Friday, 20 July 2012

New Jewellery: Hamsa Hand, Skulls & More!

So as I said in my last jewellery related post, I'm going to start to write posts about new stock in my shop. I've made many new pieces this week so I thought I'd blog about them. 

You can access my shop by clicking the 'My Shop' tab at the top of the page or alternatively, you can click on this link 'My Shop

So without further do, here are my new creations!

I also thought it was worth mentioning that my Skull & Spike Drop Earrings and Skull Drop Earrings have been re-stocked and my blue, cream and brown Sideways Cross Bracelets have also been re-stocked too.

I hope you like my new bits and bobs and please let me know if you think posting about new stock is a good idea!


  1. I love everything, especially the eye ring and the pastel wrap bracelet :) They are really affordable too xx

  2. Knuckle heart rings, tooooooooooo cute!

  3. Love love love everything, especially the wrap bracelet! Maybe you could do a post showing us how to make a few jewellery items ourselves? xxx

  4. I love that above the knuckle ring !


  5. i love how affordable everything is in your shop! deffo directing my family here for birthdays etc hehe xo

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    Thanks for sharing this creative ideas.
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