Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Coral is a summer colour but it's not very summery right now!

If you know me well or have watched any of my hauls on Youtube, you'll know that I absolutely love coral. If you had a peek inside my wardrobe you'd probably think that I have some sort of addiction to coral clothes, shoes and accessories. 

One piece of coral clothing I've been loving lately is a jacket I recently bought from Zara. Online it was described as a 'jacket with zips' and that's basically what it is, a jacket with lots of zips. Zara sold the jacket in 2 different colours, fluro coral and cream. I obviously went for the fluro coral colour as it's fun, vibrant and most importantly, coral. 
It's a beautiful jacket and I have been dying to feature it in an OOTD, it's just the rain has prevented me from doing this. 

Jacket: Zara, Ombré T-Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Converse: Schuh, 
Necklace: Accessorize, Ring: My Shop

This is the kind of outfit that I'd wear when going shopping. It's simple and comfy yet it looks quite jazzy. I especially like the ombré t-shirt as it's different to a plain white t-shirt, the 'ombréness' also ties in well with the jacket too. 

The Topshop leigh jeans are also the comfiest jeans in the world and I think this is due to them being so super soft. I especially like the colour of these leigh jeans as they're not too light or too dark which means I'll be able to wear them in both summer and winter. These jeans were well and truly worth the £38.00 price tag!

I also had to include my funky coral converse just because they're simply amazing. I got them for my birthday last year and have loved them ever since. I only wear them in spring/summer as they're more summery than wintery, I also fear that the snowy/rainy weather conditions will also ruin them hence why I don't wear them. I love wearing these converse and must get at least one compliment when wearing them.

Do you like coral? Or have a slight coral obsession like I do? 


  1. This looks so pretty. I love coral make up, such as blushes and lipsticks but I don't tend to wear it much in clothes. I have a lovely coral jumper from Topshop though :)

  2. You look lovely Cole, nice n bright for these horrid rainy days! I just bought a coral top but most of the new clothes I bought recenty have been mint green. I love those coral converse! x x x :)

  3. i looove coral! just wish this rain would go away so i could wear it without feeling slightly out of place :P you look gorgeous as always!
    nicola xxx

  4. I love how well you've put that outfit together! I am loving the corals myself and think they definitely brighten things up. You look gorgeous, as ever! Fiona :)x

  5. You look so pretty lady, & i love the outfit! Zara have brought out some real gems this 'summer'. Wish i could pull converse off!!xxx

  6. I love your blog and your shop! I could spend so much money there it's unreal! I would be honoured if you took a moment to look at my blog. It would be much appreciated x x

  7. Gorgeous outfit :) such lovely colours xx

  8. Lovely outfit, may need to get all these items eventually for my coral addiction. :P



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