Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lipstick Of The Week (LOTW)

My favourite lipstick this week has to be 'Lady Danger' by MAC, I absolutely adore this lipstick and it's probably the best red lipstick that I own.

Lady Danger is a bright red lipstick with a slight orange undertone, It's also a matte lipstick. I find that MAC's matte lipsticks can be quite drying. MAC 'Russian Red' is probably the worst MAC matte lipstick ever, it's a great colour but it does make your lips feel uncomfortable, I'd only recommend this to people who do not have dry lips. You would expect Lady Danger to be drying too but it really isn't, it's comfortable to wear and would be perfect for those of you who have dry lips.

Lady Danger is superly bright so if you're a little colour shy then this probably isn't for you, MAC 'Lady Bug' may be a better alternative.

Lady Danger is such a great lipstick, it's probably the most pigmented MAC lipstick that I own and it really does last all day. I also find that no bleeding or feathering occurs, I have other red lipsticks that cause horrendous bleeding, i.e OCC Harlot.

Here's Lady Danger...

A close up...

A swatch...

After wiping the swatch off my hand...

The lipstick has actually stained my hand, I've tried everything to remove it but nothing will work. I guess this shows you how good this lipstick is.

Here's how it looks on my lips...

MAC Lady Danger retails at £13.50 and can be bought from any free standing MAC store or MAC counter.

Hope you've all liked my lipstick of the week!


  1. wow that's a stunning colour, not sure I could pull it off though. xx

  2. Elise - Thank you lovely! :D xx

    Sophie - It really is a stunning colour, I love it! :D I'm sure you could, I bet it'd look really lovely on you :) xx


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