Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You'll be happy to hear...

.....that I'm back from my jolly holidays.....YAAAAAAAAY! :)

I honestly had an amazing time in Cyprus, it was awesome! I did plenty of lilo surfing, rubber ring spinning and pool Olympics. If you are clueless to pool Olympics then you really have never lived. I can't say I did much sunbathing whilst on holiday as it was far too hot, it was like being cooked in a oven. I tried tanning my feet and legs but after 5 minutes of them being in the sun I had to cover them up, it felt like my feet were on fire. 

It was great going out to different places each night and I throughly enjoyed looking in all the little shops and tavernas etc. It was also weird to see a Debenhams, Next and Peacocks in Cyprus, it was like being back at home :P The only difference between home and Cyprus is that it's a lot cheaper in the UK. If you're planning on going to Cyprus, you'll need to take PLENTY of money...5 Euro for a box of that is robbing. 

Anyway, I won't go into too much detail about my holiday as you'll probably find it boring. However, I do have some funny tales to tell you all but you'll have to wait until I upload my holiday video on YouTube. You'll also witness some very interesting photographs.

So it's now back to reality and more to the point, back to blogging! I have to say that I have missed my blog and YouTube these past 2 weeks, I've also missed talking to you all! I was also shocked by the amount of emails I had, as you can imagine, I had 100's. 
I have been a bit of a busy bee today, I've had over 30 jewellery orders so I've been making jewellery non stop today (over 60 pieces of jewellery...woweeeee!) As I put on Facebook before, my hands do not feel like my own. They are UNBELIEVABLY sore :(

As well as the jewellery orders, I have been making new pieces of jewellery...

Dotty Heart Cupcake Earrings - £3.25

Red Heart Earrings - £2.75

Long Cross Necklace - £3.50

Sterling Silver Sideways Cross Necklace - £5.50

Plaited Friendship Bracelet - £2.50 (Exclusive offer - 2 for £4.50)

Twist Friendship Bracelet - £2.00 (Exclusive offer - 2 for £3.50)

If you're interested in buying any of my new pieces then please feel free to contact me. Friendship bracelets can also be made in a variety of colours, just let me know which colours you would like.

I also need charm ideas, what are you into at the moment? Coins? Birds? Stars? I need your advice so any suggestions would be great! :)

I hope you like my new pieces and I hope you haven't missed me too much whilst I've been away ;)

To end on a good note here is a little discount code for you all. If you're a lover of Ciate, like myself, here is a 25% off discount code to use on the Ciate website. The website is and the code is 'CIATE25MC'

Many thanks for reading and I hope you're all okay! :)


  1. pool olympics haha sounds fun :) can I add a sideways cross necklace to my order? I mailed you about the cross earrings (adrienne) thanks chica :) xx

  2. Haha at pool olympics! Omg, you and your lovely jewellery. I really can't decide what to buy, I need to limit myself!

  3. A jewellery order will be placed by me soon!!!!!

  4. ooh the bracelets look gorgeous! Owls are always really big in accessories as are elephants :3

  5. Love the cupcake earrings! Super cute.
    Lucy x

  6. love the cupcake earrings!!

    Nats. xx

  7. Loving the new jewellery the friendship bracelets are fab! I love Cyprus been a few times and my fella wants to live there but it is so expensive!
    Glad you had a good time :)

  8. Welcome Back :)

    I hope you had a fab holiday, the new additions are looking great! :)

    Niki @ LQM&M


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