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L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish: Review, Photos & Swatches

Today I have a nail polish review for you all and I have to say it's a rather interesting one. There's no denying that the Color Riche nail polishes are like marmite but what did I think of this colourful bunch? Keep reading to find out! 

What L'Oreal have to say about the Color Riche nail polishes...

"Introducing L'Oreal Paris' first long lasting mini nail collection, new Color Riche Nail. The wardrobe of gel based colours have been developed by L'Oreal Paris colour creative director Orrea Light; who through her travels and her fashion forward expertise has created 41 sophisticated shades, each telling their own story..

..Experiment with the perfect selection of mini nail shades; bring out your inner vixen with Color Riche Nail in 'Moulin Rouge' or keep things natural with the 'foundation' for your nails Color Riche Nail in 'Beige Countess'. With one stroke of the patented flat brush, nails can be coated in your favourite colours dependent on your mood or outfit choice."

Information about the Color Riche nail polishes

L'Oreal have developed a nail polish containing both Crystal Acrylic and Liquid Gel Technology. 
  • Crystal Acrylic - Provides high shine to the nail formula, meaning there is no need for a top coat. 
  • Liquid Gel Technology - The liquid gel base polish offers easy application and long lasting coverage. It also prevents the polish from spreading too thinly, dripping and running like other classic polishes. 

The Color Riche nail polishes also have Patented Brush Technology.
  • Precision - The brush helps to bring the formula to the centre of the nail, ensuring colour stays away from the nail bed. 
  • Quickness - The flat brush holds the nail formula so colour is applied to the nails in one stroke. 
  • Flawless - A curved, thin and broad end brush helps to control the flow of the polish for application. 

What are the product claims?
  • Easy application
  • Even coverage 
  • Lasting glossy shine
  • Precision paddle brush (applicator)
  • Built-in top coat

Is there a large selection of shades?

There are more than 40 different shades to choose from. Including neutral, bright and dark shades. 

How much do the Color Riche nail polishes retail at and where are they available?

The Color Riche nail polishes retail at £4.99/5ml and can be purchased in-store and online at both Boots and Superdrug. 

Photo's & Swatches

Left To Right: Spicy Orange, Lush Tangerine, So Chic Pink, Insolent Magenta, Shocking Pink, Ingenious Rose, Marie Antoinette, Baby Doll. 

Left To Right: Luxembourg Garden, Rebel Blue, Blue Reef, French Riviera, Black Swan. 

Left To Right: Spicy Orange, Lush Tangerine, So Chic Pink.

Left To Right: Insolent Magenta, Shocking Pink, Ingenious Rose, Marie Antoinette, Baby Doll.

Left To Right: Luxembourg Garden, Rebel Blue, Blue Reef, French Riviera, Black Swan

The Good
  • Opacity - ALL the shades I own are opaque, there's not one shade that isn't. The nail polishes are very pigmented and I don't find them to be thin at all, hence why some of them only require one coat.
  • Finish - The nail polishes have a nice glossy finish (as you can see from the swatch photographs).  There's nothing better than having sheeny shiny nails. 
  • Consistency - The nail polishes aren't too runny or too thick, they're just right (famous words of goldilocks). I'd imagine that they wouldn't go gloopy quickly too. 
  • Application - The nail polishes apply smoothly and easily with no fuss or mess. They don't apply streaky either, which I love! There's nothing worse than having nails that resemble streaky bacon. 
  • Applicator - I think the applicator is amazing, possibly one of the best nail polish applicators I've ever come across. Nail polish is applied in one simple stroke. 
  • Coats Needed - The majority of the nail polishes require one coat but some do require two. I honestly think it's amazing how the majority of the shades only require one coat. Not only does this save hours waiting for the nail polish to fully dry, but it means you're using less product too. 
  • Drying Time - The nail polishes dry quickly which is good if you're on the go and need your nail polish to dry fast. 
  • Shade Selection - There's over 40 different shades which is utterly amazing, especially considering L'Oreal is high street brand. Most high street brands don't stock a vast selection of nail polish shades. 
  • Availability - The nail polishes can be purchased in-store and online from both Boots and Superdrug so availability isn't really an issue. 

