Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nars Highlighting Powder in 'Albatross'

I've pretty much used my Nars Albatross highlighting powder every single day. I haven't done this for any form of purpose, I just love it!

Here's what Nars say about the Albatross highlighting powder; "This truly versatile highlighting product may be worn on its own or layered over other color products for added highlight and dimension. The soft shimmering color will add instant radiance to any complexion, and may be used on the face and body." 

The Nars Albatross highlighting powder can be used on the cheek bones, brow bone, centre of the nose and on the cupids bow. It can basically be used on any area you wish to highlight.

I never used to use highlighter because I always used to think that I'd look like some kind of shine ball but how wrong was I. I love using my Nars Albatross, it's such a great highlighter and I think it makes my blusher look so much nicer!

Here's my lovely Nars Albatross...

If you didn't know this already, Nars packaging is actually made of rubber. I don't really understand why the packaging is made of rubber, and to be honest it really is not a positive thing. The reason why I hate the lovely rubber packaging is because of the mess, the packaging gets really dirty. I keep the boxes for all my Nars products so you'd expect the packaging to be really clean but no, it's always filthy meaning I go through a lot of baby wipes.

The only thing that's good about the packaging is the mirror. All Nars blushers, powders and eyeshadows come with a mirror which is a nice added bonus.

And inside...

The powder looks white here but it really isn't, you don't know what the true colour is until you swatch it.


The powder is a lovely creamy colour which contains a lot of golden shimmer. I like the golden shimmer as it makes me look like I've got a healthy glow.

And also on my face...

As you can see, the highlighter isn't too obvious, it just creates a nice sheen.

My overall thoughts...

The Good:
  • The powder is so pigmented, you literally only need to use a small amount.
  • The powder is suitable for everyone, whether you have a pale skin tone or a dark skin tone.
  • You can use as little or as much of the powder as you like, it's a build able powder.
  • The powder can be applied using a brush or your finger which means you don't have to rush out and buy a highlighting brush. 
  • The powder can be used on it's own or on top of foundation/blusher etc. 
The Bad:
  • £20.50 is a little expensive. There are other highlighters on the market that are just as good as Nars Albatross so maybe it's worth checking out the cheaper alternatives.
  • The packaging is horrendous, I don't think I'll ever understand the rubber packaging.
* Good to know - if you're a student and own a valid NUS card you can get 10% off Nars at ASOS! :D

Thank you for reading lovely people!


  1. Great review! :) I'm in need of a new highlighter! xxx

  2. Thankyou love! :D Nars albatross is fab stuff! :) I've heard MAC luna is good too! :D xxx

  3. Believe it or not, NYX Eyeshadow in Bearly There is the exact same thing. Also, if you go to the Coastal Scents web site and brose for the mica Paradise Gold Fortune Interference, this is also the same.


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