Friday, 20 April 2012

How To Style: A Denim Jacket

I never usually post OOTD videos or How To Style videos on my blog but due to my blog and YouTube channel being linked with one another, I thought I'd start to post my videos on here too. 

I know that some people like to see photos rather than videos but I personally think that videos are more handy. You can see what something EXACTLY looks like rather than debating on what something will look like if you get what I mean.

This is my first 'How To Style' video so I hope you enjoy it! 

If you'd like to see more 'How To Style' videos, please comment below. If you'd also like to see a photo form of this post rather than a video form, please comment below as I'd like to see what people preferred.

Many thanks for watching!


  1. yay, this is so handy as I've literally just brought a denim jacket. Thank you :)

  2. Well, now i must go out and get a denim jacket!

  3. love this video! & i agree sometimes videos are better
    love your denim jacket btw!
    mantenso xx

  4. oh lovely, i need to get me a denim jacket soon! x


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