Saturday, 7 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby Lipstick in 'Hibiscus'

After looking at the lipsticks in the MAC Surf Baby collection I decided just to get one lipstick. I wasn't too fond of some of the lipsticks in this collection as I know they wouldn't suit me. I decided to get 'Hibiscus'.
Hibiscus is an orange toned lipstick with a hint of red, I'd say the colour is exactly the same as a Hibiscus flower!

Here's the packaging of the lipstick...

Lipstick in 'Hibiscus'...

A close up...

A swatch..

And another swatch...

So here are the pro's and con's of this lipstick...


  • The colour is fabulous and it's such a lovely colour for summer, coral and red is very in season at the moment.
  • This lipstick would suit anybody, from fair skinned to dark skinned.
  • The packaging is superly amazing and is well suited to the collection, it looks very surfy and trendy. Definitely a good buy if you're a MAC collector!
  • It doesn't make you lips feel dry, if anything it makes your lips feel soft and it's a very comfortable lipstick to wear. Probably because this lipstick is a cremesheen and not a matte lipstick.
  • Once you've applied the lipstick it fades within half an hour.
  • After drinking, the lipstick is pretty much non-existant on your lips. 
  • It's £14.00 so pretty pricey for something that lasts half an hour. 
If you like the colour of the lipstick and can deal with re-applying it every half an hour then I would suggest for you to buy it as it really is a gorgeous colour. But if you're not fond of doing this then I really wouldn't buy this. I must say that I regret buying it and if I see this type of colour elsewhere then I'll let you know. 

Hope this review has been helpful to anyone who is wanting to buy this lipstick! 


  1. Really pretty colour(:, shame corals don't suit me!xx

  2. such a lush colour! can not believe it only last half an hour, what a rip! cute packaging though.. xxxx


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