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MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

As the majority of MAC lovers will know, the MAC Shop, MAC Cook collections have been released in-store and online at Selfridges. The collection will be released on the MAC website on the 28th of February and in-store on the 1st of March. I'm not sure when the collection will be released on the Debenhams website but I presume it'll be around the same time.

MAC Shop and MAC Cook are separate collections. MAC Shop consists of lipsticks, blush and eyeshadows whereas MAC Cook consists of eye liners, mascara, lip balms, nail polishes, pressed powder and brushes. I have to say that the MAC Shop and MAC Cook collections are very fun and are possibly 2 of the best collections that MAC have released in a long long time.

I have purchased quite a lot from both collections and will be reviewing the products individually as I can review each of the products in depth.

What do MAC have to say about the lipsticks?

Here's what MAC have to say about the lipstick in the MAC Shop collection:
"Spring lips dish it up! With our shop-til-you-drop shades and the collection's colourful and fun packaging these shades stay fashionable long after check-out. Limited edition!"

How would you describe 'Quick Sizzle' and where is it available?

Quick Sizzle is described as a bright pink but I would say it's a bright pink with blue undertones. It reminds me of MAC 'Girl About Town' except girl about town is just a touch darker, if anyone would like me to do a comparison post then please let me know. Quick Sizzle is more of a 'summer' shade due to it's brightness but I don't see why it cannot be worn all year round. Quick Sizzle has a matte finish but a creamy texture. It's possibly the creamiest matte lipstick I've ever tried, it honestly doesn't feel like it has a matte finish at all. It looks matte in appearance but not in texture. 

Quick Sizzle retails at £13.50 and is currently available on the Selfridges website, but for how long I do not know. This collection is a collection that WILL sell out fast so grab things while you can! You'll also be able to purchase this lipstick from the MAC website as of the 28th of February and in-store as of the 1st of March so jot down those dates if you're after this lovely lippy! If you'd like to purchase this lipstick right this second, here's the link for Selfridges; Selfridges| MAC Lipsticks

What does 'Quick Sizzle' look like?

Now for the swatches...
(In daylight)

(With flash)

(On the lips)

Is 'Quick Sizzle' suitable for everyone?

With regards to colour, Quick Sizzle will suit everyone without a shadow of a doubt. Whether you have a light or dark skin tone, this lipstick will suit you. The only thing I will say is that it has a matte finish so those of you who have very dry lips may not get on well with this lipstick. However, it does feel rather creamy for a matte lipstick so maybe you'll be okay. I know that a lot of MAC matte lipsticks feel very drying on the lips after they have settled so I'd still recommend trying before you buy, just to be on the safe side. 
If you do suffer with dry lips then you could wear a lip balm underneath the lipstick. A handy tip is to also brush your lips with a toothbrush as this removes any dead skin cells, a lip scrub may also work. 

The Good
  • Pigmentation – As with all MAC lipsticks, this lipstick has amazing pigmentation. It’s so pigmented that it actually stains your skin if you get it anywhere else other than your lips. When applying this lipstick, I accidently got a bit just above my lip and I found it so hard to remove! Another great thing about this lippy is that you only need to use a small amount, in the long run, this is going to last a very long time!
  • Longevity – This lipstick lasts around 6-8 hours, which is standard for a lipstick, especially a MAC matte lipstick. I do have MAC matte lipsticks that last a longer, for example ‘Russian Red’. The more drying MAC matte lipsticks tend to last a lot longer and this is simply down to the finish. If you want your lipstick to last then I recommend wearing a lip liner underneath or maybe a lip primer.
  • Texture – Even though this lipstick has a matte finish, it does have a creamy and smooth texture, it just glides onto the lips. I find that some MAC matte lipsticks can have a ‘pulling’ feeling when applying them to the lips but fortunately this lipstick glides straight on. This lipstick also feels very comfortable on the lips and to me, it doesn’t feel drying at all. If you have very dry lips you may think that this lipstick is quite drying, I advise to try before you buy! 
  • Size - The lipstick contains 3g which is quite good. I know that some high-end lipsticks contain a lot less so 3g is pretty good. I also know for a fact that this lipstick is going to last me a lifetime as you literally only need one swipe due to the high pigmentation. 
  • Packaging - I LOVE this packaging! It's fun, quirky and eye-catching! I especially like how it's got a sleeve over the standard MAC packaging as once the sleeve gets grubby, I can just throw it away and I'll still be left with the normal MAC packaging. I also liked how MAC didn't charge extra for the products like they usually do. In recent years, MAC upped the price of Limited Edition products because of the packaging, thankfully they didn't do it this time! The only thing that disappointed me is that the lipstick tube isn't funky. 
  • Availability - The lipstick is only available on the Selfridges website at the moment but it will be available on many online shops and also in-store very soon. 

The Okay
  • Application - This lipstick applies to the lips very well due to the lipstick having a creamy formulation but the only problem with it is that, because it's so creamy it goes everywhere. So if you apply this lipstick straight from the tube, you really are risking getting it everywhere and as I said earlier, it stains your skin. I think it would be best to apply this lipstick using a brush so that application is precise with no mess or fuss. 
  • Price - I have no problem with buying MAC lipsticks as I think they're worth the money but I have to admit that £13.50 for one lipstick is ridiculous. MAC have also upped their prices over the years which I think is a little cheeky as their products have never been somewhat 'reasonably priced'. 

The Bad
  • The lipstick is Limited Edition therefore once it's gone, it's gone. There are similar alternatives available but if this is the shade you're after then you need to buy it while you can. MAC collections sell out fast, this is a well known fact. 

Hope you liked this post! Will any of you be buying this lovely lipstick? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. it looks lovely, ive been really restrained so far and only purchased dish it up, however if i ever manage to get my hands on watch we simmer i may have to give into temptations haha, lovely review :) xx

  2. Great review. Think this shade would be a bit too dark for me but it does look lovely! xx


  3. Ooooo I need selfridges to hurry up and deliver this to me! I've been so patient, but now I keep seeing people with it, it makes me want it now.

    I was restrained and just bout two lipsticks from selfridges, but I'm sure I'll crack and buy more when it goes online

    Thanks for the swatches :)


  4. This is such a gorgeous colour!!


  5. That's a lovely colour! I want it! xo

  6. Love this pinky-purpley colour! In bullet form it looked pretty samey to a lot of lipsticks i've seen but on your lips it's really unique!


  7. love love love! you can always probably find some online, i know I've found a lot of the limited edition Mac makeup online. What a beautiful color. Wonderful post.

  8. Oooh this does look a lovely colour! :)


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