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June Loves, Likes & Loathes

If you watch my Youtube videos you will know that I do monthly loves, likes and loathes as opposed to doing monthly favourites. I like showing both good and bad products as it shows you what to buy and what not to buy. So here are my June loves, likes & loathes!


Estée Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release
£36.00 / 50ml

If you're not familiar with the Estée Lauder daywear sheer tint release, it's basically a jazzy green tinted moisturiser. The tinted moisturiser comes out green but matches to the colour of your skin once blended (pretty magical don't you think!). It contains beads of pigment that burst as you apply it, hence the colour change. 
This tinted moisturiser is actually my mammas but I'll definitely be buying myself a bottle before I set off on my jolly holidays because I love it. It's a lovely tinted moisturiser that blends into the skin nicely, I have used both my fingers and a brush to blend this in and both methods work well. It also gives the skin such a lovely, healthy glow, it also adds a touch of radiance to the skin. I also find that it doesn't irritate my skin or settle into my dry bits which is a massive plus point for me as the majority of foundations/tinted moisturisers highlight my facial sins. It has little coverage so it won't hide any form of imperfection (e.g my sexy cheek pigmentation) but that is expected as it is a tinted moisturiser, not many tinted moisturisers do have brilliant coverage. I hate wearing foundation in Summer as it feels heavy and unpleasant on my skin so something like this is perfect for me. It's as light as air and honestly feels like you're not wearing anything on your skin.
If you have dry skin, hate wearing foundation in summer and fancy giving yourself a golden glow, check out the Estée Lauder daywear sheer tint release. It's fandabbydosey. 

Fashionista Custom Palette
Palette / £5.00
Blush refills / £4.00

Nars blush alternative anyone? Honest to god, if you were considering splashing out £20 on ONE Nars blush you really need to consider checking out Fashionista blushes before you do! The Fashionista blushes remind me of Nars blushes so much, in terms of amazing pigmentation, longevity and texture etc. They last on the cheeks all day without fading and you only need to use the tiniest amount. Fashionista have a large selection of blushes to choose from (probably more than Nars) and best of all, they only cost £4... yes... £4.00!!!!! 
I have used this palette every single day for about 2 months, it's a brilliant little blush palette and I can safely say that it'll be coming on holiday with me as the palette it so thin and light. My MAC blushes have well and truly been abandoned, I think they're feeling a lack of love if truth be told. 


Caudalie Cleansing Water
£15.00 / 200ml

The Caudalie cleansing water is basically a makeup remover, it takes off makeup (even waterproof makeup) in a flash. It reminds me very much of the infamous Bio Derma and the ThisWorks 5 in 1 cleansing water in the same respect that you apply the product to a cotton pad and then whazz the pad all over your face until your makeup has been removed. 
The Caudalie cleansing water does an excellent job of removing makeup, especially waterproof makeup, and it's simple and easy to use. I wouldn't say that it gives the skin a thorough cleanse as it's solely used to remove makeup but it does leave skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Out of all the makeup removers I've tried, this has to be the nicest one as it doesn't feel oily, it cools and soothes the skin and more importantly it doesn't make my eyes sting (unlike Bio Derma). It is a little pricey considering you only get 200ml of product but I'd rather pay more for a product that doesn't irritate my eyes. 
The only downfall to the Caudalie cleansing water is the smell. It smells like a field of cucumbers but not just any field of cucumbers, a field of sugary cucumbers.  I dislike cucumbers with a passion so when I used this for the first time I felt a little ill. But despite the horrendous sugary cucumbery smell, it's a great cleanser!
Note: if you hate cucumbers, don't whiff this in Boots. 

Sleek Eau La La Liner in 'Noir'

This is possibly the best high street black eyeliner that I've ever tried in my life. It's blacker than black, glides on easily, doesn't budge until you remove it and only costs £4.00. 
I've found it hard to find a black eyeliner that stays put on the waterline all day but thanks to Sleek, I've found the perfect one! 
The only minor issue I have with this eyeliner is that if you put the lid on too tight, excess product shoots up once you take off the lid so you're unable to sharpen the pencil properly (Picture above). It's not a massive issue for me but it's just a little annoying when it happens.
If you can deal with the 'product shooting upwards' situation, I'd HIGHLY recommend checking out this eyeliner because it's utterly brilliant. Even more brilliant than the Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner!


