Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Holiday Haul

Whilst on my jolly holidays I picked up some lovely things. The majority of my purchases were at the airport and on the plane due to the generous discount! I honestly couldn't believe the discount in Duty Free, it's awesome! I think I may go shopping in the airport from now on, I'd save myself a lot of money ;) Or a better idea, MAC should do 10% discount for valued customers... I'd definitely be entitled to it ;)

Although the airport is pretty amazing, I didn't really buy THAT much. I thought I would have bought lots but MAC didn't have any collections which was a little bit gutting. I can't complain though, I did get £2.60 off a MAC blush... how awesome!

Anyway, here are the goodies I bought...

Barry M Nail Paint in 'Pink Flamingo' - Boots - £2.99

A swatch...

Ciate Paint Pot in 'Wait Until Dark' - Free in Marie Claire magazine

A swatch...

MAC Lipstick in 'Please Me' - Duty Free - £10.40

A swatch...

MAC Blush in 'Fleur Power' - Duty Free - £14.40

A swatch...

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Plane - £25.50

Cord Bracelet With Key Charm - 4 Euro

Cord Bracelet With Cross Charm - 4 Euro

White Multicolour Bracelet - 1 Euro

I hope you all liked my holiday haul, I shall be doing a full blog post about the Urban Decay Naked Palette so if you're eager to see swatches then they'll be on my blog very shortly! 

If you prefer watching videos, then here is my holiday haul video...

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to comment below! :D What's the best thing you've ever bought from Duty Free? :)

Thanks for reading/watching! :D:D


  1. so glad you did a blog post for this! I much prefer blogs than vids haha

  2. The nail polishes look so good especially the Ciate Paint Pot one! (:

  3. Lovely haul, hope you had a lovely holiday!! :) xx

  4. I have all of those nail varnishes, haha shame on mee!
    Love those little charm bracelets!


  5. ive got the same barry m nail polish as you got :)

  6. You bought the Naked pallate on the plane?!! What do you mean - the Urban Decay trolley went past?!! Get me booked on that plane soonish!

  7. I got my palette on the plane too! Everywhere was still sold out and now I've got i everywhere has them. luckily duty free was cheaper ;)

    Lucy x

  8. im going to the airport next week as im going on halliday and im really exited for the mac in the airport as im wanting to get some new eyeshadows. do you remember how much they are there? if not i have worked it out to be about £9.60


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