Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ciate Paint Pots

Whilst browsing through piles and piles of magazines at the airport, I noticed that Marie Claire had a pretty amazing freebie, a Ciate paint pot. The Ciate paint pots retail at £9.00 each and when the magazine only costs £3.60, it's a steal! A £9.00 nail polish for £3.60 is AMAZING!...I wonder if O.P.I will ever do something like this ;)
I had never really heard of Ciate before so didn't know much about the brand or if the paint pots were any good so I bit the bullet and bought the magazine just so I could try out one of these fun little nail polishes. There were 2 different paint pots available, a lovely shimmery purple (also known as 'Wait Until Dark') and a pale peachy colour (cannot remember the name). I'm not a fan of pale coloured nail polishes as I love bright, vivid colours so I opted for the shimmery purple. 

Here's the little gem itself...

This colour is absolutely beautiful. I think I would have purchased this even if it wasn't free in a magazine, it's a stunning colour. 
I love the golden undertones in this nail polish and I especially love how shimmery it is! It's so shimmery that you do not need to apply a top coat!
A swatch of this lovely nail polish will be provided at the end of this post.

I wore this nail varnish on holiday to see if the quality was any good and I have to say that it 100% passed the test. It started to chip after 9 days, which in my book, is pretty impressive. I didn't apply a base coat or top coat so I'd say that this little pot of shimmeriness is amazing. 

I also noticed in the Marie Claire magazine that Ciate had a 25% off code, when I saw this I knew I had to buy more once I returned home, so I did. 

As soon as I got home I bought 3 paint pots and a base coat. The Ciate paint pots I purchased are Big Yellow Taxi, The Glossip and Cupcake Queen, the base coat I purchased is called Polish Grip. My order came to a total of £29.00, not bad considering I bought 3 nail polishes and a base coat! 

So without further a do, here are my new Ciate paint pots...

 Big Yellow Taxi - £9.00

 The Glossip - £9.00

Cupcake Queen - £9.00

Polish Grip - £11.00

Here are the lovely swatches...

From left to right; Big Yellow Taxi, The Glossip, Cupcake Queen, Wait Til Dark.

I cannot do a full review on these nail polishes as I haven't worn each of them for a long enough period but once I have trailed each of them, I shall do a full review. 

I currently have Big Yellow Taxi on my nails and I have to say that so far, so good! I've been making loads of jewellery today and it has withstood the likes of opening jump rings with my nails and also being jabbed with certain tools. My Barry M nail paint didn't withstand jewellery making so I think the Ciate paint pots are tough cookies!

If you would like to take advantage of the wonderful 25% off code then here it is; CIATE25MC
I think the code is valid until the 20th of September so you still have plenty of time left to make an order :)

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for the full review! :)


  1. I've been on beautybay for ages today, trying to decide if I should get one of these polishes - I adore the bottle! Wait Til Dark looks just like my type of colour! So happy I came across this blog post ;)

  2. oh I also got the Marie Claire magazine this month. Actually I bought it twice as I couldn't pick between colours. Really impressed though the polishes are gorgeous and the bottle's just the cutest! x

  3. Gorgeous Mum got After Dark free with Marie Claire Magazine - I'll definitely be giving it a go after seeing this swatch!

    Cupcake Queen is on my list to buy for sure :)

    Big Yellow Taxi looks lush as well xx

  4. cupcake queen looks gorgeous! xx

  5. I am still yet to try the Ciate polishes! I've heard so many great things about them - really am going to have to invest. Everytime I went to get the with Marie Claire the magazine was sold out in the shop :/ Mel xxxx

  6. I picked up the other colour with the magazine, wasn't keen on the colour in the end, wish I'd picked up the one you did, the colour looks great! :)
    Lucy x

  7. I love how pigmented the shades are on your swatches, this is a brand i definitely need to try.


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