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A Cheaper Alternative To... MAC Kissable Lip Colour in 'Enchantee'

I love finding cheaper alternatives to expensive products and I have to say that the cheaper alternative I'm about to show you all is a little bit of a cracker, especially if you wanted to buy 'Enchantee' from the MAC Shop collection.

I bought 'Enchantee' around a month ago, it was released last year in the MAC Peacocky collection but I never got the chance to buy it due to it selling out really quickly. Luckily it was re-released this year in the MAC Shop collection so i snapped it up straight away. When I tried 'Enchantee' for the first time I instantly thought it looked like my 'Candy Pink' MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss.

So if you haven't guessed already, my amazing cheaper alternative to the MAC Kissable Lip Colour in 'Enchantee' is the MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Candy Pink'.

MAC Kissable Lip Colour in 'Enchantee' - £16.50 
(Limited Edition)

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Candy Pink' - £2.00 


(In Daylight)
From left to right: Enchantee, Candy Pink

(With Flash)
From left to right: Enchantee, Candy Pink

  • Colour - From looking at the swatch photographs it's quite evident that both 'Enchantee' and 'Candy Pink' are exactly the same colour. They're both typical blue toned pinks. 
  • Pigmentation - 'Enchantee' and 'Candy Pink' are both extremely pigmented. When applying them to the lips, you only need one swipe.
  • Consistency - They both have a thick, creamy consistency. 
  • Suitability - Both 'Enchantee' and 'Candy Pink' are suitable for everyone, whether you have a light skin tone, dark skin tone, dry lips or normal lips. If you don't like lip glosses, don't be put off by the MUA out there plumping lip glosses as they're nothing like the standard lip gloss. I dislike lip glosses with a passion but I find these are brilliant! They're non-stick and the pigmentation is exceptional! 
  • Texture - They both have a light, creamy texture and glide onto the lips like a dream. The only difference is that 'Candy Pink' feels a little sticky and it also gives a slight tingling sensation but this is due to it being a plumping lip gloss. Other than that, they both have a similar texture. They keep lips feeling silky, smooth and moisturised. 
  • Packaging - Packaging is practically identical as both products have a thin clear tube with a black lid. They also both come a doe-foot applicator. The only differences are that the MUA out there plumping lip glosses seem to be around 1cm longer than the MAC kissable lip colours. The writing on the tubes is also different but that is expected as they're different products from different brands. 
  • Scent - They both have a pleasant sweet scent. I would say that 'Enchantee' has more of a sweet, candy-like scent, a bit like popcorn. 'Candy Pink' has a similar scent, it's just not as over powering.  
  • Concept - The MAC kissable lip colours have the texture of a lipstick but dry to the finish of a lip stick, they are comparable to OCC lip tars and Sleek pout paints. The MUA out there plumping lip glosses are basically plumping lip glosses, they are completely different to MAC kissable lip colours. Luckily 'Enchantee' and 'Candy Pink' are practically identical even though they are different types of products.
  • Longevity - The MAC kissable lip colours have the texture of a lip gloss but the finish of a lipstick. They have amazing pigmentation and staying power considering they have a liquid formulation. The MUA out there plumping lip glosses also have amazing pigmentation but due to them being more like a lip gloss, the staying power isn't as great. Both products have a different concept therefore they're going to have different properties, e.g. longevity. 
  • Price - The MAC kissable lip colours retail at £16.50 whereas the MUA out there plumping lip glosses retail at £2.00. That's a whopping price difference of £14.50!
  • Shade Selection - The MAC kissable lip colours are available in 5 different shades of which are limited edition. The MUA out there plumping lip glosses are available in 8 different shades of which are permanent. 
  • Size - The MAC kissable lip colours contain 5g of product but the MUA out there lip plumping glosses do not state how much product they contain so I'm unable to say whether they both contain a similar amount. They look as if they contain the same amount of product but due to the MUA out there lip plumping glosses being slighty bigger, I cannot categorically say that they definitely contain the same amount. 

Overall I cannot believe how similar these two products are and I especially cannot believe the price difference! If you were thinking of buying 'Enchantee' then think again. You may as well buy 'Candy Pink' as it's the same colour, has amazing pigmentation and retails at a purse friendly £2.00! 

Where To Buy:

MAC Kissable Lip Colour - £16.50 - Available at MACSelfridges and Debenhams.
MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss - £2.00 - Available at MUA Store and in-store at Superdrug.

Have any of you tried 'Enchantee' or 'Candy Pink'? 


  1. wow they do look exactly the same! Great colour, it is right up my alley. Love it! Thanks for sharing, will def keep this in mind and save myself a few bucks.

    Rina xx

  2. great comparison.. i love this colour but i actually think the MUA looks nicer, at least from looking at the swatch :)

  3. Wow, I'm on a shopping ban but I will be adding MUA to the list for when I can shop again x

  4. wow, that's a great comparision!

  5. What a great dupe, I received a couple of the MUA, candy pink is gorgeous. I love it, normally plumping lip glosses burn me so bad :| It's great.


  6. Gorgeous colours, but like you said, so simular!! What a price difference too!! Will deinatly be purchasing soon!!

  7. They really look exactly the same. I will definitely try the one from MUA.

  8. i'll definitely be trying the MUA one :)


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