The Okay 
  • Packaging - There's nothing fancy about the bottle as it's just a small glass bottle. The gold cap, however, adds a touch of class which makes the nail polish look a lot more expensive than it actually is.  
  • Size - The nail polishes contain 5ml and I think this is a little stingy. The standard nail polish contains between 10-18ml so 5ml is pretty poor, it's such a small amount of product. I would imagine than one of these nail polishes would last less than a month if you used it quite regularly. 
  • Price - Lets face it, £4.99 is a little pricey for a 5ml nail polish. I can buy a 15ml Essie nail polish for £4.95 from Chemist Direct. 

The Bad
  • Chipping - The nail polishes chip like no tomorrow. I told my mum how they chipped really easily so she tried one out for herself. She applied it at 9am and her nails had chipped by 4pm. I also tested each of the colours on my nails and after 2 days they'd all chipped so it's not just a certain shade that chips, they ALL chip.  It's makes me wonder if there's actually any 'Crystal Acrylic' within the nail polishes.  
  • Smell - The smell is even worse than sugary cucumbers and you all know how much I hate that smell. The nail polishes smell really bad, they're so overpowering that they make you feel a little light headed when using them. (make sure you're sat on something cushioned whilst using them).   
  • 3 Free - L'Oreal has stated nowhere that these nail polishes are 3 free so I'm presuming that they aren't. Naughty L'Oreal.


Overall I do like the nail polishes as they apply smoothly and dry relatively fast but I think it's horrendous how they chip really easily. 
I'd suggest the Color Riche nail polishes to those who change their nail colour frequently and also those who never end up finishing a whole bottle of nail polish. 

Were the product claims accurate? Ish. There's no way that the nail polishes have a built in top coat as they chip easily. But the nail polish applies well and the applicator is second to none. 
Would I recommend? Yes, especially to those who don't paint their nails on a regular basis. 
Would I Purchase? No, I can buy high end nail polishes for the same price.
Rating? 7/10, the chipping is a major issue for me. 

Have you tried any of the Color Riche nail polishes?

*The L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes were sent to me for review purposes. This does not effect my thoughts and opinions on the products. As always, my reviews are 100% truthful. 


  1. oooh! I can't bear overpowering nail polishes (smell wise) but I do love the colours!

    please check out my giveaway if you have a few spare seconds- a vidal sassoon styling tool & bourjois magic nail polish remover pot! :-) xx Rose

  2. So many beautiful shades to choose from! I always love your reviews, so comprehensive and informative! x

  3. it's so annoying when nail polishes chip so easily. You'd think brand would test them out and see xxx

  4. gorgeous shades :)..although 5ml is definitely stingy especially for the price :S xx

  5. Its too bad they chip so fast, the colours are gorgeous:)

  6. Ugh chipping nail polish is the worst! They do have a lovely range of colours though, they look so creamy!

  7. I just looked on chemist direct for Essie nail polish (what a bargain!!!) and couldnt find them! :( have they stopped selling them? I'm glad I wasnt sucked into buying two of the L'Oreal nail polishes last week like I was going to and got Essie instead! xxx

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I really want to try these, maybe they would be okay with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat thingy?

    <3 x

  10. The colours are gorgeous and I think the packaging looks lovely too, however I can't stand nail polishes that chip like there's no tomorrow and 5ml is stingy! So thanks for the review, Fiona :)x

  11. I don't have a problem with the nailpolish chipping, but then again, I always apply a topcoat...
    What really bugged me though, is that I paid so much for so little :( I've never ever before emptied a bottle, so I was kind of shocked when this happened so quickly.
    But the colors are lovely, and the applicator is great. Maybe I'll take my empty bottle and try to find a similar shade from Essie :)

  12. Hi! May I ask how do you remove this nail
    Polish? Do I remove it as a normal nail polish or as a gel
    Nail polish? Removal for gel ones are more extensive isn't it? Thanks!


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