Saturday, 28 May 2011

Nail Supplies

If you follow my blog then you'll know that I'm very fond of nail art and for the past few weeks I've been doing weekly nail art tutorials. I'm really getting into the whole nail art thing and I'm going to take several nail courses in the future, including a full nail technician course and also nail art courses.

I'm also going to be doing make-up courses too so in the next couple of years I'll be a fully qualified make-up artist and a fully trained nail technician. I did think about doing a hair course too but I'd be terrified of cutting somebody's hair, imagine if they hated it! The thing with make-up and nails is that you can re-do them, so if I make a mistake it can easily be rectified. 

I can't wait til I've done the courses, I just wish they could all be completed in the space of a week! I also hope to go quite far in life but I doubt it'll happen, especially since there's loads of other fabulous make-up artists/ nail technicians out there!

Anyway, lets get down to the nitty gritty! I've recently bought a few nail supplies so I thought I'd share them with you. I bought a few acrylic nail paints, more nail art brushes, finger rest, nail art display wheels, nail glue, orange sticks, lint free wipes and a manicure dish. I do intend to buy more nail supplies but I thought that these would do for now. 

Acrylic nail paints - £2.95 each - Available at Viva La Nails
From left to right: Brilliant Red, Brilliant Orange, Primary Yellow, Brilliant Green, Brilliant Violet, Rose Pale, Black, Platinum White, Silver.

I primarily bought the acrylic paints because my nail varnishes were drying out. Since doing nail art my nail varnishes have become really gloopy, probably because I have the lid off every two seconds. I thought that it would be much cheaper for me to buy acrylic paints than having to buy new nail varnishes every week. The acrylic paints aren't exactly the largest but for the amount I'll need to use I'd say that they are very good for the price. 

Nail art brushes - £3.65 including postage and packaging - Bought from eBay

Finger rest - £0.99 - Available at Naio

Nail art display wheels x 2 - £2.49 - Bought from eBay
You can buy nail art display wheels from any nail suppliers but the cheapest place to buy them is eBay. 

Nail glue - £1.42, Orange sticks x 10 - £0.76, Lint free wipes x 200 - £2.19 - All available at Naio

Manicure dish - £2.19 - Available at Naio

A manicure dish is used when removing acrylic nails. The idea is that you fill the bowl with remover and then soak your nails in the remover for a short period of time. I didn't buy the bowl for this reason, I bought it as a method for cleaning my nail art brushes. 

Hope you like my little goodies, I shall certainly be buying more nail supplies, especially acrylic nail paints! Once I've got a good enough collection of the acrylic paints I shall do swatches for you all!

Hope this has been helpful! 


  1. oooh these look good, I really like the finger rest! Can I just say if you want to be the best nail tech there is then you can be you just have to believe it! Positive thinking always works hon

    Can't wait to see more nail art workshops!!

    Loves xoxo

  2. The finger rest is pretty cool, I weren't expecting it to be sturdy at all but it really is! :D I should think more positively, it'd probably be the best way forward, I always think negatively but I don't know why lol :P Thank you! :D xxxx


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