Tuesday, 26 April 2011

MAC Dupe

Whilst looking at my lovely collection of eyeshadows the other day I noticed that two of my MAC eyeshadows looked exactly the same, I swatched them both on my hand and to no surprise they were 100% identical.

The two eyeshadows are 'Lucky Green' and also 'Fresh Green Mix'.

Here's 'Lucky Green'...

And here's 'Fresh Green Mix'...

As you can see, Fresh Green Mix is one of the MAC mineralise eyeshadows. The mineralise eyeshadows are a lot bigger than the standard MAC eyeshadows as they contain 1g more.You'll also notice that the mineralise eyeshadows contain two colours, a lighter and darker colour. In this instance it's the lighter colour that is exactly the same as Lucky Green.

Here's the swatch...

Fresh Green Mix is on the left and Lucky Green is on the right.

By looking at the swatch photo it is clear to see that these two eyeshadows are completely and utterly identical. It does look like Lucky Green is a bit more shimmery but it's really not, it's just the reflection of the flash on my camera.

These may be identical but I really cannot fault the eyeshadows themselves as they are such lovely colours and will look lovely in the summer period. They are both pigmented, but I'd probably say Fresh Green Mix is a little more pigmented as I only used one swipe to swatch it, whereas I used two swipes to swatch Lucky Green. I generally find that MAC mineralise eyeshadows are more pigmented than the normal MAC eyeshadows because you don't have to use much at all, the colours seem to be a lot more intense too. Also, MAC mineralise eyeshadows contain 1g more than normal MAC eyeshadows so they're going to last a lot longer. Both of these eyeshadows are really blend-able, soft and can be built up to create an intense, shimmery look.

The colour of these eyeshadows are same but the one thing that isn't the same is the price. You can buy Lucky Green for £11.50 or a Lucky Green eyeshadow refill for £9.50. MAC Fresh Green Mix on the other hand is £15.50.
If you like both of the colours in the Fresh Green Mix eyeshadow then you'd be saving quite a bit of money if you bought it. Two MAC eyeshadows cost around £19-£23 so getting this for £15.50 is quite a bargain.

I wanted to write about this dupe because I know that MAC are putting Lucky Green in the MAC Fashion Flower collection. If you own Fresh Green Mix then you don't need to buy Lucky Green. You may be mesmerised by the daisies that are embossed into the eyeshadow but trust me, if you own Fresh Green Mix then it'll be a waste of money to also buy Lucky Green (Fashion Flower version).

You can buy these eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics UK and also MAC Cosmetics USA

I hope this has been helpful to you!
Many thanks for reading!

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