Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in 'Bellini'

I hardly ever buy lip glosses and you may all be shocked when I say this but I actually do not like them. They're sticky, are often quite sheer and my big brown mane gets stuck to my lips when I wear them. So I bet you're all wondering why I bought this lip gloss, well I have a good reason, Tanya Burr used it in one of her videos and I just loved the look of it. It's a lovely shimmery lip gloss that is perfect for wearing over any nude lipstick.

What Bobbi Brown have to say about the High Shimmer Lip Glosses? 
"Bobbi's new lip gloss combines gorgeous, light-catching shimmer with lasting, non-sticky shine. Made with fine pearls and clear pigments, High Shimmer Lip Gloss stays colour-true and gives lips beautiful, brilliant dimension. Plus it's enriched with emollients and Vitamins C and E to moisturise, condition and protect lips, so they feel as good as they look. Whether you wear it on its own or on top of your favourite Lip Color, the new tapered applicator lets you apply it like a pro."

How would you describe 'Bellini' & Where is it available?

Bellini is described as a nude pink and silver pearl and I don't agree with this description at all. I would say that the Bellini is a nude coloured gloss with pink and gold shimmer. It's a lovely lip gloss for wearing over the top of nude lipsticks and I think it would look nice over pink lipsticks too due to the pink glitter particles within the lip gloss. 

The Bobbi Brown High Shimmer lip glosses retail at £17.00 each and contain 7ml of product. There are 16 different shades available, ranging from hot pink to pure silver. The lip glosses can be purchased online at Bobbi BrownSelfridgesDebenhams and House Of Fraser or they can be purchased from any Bobbi Brown makeup counter, these are usually situated in Selfridges and House Of Fraser. 

What does 'Bellini' look like?

(In Daylight)

 (With Flash)

Is 'Bellini' suitable for everyone?

Bellini is a standard sheer nude lip gloss and I can 100% guarantee that it will look good on everyone. No matter if you have a light or dark skin tone, this lip gloss is going to look good on you. This lip gloss is also perfect for those of you who suffer with dry lips as not only does it feel lovely on the lips, it conceals any dry bits and fine lines too. I have really dry lips at the moment and when I applied this to my lips, it reduced the appearance of dry skin dramatically.

The Good
  • Shade Selection - The High Shimmer Lip Glosses are available in 16 different shades which is great, there really is a shade for everyone. I have been eyeing up the pure silver glitter lip gloss. 
  • Application - I love the applicator on this lip gloss as it's small, this means you can apply the lip gloss to the lips evenly and precisely. The applicator is also a doe foot applicator, I don't mind doe foot applicators but I know that a lot of people dislike them. 
  • Availability - The lip glosses can be purchased from many places online and also in-store. If you'd like to buy one of these lip glosses, the links can be found at the top of this blog post. I like how the lip glosses can be purchased from an array of places as it makes shopping easy if there's ever a shade out of stock. 
The Okay
  • Texture – I'm not going to lie, this lip gloss has a very sticky texture. I personally do not like sticky lip glosses as they annoy me greatly but if you don't mind sticky lip glosses then you may love Bellini. Anyone with dry lips will love this lip gloss as it's very moisturising and it leaves lips feeling very soft. Like I said earlier too, it also hides any dry skin and fine lines on the lips. 
  • Pigmentation – This lip gloss doesn't have great pigmentation but it doesn't have bad pigmentation, it's just okay. When swatching this lip gloss I had to use a lot of product just to show you all it's true colour. This lip gloss is very sheer and and the colour can only be seen over the top of a nude lipstick.
  • Packaging - There's nothing really special about the lip gloss packaging but saying that, there's nothing special about any lip gloss packaging as they all tend to look the same. I like how it says 'High Shimmer Lip Gloss' on the side of the tube as Bobbi Brown have lip glosses with different finishes so it's nice to differentiate which is which. 
  • Size - The lip gloss contains 7g of product which is pretty good for a lip gloss. I did have to use a fair amount of product so I'm unsure as to whether this lip gloss is going to last a while before I have to buy a new one. 
The Bad
  • Longevity – This lip gloss lasts around 1-2 hours. Lip glosses tend to last a lot longer on the lips due to them having a thick consistency so I don't understand why this lip gloss only lasted around 2 hours. I did have a drink so maybe that could be why it didn't last as long but still, what do they expect me to do, die of thirst?!
  • Price - The lip glosses retail at £17.00 each which to me is pretty ridiculous as they are quite sheer. Yes they do contain a lot of glitter and are very shimmery but I don't think they are worth £17.00 at all. If truth be told, I'd rather buy a Nars lip gloss instead. 

Have any of you tried this lip gloss? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't tried it but it looks gorgeous. I know what you mean though, i'm not a massive lipgloss fan because of the stickyness!

  2. Thanks for the review!! I love this colour but I agree the price is totally ridiculous!!


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