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How To: Remove Inglot Eyeshadows

Magnetised eyeshadow palettes are becoming a lot more popular in the makeup world, they enable you to choose which eyeshadows you like and you can easily swap and change the eyeshadows whenever you like. Handy for when removing a used up eyeshadow or fancying a re-arrange of your eyeshadows. 
I'm not going to explain how a magnetic palette works as it's self explanatory, the eyeshadow just clicks into a slot via magnetism. 
The only problem with magnetic palettes is that the eyeshadows can be tricky to remove once slotted in the palette as the magnetic force can be quite strong. I own many magnetised eyeshadow palettes, including MAC, Yaby, Make Up For Ever, Fashionista, and Inglot and I have to say that Inglot eyeshadows are the hardest things to remove. 
There are lots of different methods about how to remove Inglot eyeshadows including, using the magnets on the lid, using your finger nail, using a long silver pin etc etc.. but I personally find that these methods either don't work, take too long or damage my eyeshadows. 
Due to changing my eyeshadow palettes every 5 seconds, I needed to find a quick and easy method that would remove the eyeshadows with ease without damaging them in anyway. I thought of the 'magnet method' and it worked like a treat as you will see if you keep reading. 

The palette comes with a magnetic lid. The magnets on the lid can be used to remove the eyeshadows but I personally find that this method doesn't work for me as it's time confusing and fiddly! Using a magnet is much more efficient. 

As you can see from this picture, my palette contains many brown eyeshadows but it also contains brown eyeshadows with a purple undertone. This is not how I want my palette to look as I want my purple toned brown eyeshadows in a different palette. If I hadn't of thought of the magnet method, my palette would remain like this but now I can remove the eyeshadows with ease, I can place the purple toned brown eyeshadows into one of my fresh, clean Inglot palettes. 

This is the magnet I purchased from Clas Ohlson. It's a 32mm magnet which is plenty big enough, I thought it'd be too small but it's the perfect size. The magnet has a protective layer and I recommend that you keep this layer on whilst using the magnet.
The magnet also retails at £7.29 which does seem a little pricey but a magnet is a lifetime investment and you can use it on any magnetic palette, not just an Inglot palette. 
Here is the link to the magnet: Clas Ohlson

When I first used my magnet, I took the protective layer off but I really should have kept it on as I ended up ruining my eyeshadow, as you can see by looking at the photograph above. The force of the magnet was so strong that it dragged out half of the eyeshadow as well as the pan. It's really important that you keep the protective layer on as you could end up doing the same thing to your eyeshadow if you don't. 

How to remove the eyeshadow:

Step 1:
Gently the place the magnet over the eyeshadow. You should feel a 'pulling' force and the eyeshadow should stick to the magnet. 

Step 2:
Gently lift away from the palette and remove the eyeshadow from the magnet.

As you can see, the eyeshadow isn't harmed in any shape or form.

You're able to read the name of the eyeshadow with ease. This is handy if you're noting down the name for a makeup tutorial or for if you want to recommend the eyeshadow to a family member or friend.

Here's how the palette looks once the eyeshadow has been removed. 

It's a quick and simple method that literally takes no more than 10 seconds! Much more simple than faffing around with the lid or a needle!

Video Tutorial:

I hope this post has been helpful to those of you who struggle to remove eyeshadows!

Many thanks for reading!


  1. Ahh I was wondering how to remove them! I put mine in and now can't get them out :( I will have to invest in a magnet! Thanks for sharing :) x x x x.

    1. Magnets are wonderful! Especially the one I bought, cannot believe how strong it is! :D Whatever you do, don't buy off eBay, I bought a magnet off eBay originally and it was utter rubbish and it cost me £12.00 lol! The clas ohlson one is so much better! :) xxxx

  2. sigh, I just hate my Inglot palette... but I tried with a lot of magnets and nothing seems able to remove my pans from it...

    1. Awwww no! That's such a shame! To be honest, I bought a magnet from eBay originally and it was utter rubbish! and it cost me £12.00! But honestly, the Clas Ohlson magnet really does work wonders! :) xxx

  3. this is a very good idea. i used a pin which works but its difficult. was looking for a magnet in tesco but there were not anywhere so will look in other places xx

  4. very helpful! ive been meaning to switch around my inglot colours for a while thanks! :)

  5. very nice eyeshadows. i really want it.

  6. This was very helpful! Thanks! Xx

  7. That is very helpful post! I wanted to rearrange my palette of 20 round eye shadows and I just couldn't remove them from the palette. Had to use a pin but ended up ruining few eye shadows!!! So Thanks, gonna go and buy a magnet:)


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