Wednesday, 25 May 2011

E.L.F Nail Varnishes

My mamma recently ordered 7 E.L.F nail varnishes. She hadn't tried anything from the brand before and since E.L.F were offering 20% off everything she thought she'd try some of the nail varnishes. The nail varnishes she purchased were Mango Madness, Mint Cream, Passion Pink, Gum Pink, Hot Pink, Nude and Lilac.

The nail varnishes retail at £1.50 and can be purchased at E.L.F Cosmetics. My mum ordered the nail varnishes last Friday and they arrived this morning, pretty good considering my mum selected standard delivery.

Nail varnish descriptions:
Mango Madness - This is a vibrant orange / coral colour.
Mint Cream - This is a lovely pale mint colour.
Passion Pink - This is a bright pink colour.
Gum Pink - This is a typical baby pink colour.
Hot Pink - This is pinky red colour.
Nude - This a standard nude colour.
Lilac - This a pale lilac colour.

My beautiful mamma swatched all of these nail varnishes for me so here are the swatches! :D

Here's Mango Madness...

Mango Madness is such an awesome colour for summer, it's just so bright and lovely! I think it's meant to be more of a coral colour judging from the photo on the website but trust me, it's by no means a coral colour!

My mamma applied 3 coats of Mango Madness to her nails.

Here's Mint Cream...

Mint Cream is a lovely creamy colour, it's very similar to the other 'ice cream' shades on the market.

My mamma applied 3 coats of Mint cream to her nails.

Here's Passion Pink...

Passion Pink is the perfect mix of coral and bright pink. It pretty much looks like the colour of the inside of a passion fruit, pretty fitting name don't you think? My camera has also made this colour look overly coral, in the flesh it's more pink than coral.

My mamma applied 3 coats of Passion Pink to her nails.

Here's Gum Pink...

Gum Pink is the perfect baby pink. It's such a lovely colour and it's great for all the girly girls out there!

My mamma applied 3 coats of Gum Pink to her nails.

Here's Hot Pink...

Hot Pink is a pinky red colour. When looking at the bottle you'd expect this to be a lot more pinky as it looks like a bright fuchsia pink colour. You only realise that it's actually more of a reddy pink when you apply it to your nails. It's such a lovely colour and it's pretty shiny too!

My mamma applied 3 coats of Hot Pink to her nails.

Here's Nude...

Nude is a standard nude colour. It would be great for those of you who like natural coloured nail varnishes.

My mamma applied 4 coats of Nude to her nails.

Here's Lilac...

Lilac is a nice colour for summer, it's subtle yet very girly. I wouldn't say this is an 'ice cream' shade as such, it's more of a pastel shade.

My mamma applied 3 coats of Lilac to her nails.

Final thoughts...
These nail varnishes really are fab for the price! My mum did have to apply 3/4 coats of each nail varnish which may seem like a bit of a negative thing but for £1.50 what more do you want. The nail varnishes also contain 10ml so it doesn't really matter if you have to apply 3/4 coats.

The nail varnishes are also available in a wide range of colours which means there is a colour for everyone. I love the colours my mum bought and I can see them being worn a lot throughout the summer period.

My mum also thought that the nail varnishes were also really easy to take off. She literally didn't have to do any serious rubbing at all. This is so good because there's nothing worse than spending 10 years taking off your nail varnish.

Overall these nail varnishes are brill! They're cheap, cheerful and the colours are lovely. However, my mamma noticed that some of the nail varnishes had bigger brushes than others, this probably wouldn't make any difference to the colour of the nail varnish but it could affect application in terms of streakiness. She also found that the Lilac and Nude nail varnishes had a different consistency, they were a lot thinner than the others, maybe this could be an issue with the paler colours?

These nail varnishes are brill for a base colour and are definitely worth buying if you're looking for some cheap nail varnishes! :)

Hope this post has been helpful!


  1. I always wonder about buying ELF nail polishes but i never bother, i just buy everything else :) I will have to check them out :) thank you for the swatches of the colours x

  2. Hi Hayley, I'm Nichole's mum (and tester lol) they are ok for the money £1.50 but very thin, I needed 3-4 coats on a couple and 3 on the rest and I left the nude colour on and today it has bubbled on 9 of my nails, whether it's because I'd been putting on and taking nail polish off all eve and put it on straight after using nail polish remover wipes I don't know? But thought I'd leave a comment to tell you, and it saves Nichole writing it lol let us know how you go with them though :) xx

  3. I love the colours, especially the lilac and mint cream! It's good they're easy to take off, I hate having to rub away for ages! xx


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