Thursday, 19 May 2011

VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder

After trying my sisters VO5 give me texture powder I decided to go and buy some for myself. The VO5 give me texture instant oomph powder is on offer at ASDA at the moment, two bottles for £5.00. The VO5 give me texture powder retails at £4.00 per bottle so if you buy two of these from ASDA then you're in effect saving yourself £3.00. Here's the link to ASDA; V05 Give Me Texture Powder

Here's what the VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder looks like...

This bottle contains 7 grams of product which might not seem a lot but the amount you have to use is unbelievable, you literally have to use the tiniest amount ever.

When using this powder it's important to shake the bottle first. The reason for doing this is that the ingredients within the powder start to activate. In simple terms, the powder expands.

Bottle without being shaken...

Bottle after being shaken...

As you can clearly see, the powder expands quite a lot! I don't really understand how it works but I find it pretty amazing.

The applicator...

It has a twisty cap meaning no mess, yay! If this bottle had a flimsy cap then the powder would possibly go everywhere. I also like how small the applicator is, the hole at the top is literally as big as a pin prick! This is great because it means you don't end up using a lot of the product.

Here's what the powder looks like...

The powder reminds me of table salt with regards to the look of it, thankfully it doesn't smell like table salt.

The intended way to use the powder is to directly apply it to your hair using the bottle. I find it better to apply the powder to your hand first and then apply it to your hair using your fingers. This way you can specifically choose which section of hair you wish to volumise.

My final thoughts...

The Good:

  • You don't have to use a lot of the powder, you literally only have to use a 10p sized amount. Obviously if you have shorter or thinner hair then you may need to use more.
  • You'd expect the powder to appear white in your hair but it doesn't, it's completely clear
  • The powder is such a good alternative to backcombing. Backcombing my lovely hairsprayed hair has well and truly ruined the condition of my hair. When using the powder I feel there is no need for excessive backcombing. 
  • The powder smells so lovely! I thought it would have had a chemically smell to it but it really doesn't! The smell reminds me of flowers and baby wipes. This smell probably isn't everyones cup of tea but I like it.
  • This little gem turns flat hair into voluminous hair in minutes! 
The Bad:
  • The powder may seem pricey to some people, £4.00 for a product that contains 7 grams may seem a little expensive. I personally do not mind paying £4.00 for this little beauty because I think it's fabulous!

The VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder is a definite winner in my eyes and I cannot wait to try more of the new V05 products! I really do recommend this delightful powder to everybody! :)

Hope you liked this post!


  1. This is a great review. I'm gonna snap some up the next time I'm in Asda! xx

  2. Thank you lovely! :) Yeah you defo should, it's fab stuff! :D xx

  3. aaah i bought the tresemme version of this, i like it, makes my hair feel a bit heavy with product though. and althought theres nothing wrong with the smell of tresemme, it reminds me of someone i really dont like anymore :/ bad times. shouldve gone for the Vo5! and its cheaper! x

  4. Oohh sounds good, I'm forever looking for products that add volume so I may have to try this :D!xx

  5. On offer now at Boots - 2 V05 products for £4.50!! Stock up :)

  6. Bought it today as I badly need some volume at the front. Doesn't say how to use it on the bottle so this review was really helpful.Birthday lunch tomorrow so hoping it does add some oomph!!!!!

  7. this may sound weird and everything but when you apply it to the parts you want on your head do you have to rub it in upwards? the only reason i backcomb and put hairspray on is because when im out, my fringe tends to get gaps in so you can see part of my forehead and looks overly unattractive! and i find hairspray and backcombing does the job with hiding the gaps, but can make my hair look greasy and wet.

    Any replys would help me out a lot, thanks!


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