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Timothy Roe 'Kissing Hearts' Spinning Ring: Review & Photos

Timothy Roe stock a large selection of jewellery including Spinning Rings, Lovelinks, Bjorg Jewellery, Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery and many more. There are plenty of beautiful pieces to choose from and I can guarantee that there is something for everyone. No matter if you like sparkle, shine or something a little plainer, there will be something for you. 

Not long ago Alan from Timothy Roe Jewellery kindly offered to send me one of their finest pieces of jewellery. Alan gave me the option of choosing a pair of earrings or a spinning ring, as I have about a million pairs of earrings I decided to choose one of the spinning rings. I chose the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring, a plain silver ring with 3D hearts. 

How is the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring described online?

Kissing Hearts Spinning Ring, Sterling Silver: 139-06 “Kissing Hearts” Spinning Ring, Sterling Silver, CZ.  Can be worn on its own or stacked with others to make a unique combination.

So what does the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring look like?

How many sizes is the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring available in?

The ring is available in four different sizes; XS, S, M and L. All of the spinning rings are available in these four sizes.

How much does the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring retail at?

The spinning rings retail between £19.00 and £49.00 but this particular ring retails at £19.00. 

Where can you buy the 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring?

The 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring can be purchased online at Timothy Roe

Are there any other spinning rings available?

Yes there are 'Birthstone' spinning rings, 'Ring Max' spinning rings and 'Primo' spinning rings. The Birthstone spinning rings retail at £49.00, the Ring Max spinning rings retail at £35.00 and the Primo spinning rings retail at £19.00. 

To give you an idea of the other spinning rings Timothy Roe have to offer, here are a few of the Ring Max spinning rings. 

"Couple" Spinning Ring

"Magic Hearts" CZ Spinning Ring 

"Hearts Forever" Spinning Ring

These three rings are utterly beautiful and I'm sure the majority of you will agree with me. 

What I like...
  • Quality - The quality of the ring is outstanding and I think it's great how the ring is made from sterling silver, I honestly cannot believe that this ring only retails for £19.00. Looking at the ring you'd expect it to retail for around £50, if not more. The ring is super shiny, the gems are super sparkly and it feels very sturdy. Another great thing about the ring is that it doesn't leave you with green fingers either. If you were thinking about buying similar stacking rings from the high street then please think again and spend a little extra on a Timothy Roe spinning ring. 
  • Lightweight - Despite the ring being made from sterling silver, it feels very lightweight. The ring feels so delicate and dainty on your finger. 
  • Packaging - The ring is displayed in an elegant purple box which is lined with co-ordinating purple satin. The Timothy Roe logo is also displayed on the box lid. I think the packaging is absolutely lovely and I genuinely think other jewellery companies should take note. It's refreshing to see nicely packaged jewellery. 
  • Price - This particular ring retails at £19.00 and I think this is a VERY reasonable price. It's a lovely well made ring and in my opinion, it's worth a lot more than £19.00. The spinning rings retail between £19.00 and £49.00 which is excellent. So lovely yet so affordable.
  • Flexibility - I love how the spinning rings can be worn alone or can be stacked with other spinning rings. I would also wear the ring with plain band rings just to show off the red sparkly heart contained within this particular spinning ring. 
  • Variety - To be precise, Timothy Roe stock 53 different spinning rings, that is a whopping selection to choose from! 

What I dislike...
  • Size Option - I really wish that the spinning rings were available in proper ring sizes as opposed to XS, S, M and L. For reference I always buy XS rings from Miss Selfridge and they fit perfectly so on the basis of this, I opted for a size XS on Timothy Roe. I found the Timothy Roe XS to be a lot larger than the Miss Selfridge XS which makes me think that the rings come up a little larger on Timothy Roe. In order for me to the wear the ring without fearing it will fall off I have to wear it on my pointer finger, a finger I would never wear a ring on. If the ring was available in proper ring sizes I would not have this issue and would be able to wear the ring on the correct finger. By 'proper' I mean proper sizes like 'K', 'L', 'M' and so on. 

Despite the ring being too big, I think it's a beautiful ring and it's definitely something I'd wear on a daily basis. The ring is appealing to the eye as it's both shiny and sparkly, and it's also a very feminine, delicate ring, these attributes will appeal to the majority of people. 
The spinning rings would make lovely gifts for friends and family as they look more expensive than they actually are. So if you're ever in the position where you want to buy something that looks fancy but doesn't cost an arm and a leg, check out Timothy Roe's finest spinning rings.

My experience with Timothy Roe has been brilliant and I'm so grateful that I was given the opportunity to review one the beautiful spinning rings. I now know of a lovely jewellery company and I'll recommend the company to my friends and family. 

Would I recommend? YES, YES, YES! A great quality ring with an amazing price tag!
Would I purchase myself? Yes, I would purchase many of the spinning rings! 
Rating? 10/10. It's an utterly beautiful ring. 

Have you heard of Timothy Roe before? And more importantly will you be checking out the lovely pieces of jewellery they have to offer?

*The Timothy Roe 'Kissing Hearts' spinning ring was sent to me for review purposes. This does not effect my thoughts and opinions on the products. As always, my reviews are 100% truthful. 


  1. Ive never heard of this company but I love the look of their rings, definitely going to check them out :)

  2. I LOVE the first ring..and all the others. Gonna have to check around online when I have some extra moohla..


  3. really very beautiful collection and i loved the heart shaped bracelet the most.
    Lovelinks sale


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