Monday, 16 May 2011

My Nail Art Tools

Recently I decided to invest in some nail art brushes as I thought it would look a bit more 'professional' when showing you how to create certain nail art designs.

I chose a set of nail art brushes that would allow me to do more than the simple dot, I wanted to get a good set of tools that would enable me to do any design that I wanted.

Here are my lovely brushes...

This set includes 15 brushes:

  • Three drawing tools
  • Seven painting tools 
  • Two liners
  • One dotting tool
  • Two fan brushes for nail art effect

I bought these nail art brushes from eBay and they were £2.59. I could not believe how cheap these brushes were so my expectations were quite low but when they arrived I couldn't have been more thrilled. The quality of the brushes is amazing and they look fab, probably because of the pink handles :P
One thing I will say is that I had to buy a separate dotting tool, the dotting tool in the set has a fairly small head which means you're unable to create large dots.

Here are my dotting tools...

These dotting tools are all different, some of the heads are bigger than others. This means you can create any type of dot, whether it being a tiny dot or a large dot.

I also bought these dotting tools from eBay and they were £3.19. They came in a pack of 5 meaning each dotting tool is worth around 63p, this is a brilliant price because these dotting tools have an excellent quality. The dotting tools are pink and have a marbled effect, they also have metal tips meaning they're sturdy. 

I'm so glad I bought these tools because I find that my nail designs look a lot smoother and professional. I definitely do not regret buying these at all!

If any of you are interested in nail art then it's worth looking on eBay because you'll find some amazing deals! The brushes I purchased can also be bought from nail art suppliers but you're looking at paying over £9.99 for them so it really is worth checking out eBay.  I think my next eBay purchase will be rhinestones! :D

I'm also wanting to do another nail tutorial but I'm going to let you all decide! :D If you want to suggest a nail tutorial then comment in the box below :)

Hope this post has been helpful!

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