Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sleek Original i-Divine Palette

So if you haven't guessed already, I'm going to be reviewing the Sleek Original i-Divine palette. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows and it's such a nice palette because it contains a wide variety of colours, from neutral beige to bright turquoise. I'd say that this palette has half neutral eyeshadows and half brightly coloured eyeshadows, a great palette if you're the sort of person that likes both! If you're a little colour shy then I probably wouldn't suggest for you to buy this as you'd probably be better buying the Sleek Storm i-Divine palette.

Here's the packaging for the Sleek Original i-Divine palette...

Here's the front of the palette...

Inside the palette...

Swatches of Row 1...

From left to right; Matte Black, Lilac, Navy, Bight Blue, Turqoise, Green

Swatches of Row 2...

From left to right; Light Beige, Light Pink, Light Cranberry, Copper, Dark Bronze, Golden Olive.

Please note that these are not the actual names of the eyeshadows. The palette did not come with a list of the eyeshadow names so I made my own names for them. My Sleek Bad Girl i-Divine palette came with a list of the eyeshadow names so I don't really understand why this palette didn't. It's probably because the Sleek Bad Girl i-Divine palette is a lot newer than the Sleek Original i-Divine palette.

I really do love this palette though! The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, very blend-able and best of all, this palette is £6.49! All of the eyeshadows have a Shimmer finish too which is great because I prefer a Shimmer finish to a Matte finish. This palette is definitely going to be useful for creating bright make-up looks and I also think it would be good for creative purposes.

You can buy this palette from; Sleek

I also here that Sleek are bringing out new products in June so I can't wait to try those! Once I find out more information about those, I'll do a post on them! :)

Thanks for reading lovely people!

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