Wednesday, 20 April 2011

May the 5th...The day every MAC lover is going to spend a fortune.

I guess you kinda know what this blog is going to be about and if you're thinking along the same wavelength then your correct..yes I am going to be talking about the numerous MAC collections that will be launching on the 5th of May!

So without further ado here are a list of the MAC collections;

  • MAC Fashion Flower  - Judging from the online pictures, it appears that the eyeshadows will have a daisy print embossed in them. I unfortunately cannot show the pictures as the website has their logo printed on the pictures. 
  • MAC Flighty - From the information I've seen it looks like this collection will consist of cream eyeshadows, a bit like Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams. 

Here is the Promotional picture...

Here are the 'Flighty' cream eyeshadows...

I can't wait to get my mitts on these! They'll be fab as a base for colourful eyeshadows!

Here is a list of the colours;
The Cool Elite - White with silver pearl
Good Fortune - Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
Reward Yourself - Bright peach coral with gold pearl
Impeccably Rich - Light cream with gold pearl
Sizzlin’ Diva - Copper with gold pearl
Trophy - Soft peach with pearl
Free as Air - Sky blue with silver pearl
Spread the Wealth - Dirty olive with gold pearl
Extra Charged - Bright green with multicolour pearl
Up the Ante! - Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
Rich Thrills - Dirty silver with multicolor pearl
Luxury Touch - Violet with gold pearl
Count Your Assets - Rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
My Next Indulgence - Forest green with blue and gold pearl
Rich, Sweet - Chocolate gold with gold pearl
Black Diamond - Black with gold pearl

  • MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder - I not really sure what these do so once I fully understand the concept of Magically Cool Liquid Powders, I'll edit this and tell you what they are! :P From the sounds of it they are designed for the summer period and I think they are meant to keep your skin nice and refreshed. 
This is what MAC states; "In the height of the summer swelter, who doesn’t crave, to suddenly feel, look and be cooler – shine, oil and heat – all gone! you’ve longed for it. And now it’s captured! Mac Magically Cool Liquid Powder. An alchemical fusion that charms water droplets into a loose powder while remaining over 50 percent H2O. The feather light silky powder goes on with the refreshing impact of an ocean mist.
What’s more, this magical melange contains just enough optical blurring via it’s light diffusing pigments to render the skins surface into line softened. natural luminosity. A cool-to-be-cool way to set, and enhance, the look of foundation. For the bare-faced, there’s the reward of natural radiance. During it’s earlier limited edtion launch, it was hailed by cognoscenti wanting to stay covertly cool and perfectly collected. This time round it’s here to stay. How magical is that?""

If anyone knows what this mean then comment and tell me! :P
Here is the Promotional picture...

Here are the Magically Cool Liquid Powders...

  • MAC Studio Fix Bold Black Lash - I presume this is going to be a new mascara. The word 'lash' kinda gives this a way. 

  • MAC Zoom Coloured Mascara - These are going to be exactly the same as the Zoom Lash Mascaras in the MAC Wonder Woman collection. There will be a green, a blue, a purple and a black mascara. Also with the addition of the 242 Brush. 
Here is a picture of all four mascaras...

I actually cannot wait til all of these collections are launched on the 5th of May! As soon as I own any parts of any collection then I'll swatch them for you lovely people! 

I hope you've found this interesting! 

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