Models Own WAH Nail Art Pen

A lot of people think that this is the jesus of all nail products but I'm really not of the same opinion whatsoever. I personally think that it's a waste of space and would never buy another one again.
I think the nib bit is great for doing spots or leopard print but the brush bit is as shoddy as anything. The brush isn't straight in the slightest and as you can see from the above photo, there's stray brush hairs. How I'm meant to do a perfect straight line is beyond me, it'd end up looking more like a wavy line.
I'm going to stick to using my black nail paint and thin nail brush. It's cheaper, a better investment in the long run and it enables me to do perfect straight lines. The nail paint costs £2.00 and the brush costs £1.50 so that's £3.50 for a pot of paint and brush. Seems a lot more logical than buying a £6.00 shoddy nail pen if you ask me. 

Essie Good To Go Top Coat

Worst top coat in the world, and that is no exaggeration. It's so bad that I'm considering writing a formal complaint. My nail varnish chipped after a couple of hours and by the next day, it had completely come off my nails. To be fair the top coat dried in a flash and it did make my nails look shiny but I don't expect my nail varnish to last one day, if that.
Please don't even considering buying this top coat as you'll be wasting your money.
Essie, I'm disappointed. 

Video Version

I hope you liked my June loves, likes and loathes and if you have any questions about any of the products I've featured, please feel free to ask away in the comments box below!

Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. That's so bad if the Essie top coat didn't stop your polish chipping! I have never tried it but the Essie nail polish colours I have tried are lovely :) The Estee Lauder daywear tint sounds really good. Thank you.

    1. It honestly made my nail polish peel off, almost as if it'd fell off.. The Essie polishes are really lovely and cannot fault them at all so it's bizarre that the top coat was so horrendous. The Estee Lauder tinted moisturiser is utterly fab, you should see if they will give you a sample :) xxx

  2. Wow, that blush palette does look amazing, I've always wanted a blush from Nars but this seems so much better! x

    Simple Beauty Bag

    1. It really is amazing! :) They're basically the same as Nars blushes except they're a hell of a lot cheaper! :) xxx

  3. you should try the Barry M basecoat, topcoat and hardener all in one, its ace! I'm on the second bottle! :) x

    1. Ooo thank you for the recommendation! :) I'm going to pop into Superdrug tomorrow and check it out! :D xxx

  4. Second the Barry M basecoat and topcoat my nails stay perfect for days and i work in a science lab with solvent chemicals so thats a reall comnplement. Downside is it makes your nail varnish a pig to get off

    1. I'm definitely going to check out the Barry M base coat and top coat as it sounds amazing! :D xxx

  5. I like the idea behind this post. it's important to warn other people of not-so-great products, I think.

    However I'm sorry Essie top coat didn't work for you. I liked it a lot, because it dries the polish fast and doesn't cause such awful shrinkage like Seche or have especially nasty smell. I didn't experience any chipping problems with it and consider it a good product.

    1. Yeah it is, I'd want to know if there were products people weren't getting along with :)
      Oooo maybe mine was a faulty one then? It did dry amazingly fast but it chipped like nothing on earth :( I used it at one of the nail art parties I did and all the children's nail polish had come off within a day :(

  6. Superdrug have got a 4 for £10 offer on all fashionista blushers and eyeshadows atm! I can't wait to get some now :) x

    1. Thank you for letting me know! :D I'm going into superdrug tomorrow so will pick up a few more of the blushes :D xxx

  7. I am SO glad you posted this because I was literally going to go out and buy the Essie top coat today, but after reading this, I'm not wasting my money on that. So thank you! Love your blog, btw. I'd love it if you checked mine out <3



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