Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Favourite - PanOxyl

I have a lot of products that I absolutely love but I've recently found a new found love, this love being PanOxyl.

PanOxyl is basically used for the treatment of acne. I do not suffer from acne and never have but I recently developed small blackheads on my chin. I have never in my life suffered from blackheads on my chin so their lovely arrival shocked me. I did everything, squeezed (probably not the best idea), used face strips and purchased a million and one zit zappers. Nothing would budge them at all and it was getting to the point where I wore an inch thick layer of make-up on my chin, again not the best idea. My mum suggested PanOxyl, she had read about PanOxyl online and told me how other people loved the stuff so off I trotted down to Boots and bought some PanOxyl.

I bought my PanOxyl from the Boots Pharmacy and it retails at £3.83

Here's the packaging for PanOxyl...

Here's my lovely PanOxyl!...

You can buy PanOxyl in either cream form or gel form and it also comes in 3 different strengths, these are 2.5%, 5% and 10%. When I bought the PanOxyl the SA told me to start on 2.5% and if this wasn't strong enough then to move onto the 5%. The SA also told me that the gel form was a lot better than the cream form so I obviously opted for the gel form.

A close up...

The PanOxyl gel looks like a creamy white colour but it actually isn't, when applied to the skin it's completely clear. You have to use a tiny amount too because only a thin layer of PanOyxl is needed.

When using PanOxyl there a few important things to know...

  • You only apply it to the affected area.
  • PanOxyl makes your skin dry so it probably wouldn't be useful to those of you who have very dry skin, if anything it would make dry skin a lot worse. 
  • PanOxyl bleaches everything, including clothes, pillows, towels etc. It is recommended that you let the PanOyxl dry completely on your face.
  • It's not an everyday skincare product so it can only be bought from a Pharmacy. I.e. Boots Pharmacy, ASDA Pharmacy, a local Chemist. 
  • It makes your skin feel a bit tight once it's dried so be prepared to feel like you've had a face lift!

I've been using PanOxyl for 4 days and I have to say that it's amazing! It has really cleared up my chin to the point where I literally have 3 blackheads! My boyfriend also suffers from pores on his nose so he asked me if he could try a bit of the PanOxyl. I didn't think that the Panoxyl would reduce the pores or even make them go away but to our surprise it did! My boyfriend now has such a clear nose so it just shows that you can use PanOxyl on your pores too!

It's a great product for those of you who suffer with blackheads, whiteheads, pores or any other form of spot! And at £3.83 it's definitely worth buying! PanOxyl is probably the best spot treatment I've ever used and I will definitely repurchase when I eventually finish this bottle.

Before you buy this I would recommend talking to an SA about your skin type and problem area then they will advise you on what strength of PanOxyl that you need.

Hope this has been a helpful post!


  1. Really gonna have to buy this when im next in boots, sounds right up my street x

  2. Love this review.. I've got little blackheads on my nose... and they will not go! tried practically everything lol.. so hoping this will do the trick :)


  3. hey hun, great post, i have used this for a few years now, and it is good but you do have to be careful, when i first bought it i used it everyday and it burnt my skin and made it so sore, but using it a few times a week is fine, and i am defo gonna try it on my pores they are huge, thanks hun xxx

  4. I'll definitely be trying this, I've had the same problem with blackheads on my chin and I just don't get where they came from!

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  5. Could't help noticing your nail art ! love it!

  6. Roxanne - It's good stuff, I can't believe it got rid of my nasties so quickly! :) x

    Lowri - Thank you love! :D it really worked well on my blackheads and pores so I'm sure it'll work for you. I was sick of trying everything, just glad my mum told me about this! :D x

    Katie - Thank you so much for telling me this! :) I stopped using this everyday because like you said, my skin started to go a bit dry and sore. I think I'll stick to using it every other day :D No problem lovely! It worked a treat on my pores :D xxx

    Grace - It's so annoying isn't it, I wish I knew why I got them so suddenly. And no problem! I'm glad I've been helpful! :D xxx

    From Broadway - Thankyou! :D:D x


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