Sunday, 24 April 2011

My purple and green look!

I know some of you may be thinking that purple and green is a bit of an odd combination but it actually looks really lovely together. I planned on doing something quite simple today but it ended up turning into something more than a little bit simple :P

Here is my purple and green look...

And again with my eye closed...

Some of you might hate this but I have to say I'm quite fond of it.

To create this look I used MAC 'Dalliance' all over my lid and placed it into the inner corner of my eye, I then mixed a bit of Sleek 'Gun Metal' and Sleek 'Rebel' and put this into the crease of my eye, I then blended this out and created a mini flick. I also used one of my Crown Brushes to soften the edges of the eyeshadow. I then used a tiny bit of Sleek 'Intoxicated' in the very outer corner of my eye, and used an eyeliner brush to drag this colour down into my top lash line. I finished off the look buy using Urban Decay Waterproof Big Fatty Mascara and also MAC 'Smolder' on my bottom lash line.

Where to buy;
MAC Dalliance - This is a Limited Edition eyeshadow therefore cannot be bought. You could use any light gold colour to create this look.
Sleek Gun Metal, Rebel and Intoxicated - These colours can be found in the Sleek Bad Girl i-Divine palette and this can be bought at Sleek
Urban Decay Waterproof Big Fatty Mascara - This can be bought from the following; Urban Decay and Beauty Bay
MAC Smolder - This can be bought from the following; MAC Cosmetics UK and also MAC Cosmetics USA

Hope you enjoyed this! :D


  1. Beautiful Cole - your eyes always look amazing! Just wish I was in the UK so I could get those products and experiment.
    Keep up the excellent blog - you're doing a great job - clearly you have found your calling xxx

  2. Thank you Becky, I'm glad that you think so :) It's a shame you can't get these things :( If you come to visit the UK, you'll have to stock up :)
    I love blogging, I really am enjoying it :) and I'm really glad you think it's excellent, it means a lot! :)


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