Sunday, 15 May 2011

MAC Mineralise Eyeshadows New For 2011

We all know that the MAC mineralise range is superly amazing but did you know that MAC are launching new mineralise eyeshadows in June? I didn't know this until the other day and I do think that MAC have been fairly secretive about the launch of these eyeshadows.

The new mineralise eyeshadows will be launched in the USA on the 19th of May but will be launched internationally in June. The most current mineralise eyeshadows retailed at £15.50 each so I presume that the new mineralise eyeshadows will be £15.50 too.

The new mineralise eyeshadows are limited edition but they will be available for 12 months. After 12 months the new mineralise eyeshadows will be made permanent but they'll only be available at free standing MAC stores or MAC Pro stores.

The new mineralise eyeshadows are 2.2 grams each meaning they're much bigger than normal MAC eyeshadows, normal MAC eyeshadows consist of 1.5g grams. The mineralise eyeshadows can also be used wet or dry meaning they are very versatile, I think they'd make awesome eyeliners!

The new MAC mineralise eyeshadows consist of 6 new colours. These include:
- This And That: Looks like a combination of pale beige and also rose beige.
- Mix And Switch: Looks like a combination of golden beige and copper.
- Sage And Wisdom: Looks like a combination of light forest green and deep seaweed green.
- Heaven And Earth: Looks like a combination of  bright sky blue and black.
- Thunder And Rain: Looks like a combination of deep violet and gunmetal grey.
- Pretty And Prim : Looks like a combination of baby pink and cranberry red.

Here are the new MAC Mineralise Eyeshadows...

Here's 'This And That'...

Here's 'Mix And Switch'...

Here's 'Sage And Wisdom'...

Here's 'Heaven And Earth'...

Here's 'Thunder And Rain'...

Here's 'Pretty And Prim'...

I think that all of these eyeshadows are super yummy and I'll most definitely be purchasing them when they're available!

There has been speculation that the new mineralise eyeshadows are very similar to the eyeshadows that were included in the MAC In The Groove collection. Tomorrow I'll write a post comparing the two so keep a look out!

Thank you for reading lovely people!


  1. i've used the bronze/gold eye shadows from the mac groove collection and love them, i wasent aware of there new collection coming up, i will have to visit there website!
    love mac!
    really cute blog you have too :)

  2. The colours are lovely pippa! :D I can't wait to buy these then swatch them! :D x

    Awww good! I'm glad they're nice! :D would you say that the new ones looked the same as the in the groove ones? :) MAC is awesome! :D:D And thankyou, i'm glad you think so! :) x

  3. i love that pink , so so so pretty


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