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VIVO Cosmetics

Last week, the lovely Kerry from VIVO sent me a few goodies. If you don't know much about VIVO then it's basically a new cosmetics brand that has been launched in Tesco. Everything within the range is very affordable, ranging from £1.50 to £6.00 which is my opinion is excellent. The VIVO range is huge, it consists of many different products, including baked palettes, blushes, roll on under eye concealer, false eyelashes and many more!

It was so so lovely of Kerry to send me the products, and I have to say that I was a little excited to try them out since I didn't know much about VIVO. On first impressions I was happy with the products but after using them, did my opinions change? If you want to know, read more!

Let's start off with the eyeshadow trio...

Eyeshadow Trio in 'Green With Envy' - £2.99

I think it’s great how instructions are provided on the back of the trio as they’re handy for those people who have little knowledge in makeup application. 
However, the packaging looks a little dated, there’s nothing eye catching about the packaging at all, it’s just black with the brand logo on the front. VIVO appears to be a young, trendy brand so I thought the packaging would have been fun and vibrant.

Even though I dislike sponge applicators, I gave it a go and found that it was great for applying eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, the thin tip meant precise application. I didn’t use the sponge applicator when applying the eyeshadow all over my lid so I cannot say whether you could create a smokey look using the sponge applicator. It’s something I’ll have to try out in the future. 
Another great thing about the trio is that there is a mirror inside so it's great for taking on holiday as you won't need to take a separate mirror. It would also be handy for those people who are on the go as they can just pop the trio into their bag and apply the makeup whenever they wish. They'll have everything they need in one small palette. 

 From left to right; Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3.

Even though I feel shade 1 and 2 are a little samey, there is no denying that these eyeshadows are pigmented. I only had to tap my finger into the eyeshadow when creating a swatch. 
The eyeshadows are very pigmented and they do have intense colour but I advise you to wear an eyeshadow primer underneath them. I tested these eyeshadows without using an eyeshadow primer and they lasted around 4 hours, but if I were to wear an eyeshadow primer underneath these eyeshadows, I think these would last around 12+ hours. I have never used an eyeshadow that has faded after 4 hours so maybe my eyelids were a little oily? 
I also feel that shade 1 could be a little lighter as it's a highlight shade. I used shade 1 on my brow bone and if I'm being honest, it didn't look right. If shade 1 was a little lighter it would be the perfect trio. 

Now let's take a look at the lipgloss...

Lipgloss in 'Nude Shimmer' - £1.99

I haven't really got much to say about the packaging as it just looks like any old lipgloss but what I did notice is the size, it looks a larger than most lipglosses. 

This is probably the best applicator I've seen and I wish that other companies would take note of it. I like the fact that the applicator is long and thin as it meant I could apply the lipgloss precisely.

Even though I'm not a fan of lipgloss, I have to say that I was impressed by this lipgloss. It's very glossy and sparkly and it lasted around 2 hours. I like the fact that it faded nice and naturally too because when some lipglosses fade, they leave you with a white ring around your lips, I'm pleased to say that the VIVO lipgloss didn't do this.

Last but not least...

Radiant Boost Highlighter - £3.49

This highlighter looks very classy. I love the glossiness of it and also the pen style design. This highlighter looks more high end than high street. 

The highlighter is really easy to use, you literally just have to push the button until you see product on the brush. If you want to use more product, you just push the button again and more product will flow out. It's as simple as that.
This product is worth so much more than £3.49, it's amazing!

I like how the highlighter has a brush because it means you can easily apply the highlighter to your skin.

At first I thought that the highlighter was going to be the wrong shade as it looked a little dark for my skin tone but once blended in it was perfectly fine. 
The highlighter also has a thick consistency so I wouldn't recommend blending this with a brush, I'd just use your finger to blend it in.

With the highlighter
 Without the highlighter

I asked my mum to sample the highlighter as she suffers from dark circles. She has an illness and unfortunately it makes her awake all night, meaning she doesn't sleep well. My mum usually uses the Bobbi Brown corrector and it works wonders so I wanted to see if the VIVO highlighter was either as just as good or better than the Bobbi Brown corrector. 

I think the VIVO highlighter did a fab job of concealing dark circles but my mum did say that it clung to her dry skin so if you have dry skin, you may want to try something different. 
I used the highlighter too and to be honest, I thought it was awesome! Even though I don't really suffer from dark circles, I still gave it a whirl and it definitely concealed my tiredness! 

The only thing I will say is that this highlighter can also be used on the cheekbone and browbone and in my opinion, it's far too thick and far too pinky to be used as a highlighter. It's great for under the eyes but nothing else. 

The radiant boost highlighter reminds me of the YSL Touche E'Clat, the only difference is the price. The YSL Touche E'Clat retails at approx. £18.00 whereas the VIVO radiant boost highlighter retails at only £3.49! I can honestly say that I will never buy a YSL Touche E'Clat ever again! The VIVO highlighter is 100% better!

To conclude...

Overall I'm happy with the products I was sent and I can see myself using them on a regular basis, especially the radiant boost highlighter! Out of everything, I'd recommend buying the highlighter because it's fantastic, you honestly wouldn't be disappointed. The lipgloss is also fab it's just I'm personally not a fan of it but if you love wearing lipgloss then this will definitely float your boat!

Many thanks for reading lovely people! Have you tried anything from the VIVO range? 


  1. Nice to see that Tesco are trying to step away from Barbera Daily...I mean nothing on barbs but its not trendy is it? to something a little more aimed towards a younger age range. I always buy bitsand bobs in my local Tesco so wouldnt mind giving Vivo a try.
    Nice honest review :)


  2. I'd love to see an eye makeup look with that eyeshadow, give me more of an idea of what it would look like on :) The lipgloss looks great though, although like you i'm not a massive lipgloss fan.

  3. I actually wish there were a tesco near me to get my hands on these :/ They're all half an hours drive from me?! -.-
    Lucy x

  4. I will deffo have to look out for this in Tesco. Love the look of the eyeshadows and the highlighter :D xx

  5. I have tried their primer and it felt just like the Smash Box one only difference was the Smash Box is £26 a box and Tesco Vivo is £6

  6. Thanks for this wonderful post! I loved reading it.
    Miss VIVO x

  7. I have quite a few Vivo products, single shadows, palettes, blushes, bronzers and the highlighter you have mentioned here and I think they are fantastic products. True bargains. Fab review! x x


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