Friday, 13 May 2011

Makeup Atelier Palette in 'T07'

If you have seen my recent blog post regarding Makeup Atelier then you'll know that I received my Makeup Atelier palette in the post the other day. These palettes come in a variety of colours but I decided to go for the T07 palette. The palette consists of 5 blue toned eyeshadows, ranging from blue toned white to dark teal. The palette retails at £25.00 and is available at Love-Makeup.

Here's the palette...

And another lovely photograph of the palette!...

Here are the beloved swatches...

The eyeshadows...

The first eyeshadow is a lovely white eyeshadow with an undertone of electric blue. It reminds me of a MAC duocrome eyeshadow. 

The second eyeshadow is a bright blue colour.

The third eyeshadow is a turquoise colour and it does have a slight shimmer to it. 

The fourth eyeshadow is a navy colour and it has a lot of shimmer! It reminds me of 'Dandizette' by MAC. 

The fifth eyeshadow is a teal colour and it does contain glitter. If you look closely at the swatch photograph you can see the tiny glitter particles within the eyeshadow. 

My final opinions...

The Good:

  • The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is excellent! I only used one swipe when swatching the eyeshadows so it just shows how good they are!
  • You don't need to use much of the eyeshadows which means that this palette is going to last a while!
  • These eyeshadows do not give you fall out either. Whilst using the eyeshadows I noticed that I didn't experience any fall out what so ever. When I usually apply my make-up I tend to find that I have to wipe away tiny particles of eyeshadow that have fallen onto my cheeks. 
  • These eyeshadows do not fade. I applied the eyeshadows at 5am and they still looked perfect at the end of the day.
  • The palettes cost £25.00 which means that the eyeshadows are worth £5.00 each, they are 100% worth the money. 5 MAC eyeshadows refills would cost you £47.50. 
  • These palettes are good for those who find it hard to match colours. The eyeshadows are designed to compliment one another perfectly. 
  • The palettes come in a wide variety of colours which means there is a palette designed for everyone, from neutrals to brights!
The Bad:
  • Makeup Atelier can only be bought from Love-Makeup, this isn't a problem for me as I live in the UK but it could be a potential problem for those who live internationally as postage costs may be high. I don't know the international postage costs so you'll have to find out, if anyone knows what the costs are then comment in the box below as I can let people know :)
  • The eyeshadow particles tended to gather around the edge of the palette which meant I constantly had to clean the palette. 
Overall I love this palette and I intend to buy more of them in the future! A huge thumbs up for Makeup Atelier! :D

If you want to buy this palette then click on this link; Love-Makeup

Hope this has been helpful! 

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