Monday, 30 May 2011

O.P.I Nail Varnishes

If you have read my post about nail art books then you'll know that I'm going to be doing a Teddy Bear nail tutorial this week. I have hunted high and low for the perfect brown shade but I just couldn't seem to find the perfect colour.

I looked at every brand imaginable and thought Essie would have had the perfect shade but unfortunately this wasn't the case. I then stumbled across the O.P.I Texas collection, I hadn't seen the nail varnishes in this collection so thought I'd have a look, luckily this collection included 2 brown toned nail varnishes.

After looking at swatches of the 2 nail varnishes I decided to buy them. They are perfect for creating teddy bear nails. The 2 nail varnishes I purchased are 'San Tan-tonio' and 'Suzi Loves Cowboys'. I bought the nail varnishes off ASOS as they offer 10% student discount for any student with a valid NUS card, 'San Tan-tonio' was also £8.40 instead of £10.50.

San Tan-tonio - £8.40 - 15ml

Suzi Loves Cowboys - £10.50 - 15ml
Some of you probably think I'm mad for spending near enough £20 on 2 nail varnishes but O.P.I nail varnishes are probably the best nail varnishes ever. I'll also use these 2 nail varnishes on a daily basis so it's not like I've bought them just for the purpose of doing teddy bear nails. I think both of these will come in handy for doing other nail art designs too. 

Once the Home Delivery guy kindly delivers these I'll swatch them for you all. 

If you wish to buy any of these nail varnishes then click on this link; ASOS

Hope this has been helpful!


  1. San Tan-tonio looks like a beautiful colour! will purchase that asap x

  2. Sarah - It is a beautiful colour, I used it in my teddy bear nail tutorial if you wish to see the colour :) xx


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