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Lee Stafford My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray

If you follow my blog or watch my videos on YouTube you'll know that I'm quite partial to a big bouffant, in simple terms, I like big hair. I have used many 'big hair' products over the years but always find myself going back to my trusty VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder
I recently went shopping with my Mamma and Sister and whilst we were having a browse in Boots, I noticed that Lee Stafford had his own range of 'big hair' products. I was originally going to buy the Matt Fat Powder but due to owning about 10 bottles of the VO5 instant oomph powder, I decided to go for the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray instead. Lee also has My Big Fat Healthy Shampoo and Conditioner too but I decided not to buy those as I'm currently using a colour save shampoo. 

What does Lee have to say about his My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray?

"Is it a hairspray? No. Wax Spray? No. Sea Salt Spray? No. It’s a super spray! This really is a super spray with the hold of a hairspray, the volume of a wax spray, the texture of a sea salt spray, a matte finish and more!"

So Lee, how do we use the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray? 

"You need to shake my super slush before use; you’ll notice I’ve left a space at the top of the bottle so you’ve got the room to give it a really good shake. Once the slush has turned to liquid it’s ready to be sprayed onto your hair. Spray onto dry hair and work in with your hands for BIG, texturised hair with a matte finish."

What are the product claims?
  • Gives hair volume.
  • Gives hair texture.
  • Holds hair in place, just like a hairspray does.
  • Gives a matte look to the hair.
  • Leaves hair looking healthy.

Where can you buy the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray?

The spray retails at £9.29 and can be purchased in-store and online at Boots. The spray also contains 90ml of product. Boots are offering 3 for 2 on all Lee Stafford products at the moment so it might be worth checking out the range. 

What does the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray look like?

Is the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray suitable for everyone?

Anyone can use the spray as it's suitable for all hair types, no matter if you have dry, greasy, thick or thin hair. I would say that if you're someone who has thin hair who wants to add texture to your hair then  you would benefit from using a texture spray or texture powder as they create texture and also volume. 

The Good
  • Packaging - I really like the packaging and this is primarily due to it being pink. I also think the writing on the bottle is quite fun and quirky, it definitely catches your eye. I also like how the spray comes with a pump as this makes application easy. 

The Okay
  • ScentI don’t love the scent of the spray but then again I don’t hate it, it’s just okay. I’m not going to lie, it does have a strong musky smell and the smell does cling onto your hair. You would imagine the scent to wear off after a few hours but it doesn’t, it lingers, which I guess is a good thing as it leaves your hair smelling remotely nice.  If you love musky smells you will love this spray, if you don’t then you’ll hate it.
  • Size - The spray contains 90ml of product which is fairly reasonable. 
  • AvailabilityThe spray is available at Boots, which can be considered good and bad. Good if you live in the UK, bad if you live internationally. Boots do ship internationally but I presume shipping costs will be quite high which isn’t great.

The Bad
  • Performance - This product does not live up to expectations whatsoever. Lee claims that the spray will add volume and texture to the hair and it does not do this at all. It left my hair looking flat, especially on the top of my head, I actually had to use my VO5 powder as my hair looked shocking. I love adding volume and texture to my hair as it's quite thin so was really disappointed to find that the spray did nothing to my hair. Lee also claims that the spray will give the hair a matte look, the only look it gave my hair was a dull greasy one. I usually wash my hair every two days but when using the spray I had to wash it everyday. Lee also claims that spray will help to hold hair in place, it really does not do this. 
  • Practicality - This spray is not practical for anyone who is weak as it's hard to shake the bottle. I have little weak arms and found it hard to shake the bottle.  
  • Texture - The spray has a very sticky texture which I find very unpleasant. The spray is meant to turn from a solid into a liquid and it honestly does not do this. I have tried shaking the bottle for 2 minutes and I have tried shaking this bottle for 5 minutes, it just does not turn into a runny liquid. And when Lee claims the product will fill the empty space in the bottle when shaken, this also isn't the case. It has a thick, sticky texture that literally clings onto the hair. 
  • Instructions - Yes the packaging is fun and I guess Lee does provide minimal information about what the spray does and what you do with it but I think instructions could be a little clearer. Yes it does say to apply the spray onto dry hair but it doesn't say if you work the product into your hair or if just leave it to sit on top of your hair. It also doesn't say how far apart you have to spray, usually products say 'you need to leave a 20cm distance between your hair and the bottle' but this spray doesn't say this.  
  • Price - I wouldn't usually mind spending £9.99 on a decent hair product but when the product isn't great, it leaves me thinking that I've wasted my money. £9.99 is a lot to pay for any product but it's especially a lot to pay for a poor product.


I really do not like this spray at all and if I'm being honest, I feel really let down. I wish I'd have gone for the matt fat powder instead but you know what they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. The spray didn't add any form of volume or texture to my hair at all, if anything it made my hair flat and greasy. I also wasn't fond of the stickiness of the spray and think instructions could be made a little clearer on the bottle. As for holding properties, there are none, I still had to use a gallon of my beloved Tresemme hairspray. I know that this review is a little negative but I really wanted to share my experience with this spray. I blog about the good things so feel I should blog about the bad things too. 
I'm not saying that this spray won't work for everyone, it just didn't work for me. 

Would I recommend? No
Would I re-purchase? No

Have you tried the My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray? If so, what do you think of it?


  1. Oh what a let down I usually love Lee Stafford stuff :(

  2. I loveee the MAC Pro Longwear in 'Overtime', gorgeous colour. Just wondering Cole, Whats the difference between the £13.50 lipsticks at Mac and the £16.50? overall which would you reccommend?



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