Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MAC Zoomlash Mascara

Whilst applying my makeup this morning I thought that I'd try a different mascara. I have many mascaras sat in my draw but I always find myself using my all time favourite mascaras.

I decided to use my MAC Zoomlash mascara and to be perfectly honest, I'm so glad I chose to wear this today because I genuinely forgot how good it was. Not only does it separate my lashes but it makes my non existent lashes look remotely long. For some odd reason my right lashes are a lot longer than my left lashes and I find it difficult to make my left lashes look longer. Luckily MAC Zoomlash has solved my lash problem and I'm most definitely going to use this everyday.

Look how amazing my eyelashes look...

Oh I do love my MAC Zoomlash mascara, it's amazing.


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