Sunday, 29 May 2011

Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturiser

Yesterday I bought the new clarins hydraquench tinted moisturiser. This is exclusive to Debenhams at the moment but I presume that it'll be available at others places sometime soon.

Here's what Debenhams say about the tinted moisturiser;
"A collection of 6 hydrating and radiance boosting day creams, with a subtle powder and rose fragrance, that glide effortlessly onto the skin to deliver an incredibly natural, healthy looking glow, with just a hint of sheer colour."

The tinted moisturiser is available in 6 different shades;
01 - 'Naturel'
02 - 'Beige'
03 - 'Peach'
04 - 'Blond'
05 - 'Gold'
06 - 'Caramel'

The shades appear to be really dark but don't be put off if you have a fair complexion. I am really pale and can never find a foundation to match my skin tone but 01 was fine for me. When the SA tested 01 on the back of my hand it looked really dark but once she'd fully rubbed it in, it looked fine.

Here's the tinted moisturiser...

It's important to know that only a pea-sized amount is needed. You literally need the amount shown in the above picture.

A swatch...

As you can see, the tinted moisturiser spreads far and it just shows you how little you actually need. The moisturiser looks really dark and you'd imagine it to look horrendous but once rubbed in everywhere, it looks lovely.

Here's before...

And after...

My final thoughts...

The Good:

  • The tinted moisturiser gives you such a nice golden glow. It would be great for taking on holiday.
  • It smells divine, I couldn't believe how nice it smelt! My foundations all tend to have a chemically smell so it was nice to apply something to my face that didn't smell like a chemistry lab. The tinted moisturiser smells like a mixture of flowers and fresh water.
  • It makes your skin feel so soft and I felt like I had no product on my face. 
  • You only have to use a tiny amount which means one bottle of the tinted moisturiser would last you a very long time!
  • The tinted moisturiser is available in many different shades which means there is something for everybody. 

The Bad:

  • The tinted moisturiser retails at £27.00 which is pretty expensive. There are cheaper options available but I don't know if they'll be as good.
  • The tinted moisturiser provides no coverage so I probably wouldn't recommend it to those of you who like a medium or full coverage. 
  • It's exclusive to Debenhams at the moment, it'd be better if it was available at Boots too, handy for those who have a Boots advantage card. 
I adore the Clarins tinted moisturiser, it's such a lovely product and I can see myself using this daily. I only intended to use this whilst on holiday but I really can see myself using this everyday. I was a bit unsure about buying this at first as it doesn't provide any form of coverage but to be honest, I actually think that the tinted moisturiser makes my skin look really nice. Even if it doesn't cover my little imperfections. 

Hope you liked this post!

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  1. Thanks for the great and detailed review! :)
    I've never used any tinted moisturizer before, but I'm going to give this one a try ^^


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