Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Amazing Topshop Purchase!

Today I purchased the most amazing shorts ever! I don't usually buy any form of Topshop shorts because they are so so short. I cannot stand it when all you can see is extreme cheekage, it's just awful. Judging from the online photograph these shorts look like they are an appropriate length which is good!

Here are my super duper shorts!...

These shorts are £34.99 so they are pretty expensive but I just couldn't resist the watermelon pattern! They are so so funky! 

If you wish to buy these shorts then click on this link; Watermelon Shorts

Hope you liked my little purchase!


  1. How cute, love the little watermelons! x

  2. Amazingly cute!


  3. I love these shorts so much! So glad I found them! :D Hopefully they won't be ridiculously short! :P They sell matching watermelon espadrilles too but I didn't know whether to get them or not :P x


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