Sunday, 1 May 2011

Yaby Make-Up Look

I recently bought some new Yaby eyeshadows so today I thought I'd create a look with them. I went for a purple and blue look as these are my two favourite colours and I wanted to show you all that these colours work well together.

Here's the look...

And with my eyelid half shut...

To create this look I applied 'Tropical Ocean' all over my lid, I used this as a base for the eyeshadow. I then applied 'Fairy Princess' to the inner corner of my eye and also to the inner half of my bottom lash line. I applied a small amount of 'Mermaid Blue' to the outer corner of my eye and blended this into the crease of my eye.  I also applied 'Mermaid Blue' to the outer half of my bottom lash line. I softened the edges of the eyeshadow using my infamous Crown Brush. To finish off the look I applied Avon Super Shock gel liner to my water line and created a small flick, I then blended this onto my top lash line. I also applied a bit of mascara.

Here are the eyeshadows I used, I've circled them to show you...

From left to right; Mermaid Blue, Tropical Ocean, Fairy Princess

If you want to know more about these eyeshadows then I've done a post specifically about them. Yaby post
If you want to buy these eyeshadows then here is the link; Yaby Eyeshadows

I hope you enjoyed this look!

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