Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Lovely Nars Primer

Today Home Delivery kindly delivered my new Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ primer! :D I bought the primer on Monday from ASOS as they were offering 20% off. The primer retails at £24 but with discount I got it for £19.20, not bad ey!

Here's my Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ Primer...

Some of you may not know this but I have actually reviewed the Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ primer and if you wish to see the review then here's the link to it; Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ Primer Review

I mentioned in my review that the Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ primer was a lot smaller in comparison to the original Nars primer. Because I didn't previously own both of the primers I couldn't have shown you all a comparison picture. Now that I own both of the primers I can show you the size difference and to be quite truthful the size difference it pretty laughable.

Here's the delightful comparison photograph...

On the left is the Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ primer and on the right is the Original Nars primer.

Now don't get me wrong, the Nars Multi Protect SPF 30+ primer is lovely and I honestly do prefer it to the original Nars primer but I just don't understand why the new primer has shrunk so much?! Charging £1.00 less for something half the size just isn't fair but I guess it's a business at the end of the day.

Thank you for reading lovely people!


  1. Oh I'm looking for a primer at the moment, I usually get the Benefit one but have been really considering trying Nars instead, not so sure about the size difference between the SPF 30+ and the original though - eek! x

  2. Ooo what's the Benefit one like? :) the new Nars primer is fab! and it's perfect for summer :) I switched from the original primer to the multi protect because the original primer gives me a nice white 'glow'. You could always go to a Nars counter and ask for a sample? :) x


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