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Yaby Eyeshadows - Part One

A few months ago I came across the website themakeupartistboutqiue and noticed that they sold Yaby. The website doesn't just sell Yaby either, they also sell OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics), PMB Brushes and Beauty So Clean. This website seems brill for those people who love experimenting with their make-up, it would be also great if you wanted to find products you could use for a more creative look.

So let's talk about Yaby...
The brand Yaby sell anything from eyeshadows to foundations and they are all very reasonably priced. Their eyeshadows and blushers come in a wide range of colours and are suited to all kinds of people, whether you're after neutral colours or bright eye-popping colours. There really is something for everyone.

My main interest in the brand was their eyeshadows, I absolutely love eyeshadows to the point where I've become an addict in collecting them. Their eyeshadows come in four different finishes, these are Matte (M), Satin (S), Frost (F), and High Shine (HS).
Matte is described as 'Completely matte'
Satin is described as 'From almost matte to light sheen'
Frost is described as 'Higher sheen finish without being super reflective'
High Shine is described as 'Shimmery finish great for accents and highlights'
I also think it's great how the finishes are stated on each eyeshadow. It's handy for those people who don't like certain finishes, for example, if you hate matte finishes then you can easily distinguish which of the eyeshadows aren't matte.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Yaby also do Pearl Paint eyeshadows, these are different to their normal eyeshadows as they are more of a cream eyeshadow. They also give a more glittery/shimmery finish than the normal eyeshadows. Other than being a cream eyeshadow, they are also waterproof.

I bought 14 eyeshadows in total, 11 being normal eyeshadows and 3 being the pearl paint eyeshadows. Normal eyeshadows are £1.99 and pearl paint eyeshadows are £2.50! :)

Green/ Blue eyeshadows:
Jungle Mist (F)
Emerald Dragon - Pearl Paint
Psychedelic Caterpillar - Pearl Paint
Green Delicious (F)
Happy Sprouts (M)
Turquoise Dream (F)
So Vein (M)

Pink/ Purple eyeshadows:
Purple Elephant (M)
Funky Plum (M)
Sakura (S)
Berry Splats (S)
Velvet Gem (S)
Geranium - Pearl Paint
Papaya Milk - (M)

Here is a picture of the Green and Blue eyeshadows with flash...

Here is a picture without flash...

And also a picture taken in natural daylight...

Row 1 (From left to right): Jungle Mist, Emerald Dragon, Psychedelic Caterpillar, Green Delicious, Happy Sprouts.
Row 2 (From left to right): Turquoise Dream, So Vein.

Here is a picture of the Pink and Purple eyeshadows with flash...

Here is a picture without flash...

And also a picture taken in natural daylight...

Row 1 (From left to right): Purple Elephant, Funky Plum, Sakura, Berry Splats.
Row 2 (From left to right): Velvet Gem, Geranium, Papaya Milk.

Overall I think these eyeshadows are amazing. They are only £1.99 for a single eyeshadow and £2.50 for a single pearl paint eyeshadow. They are by far the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever seen, and I've seen plenty! If I had to compare the pigmentation of these to another company then I'd say they were on par with Urban Decay. These are definitely at the top of my list, I just cannot fault them at all. The eyeshadows themselves are the same size as a five pence piece, some of you may think this is negative thing but it really isn't, you hardly use any of the eyeshadows because they are so pigmented. When I swatched these on my hand I only used one swipe so it just shows you how little you have to use. They also blend together really well, you wouldn't believe how blend-able they actually are! You can even blend the pearl paint eyeshadows! :D

I also bought the Yaby 40 well palette to store my Yaby eyeshadows in but you can use any magnetic palette...

This palette comes with 40 empty spaces and also a Mirror/Mixing palette. It is great for storing both normal eyeshadows and pearl paint eyeshadows.

The Pro's:
- Very highly pigmented!
- Extremely blend-able!
- Very reasonably priced !
- You only need to use a tiny amount!

The Con's:
-They can only be found at themakeupartistboutique and also Love-Makeup :( I wish they sold them at other places, it'd be great!

They really feel these are the best eyeshadows I've come across and I really do think it's worth checking them out. If you're interested in buying then click the links above, I also know that themakeupartistboutique is offering 10% off certain Yaby eyeshadows! :D

I'll be buying more of these babies so once they arrive I'll swatch them then pop them on another Yaby post! :D

Hope you've enjoyed reading!

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