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Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer

I talked yesterday about the Nars Pore Refining Primer and explained how I was unimpressed by it. Today I have tried out the other primer I was kindly given by the lovely Sales Assistant at Selfridges. The primer I will be reviewing is the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer and if you don't know what this looks like then here is a picture...

As you can see by looking as this primer, it looks exactly the same as the Nars Pore Refining Primer. I don't know if it's me only me that thinks this but surely Nars could have designed this bottle a little different to the Nars Pore Refining Primer. The Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is designed to be used a primer and also for sun protection so surely Nars could have come up with better packaging. I'm no expert in packaging but it would have been nice to distinguish which primer was which.  The only difference between both primers is the title on the bottles. 

I also think Nars have been a bit cheeky with these primers, has anyone else noticed that the size of them seems to have reduced a lot in comparison to the original Nars primers? It clearly stated on the website that there's 50ml in a bottle of the original Nars primer but it's just a bit iffy how they haven't stated the 'ml' on the new primers. Even without knowing the 'ml' of each one it is clear to see you get far more product in a bottle of the original Nars primer. I just don't understand how they can charge £1 less for a new primer that's half the size of the original primer. 

Anyway, enough of the criticisms! Let's get down to the nitty gritty!
Here is a description of the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer;
 on Sephora;

'This primer harnesses antioxidant, anti-stress, and anti-pollution skincare benefits to protect, soothe, and balance the skin. Luxuriously textured, this multitasking primer works with all skin types to protect and prime the skin for a makeup-ready finish.'

So by looking at this description we know that this primer is primarily intended for protection. The title of the primer is a bit of giveaway too seen as it has 'SPF 30+' wrote on the bottle. I love primers that have SPF in them as it really does create a safe barrier for your face, they just add that little more protection that your face needs. SPF primers are great for if you go on holiday so I really would suggest purchasing a primer like this if you're about to set off on your jolly holidays! One great thing about this primer is the high SPF as you don't tend to find primers with such a high SPF. Some people may disagree with me because they think they'll look really white in photographs if they use primers which contain SPF but the majority of the time you'll find this isn't the case. And even if it was the case I'd much prefer to look white then have a sore face.

My first initial thoughts of this primer were really good. The texture of the primer felt really smooth and it went on like a dream. Also, It didn't feel oily what so ever which is a massive bonus as the original Nars primer can feel quite oily once it's been applied. The colour of the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is also a lot better than the colour or the original Nars primer as it looks like a more creamy colour.

Here is a picture to compare the two primers. The Nars Original Primer is on the left and the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is on the right....

As you can see the original primer is a lot more white than the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer. The Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer appears to be more a creamy/yellowy colour which is great as it suits  all skin types. I find that the original Nars primer leaves your skin looking really white, this is not a good thing as I'm really pale as it is.

Here is a picture of both primers once they have been blended out, again the Nars Original Primer is on the left and the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is on the right....

And also a picture of my hand taken in daylight...

As you can see, the left side of my hand is really white in comparison to the right side of my hand. Therefore this shows you that the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is a better primer in terms of colour and blend-ability. In terms of staying power they are just as good as each other, they both keep my make-up on all day and I find that my make-up doesn't fade or even slide off my face at all. I tend to have an oily t-zone so would normally expect my make-up to slide off throughout the day but I noticed when using these primers, this does not happen.

Overall the Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer is a great primer. It may contain half as much product as the original Nars primer and it may still be quite pricey but it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a long-lasting, smooth, high SPF primer. Oh and another positive thing....you don't need a lot of the product! Like the Nars Pore Refining Primer, a little goes a long long way! :D

So now I'll rank the Nars Primers I tried and tested...

1.) Nars Multi-Protect SPF 30+ Primer - It might be pricey and I'll never understand why they reduced the size of the bottle but it's fab!

2.)  Nars Original Primer - Yes it does cause you to have a bright white face but it's great for keeping make-up on!

3.) Nars Pore Refining Primer - I think this will always be in my worst rated. I have nothing positive to say about this primer.

If you want to buy any of the Nars primers listed then click on the link; Nars: Primers
You can also buy from SpaceNK: Nars , ASOS: Nars and also Sephora: Nars

Many thanks for reading! Sorry this was a massive post!


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  1. I really want this primer, been looking for the perfect one for summer so i'll def have to give this a try since it doesnt make you skin oily or leave it white. x


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