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March Loves, Likes & Loathes

It's this time of the month where every beauty blogger posts about their monthly favourites. I initially thought of doing a March favourites but I wanted to do something a little different in the form of 'loves, likes & loathes'. Not only can I tell you all about the products I've been loving, I can tell you all about the products I've been hating. I get a lot of people asking me to do posts/videos about products I dislike so I thought it'd be good to do a post that included products I both like and dislike.

I'm only going to include a couple of products into each category because if were to include lots of products into each category, this blog post would take a month to read and I'm pretty sure you've all got more bigger fish to fry.

So let's start off with my March loves...


Real Techniques Contour Brush 
(As part of the 'Core Collection' kit)

I use this brush for two things, for contouring and for applying blush. Although it's commonly used for contouring and is branded as a contouring brush, it can be used for other things too. I've washed this brush numerous times and it hasn't lost its shape at all, I don't find that it sheds either. This brush honestly looks the same as it did when I bought it. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

I recently posted about this primer and I have to say that it's absolutely amazing. Not only does this primer help your foundation to last longer on the skin, it also gives you a lovely radiant glow. I wear this foundation alone and also underneath all of my foundations.
It's a wonderful primer with a wonderful price tag. My Nars multi-protect primer has been well and truly been banished to the back of my draw until this beauty runs out.
For a full review on the primer, here is the link: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

There's one word to describe this foundation and that's perfection. This foundation is perfect for my dry skin as it covers dry patches as opposed to sticking to them. It has a lovely light weight texture and doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all. It has a build-able coverage which is great for all seasons of the year as you're able to wear a light coverage in summer and a heavier coverage in winter.
For a full review on this foundation, here is the link: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

MAC Lipstick in 'Quick Sizzle'

This lipstick was recently released in the MAC Shop collection, it's a lovely bright pink colour with a matte finish. As soon as I saw this lipstick I knew I had to have it, it's pink, girlie and right up my street.
What I love most about this lipstick is its pigmentation and longevity. This lipstick is uberly pigmented to the point where you only need one swipe and it also lasts around 12 hours on the lips, if not more. To remove this lipstick you really do have to scrub at your lips for about 15 minutes, and that really isn't an exaggeration. Due to it's amazing 'staining' power, see what I did there, you need to be very careful when applying it as you could get yourself into a tricky situation. I applied this straight from the tube and it ended up all around my mouth which led to having a pink stained face, attractive. So word of advice, use a lip brush!
For a full review on this lipstick, here is the link: MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

MAC Paint Pot in 'Bare Study'

I have 101 eyeshadows primers and more to the point, 101 paint pots. I recently noticed that my beloved 'Bare Study' has started to dry up so in attempt to save it I've started to use it daily. MAC paint pots work as great eyeshadow bases as they prevent eyeshadow from creasing, fading and more to the point, they help eyeshadow to stay in place all day.
'Bare Study' is a lovely beige/neutral colour with subtle shimmer. I usually wear it alone but I also wear it underneath eyeshadows and I also blend eyeshadows into it, it really is a multi functional paint pot. 


Inglot Blush

I have to admit, I wasn't particularly fond of the blush at first but after using it a few times this month, I've started to like it. It applies to the skin very well and it has great pigmentation, one dab will cover both cheeks and more. It's also a great blush to use when wearing bronzer as it just gives the cheeks a subtle colour, it also contains shimmer which is great as it gives the cheeks a nice a glow. I wouldn't wear this blush alone (without bronzer) as the colour is quite flat and it gives a slight 'dead' look to the face. I do like the blush and will definitely use it throughout summer, the only reason why I didn't include the blush in my 'loves' is the fact that I don't reach for it on a daily basis. 

Illamasqua Precision Ink in 'Abyss' 

I love winged eyeliner and I must admit that I'm a bit of a felt tip liner connoisseur. I have tried so many different ones over the years so I know which are good, bad and down right horrendous. The Illamasqua precision ink liners are possibly the best felt tip liners that I've ever tried, they last all day long without running, fading and flaking, the nib is small and fine which enables precise application and pigmentation is absolutely amazing. 'Abyss' is probably the best black felt tip liner I've tried due to its intense blackness, it's most definitely a true black. My only gripe with 'Abyss' is that if you don't apply it precisely, it settles into fine lines and cracks. I notice this happens more when using MAC paint pots and MUFE aqua creams so the trick is to only use this eyeliner when wearing eyeshadow. If this bad boy didn't settle into fine lines, it'd be well and truly in my 'loves'. 

Topshop Nail Varnish in 'Pool Party'

I bought this not long ago after hunting for a mint green nail varnish. I came across 'Pool Party' on the Topshop website, it looked perfect mint green but how wrong was I because in the flesh it looks more of a turquoise colour. I'm not unhappy with the colour it's just not what I was looking for, I guess it's just another lovely shade I can add to my collection. With regards to the quality of the nail varnish, it couldn't be better, it lasts around 5-6 without chipping and it also dries super fast. I don't have to use a top coat and more to the point, I don't have to wait half an hour for it to dry. Overall I think it's a lovely colour for summer it's just a shame it isn't mint green. Damn Topshop and their deceiving photographs. 


Estee Lauder BB Cream 

I couldn't take a photograph of the BB cream as I only got a sample of it so apologies for that.
I cannot stress how awful this BB cream is, it fades and slides off the skin after a couple hours and it also sticks to dry patches of skin.  I would never buy this BB cream and it really isn't worth the £32.00 price tag. It's a big fat sham. 

Nivea Deodorant
Aprrox. £2.00

3 words. Horrendous, horrendous, horrendous. This has to be the worst deodorant that I've ever tried in my whole entire life. When you spray this underneath your armpits you're left with big balls of deodorant that cling to your clothes, arms and even your hair. The only decent thing about this deodorant is that it has pink on the packaging. Honest to god, if you're not fancying balls on your armpits and clothes, do not buy this deodorant. 

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray

I'm not going to talk about this spray in depth as I reviewed it on my blog not long ago and if I'm being perfectly honest it was a pretty negative review. If you wish to look at the review then here it is: Lee Stafford My Big Fat Texturised Hair Super Spray
This spray claims to give you big hair, a matte finish and it's also meant to give the hold of a hair spray. Does it do any of these?.. no. It' leaves hair looking flat, greasy and dull, the opposite of what it's meant to do. What's worse is that one bottle of 'super' spray will set you back £9.99, not good when it's a shocking product. Please do not buy this product as you'll be well and truly disappointed, you could spend the £9.99 on something a lot better.

I hope you liked my March loves, likes and loathes and I hope that you found it a little different to favourites.

What products have you been loving/hating?


  1. The topshop pool party nail varnish looks like such a gorgeous colour! Been on the hunt lately for the perfect blue and I think this is it! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  2. Really need to get my hands on the RT brushes! I hate that deo too, it gassed me, I sprayed it normally and had to just run :| Let alone it actually leaving marks. They do a similar version of it, that is better.

  3. Hey I have the exact topshop mint polish you are talking about, it's called "gone fishing". X


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