Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm on my jolly holidays!

So yes, if you haven't guessed already I'm on holiday and I won't be home until another 2 weeks meaning you won't get to read my daily posts or see my face on Youtube! :(.... the SADNESS!

I did plan on doing lots of scheduled posts but since I won't be here or have access to any internet, I thought I'd only do a couple as I won't be able to reply to any of you lovely people! 

I'll be taking lots of pretty pictures and I may do a couple of 'vlogs' depending on how I'm feeling, so lots of nice things to look forward to when I'm back! :D

See you all soon guys! Big loves from Cole!


  1. Hope you have a wonderfful time hun. :D

    Miss youuuu xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely holiday :).

    Sadie xx


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