my life :)

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Fantastic review as always xxx


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